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Name Type Category Subcategory Min. Skill Description
Twin Hammerfists [twinhammer] Setup Brawling 10 Attempt to knockdown and potentially stun your opponent by swinging your fists down on them.
Fury [fury] Assault Brawling 25 Unleash your fury upon your foe in a relentless assault.
Clash [clash] Area of Effect Brawling 50 Hurl yourself into a clashing brawl with one or more foes.
Spin Kick [spinkick] Reaction Brawling 75 Spin around kicking a target.
Dizzying Swing [dizzyingswing] Setup Blunt Weapons 10 Smash a target in the head, confusing them.
Clobber [clobber] Reaction Blunt Weapons 25 React to a parry with a devastating concussion attack.
Pummel [pummel] Assault Blunt Weapons 50 Pummel the target repeatedly with your weapon.
Pulverize [pulverize] Area of Effect Blunt Weapons 75 Target the armor of multiple targets, weakening it.
Cripple [cripple] Setup Edged Weapons 10 Slash a target's limb to cripple their combat effectiveness.
Riposte [riposte] Reaction Edged Weapons 25 React to a parry with a counter-attack.
Flurry [flurry] Assault Edged Weapons 50 Rapidly slash a target.
Whirling Blade [wblade] Area of Effect Edged Weapons 75 Unleash a flurry of quick attacks against a target.
Charge [charge] Setup Polearm Weapons 10 Charge at your opponent with your polearm.
Guardant Thrusts [gthrusts] Assault Polearm Weapons 25 Assault your target with a series of thrusts, while maximizing your defenses.
Cyclone [cyclone] Area of Effect Polearm Weapons 50 Spin your polearm around you attacking and forcing enemies back.
Radial Sweep [radialsweep] Reaction Polearm Weapons 75 Spin your polearm around you targeting the legs of enemies.
Reactive Shot [reactiveshot] Reaction Ranged Weapons 10 Harry your foe with a quick shot and retreat.
Pin Down [pindown] Area of Effect Ranged Weapons 25 Spray multiple targets with arrows, preventing them from advancing.
Barrage [barrage] Assault Ranged Weapons 50 Rapidly fire at a target.
Volley [volley] Area of Effect Ranged Weapons 75 Fire multiple times into the sky to rain down on enemies.
Overpower [overpower] Reaction Two-Handed Weapons 10 Deal your target a heavy blow that cannot be evaded, blocked, or parried.
Thrash [thrash] Assault Two-Handed Weapons 25 Repeatedly strike a target with overwhelming force.
Reverse Strike [reversestrike] Reaction Two-Handed Weapons 50 Catch your target off guard with a quick, reverse strike.
Whirlwind [whirlwind] Area of Effect Two-Handed Weapons 75 Spin around hitting multiple targets.