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The following buff spells are self-cast limited and can be stacked, unless otherwise noted.

If these spells are known to you:

  • It is typically useful to stack 601, 602, 606, 613, 617, 618, 625 and 640 on yourself while resting and prior to going out for a hunt.
  • 603 and 604 are typically cast just before foraging or skinning, respectively. Stacking these spell is less common, but might be done before going out to forage or skin.
  • 605 can be cast and stacked while resting, but it is mostly used for fun so some rangers choose not to run this spell normally.
  • 608 is typically cast while hunting after spotting a creature one wishes to attack.
  • If there are others around, including your animal companion, you may wish to cast 611 instead of 601.
  • Note that some of these spells cannot be cast indoors without 625 active, but 625 itself can be cast indoors. It is therefore advisable to cast this spell first if you know it and are casting indoors.
  • 650 has a large variety of possible buffs, see the main spell page for details.