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Rising Tart is a food shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located two east of the statue on Krodera Street in a bright-blue wooden shop, and is run by Grotelek after being taken over from a halfling in Koaratos, 5102. It doesn't actually sell tarts, despite its name.

[The Rising Tart]
A fine-grained wood counter separates the ordering area from the display and kitchen area. A layer of flour seems to cover the entire kitchen except for the display and counter, which are meticulously clean. A marble cutting board stands ready for use next to the display case, while pots of steaming coffee resting on grates above a wood fire flank the other side. Large canvas bags of coffee beans slump against walls behind the counter. You also see the baker Grotelek and a sign hanging above the counter.


a slice of blueberry pie 100
a slice of cherry pie 100
a slice of strawberry pie 100
a glazed donut
A slight tartness makes the sweetness even more enjoyable.
It is very sweet, with an intense, concentrated flavor.
a frosted donut
You can almost feel the sugar running through your veins.
It is sweet enough to make your teeth ache.
a chocolate donut 100
a slice of chocolate cake 100
a cinnamon bun
The layers of pastry dissolve on your tongue.
Light and flaky, it tastes of cinnamon and sugar.
a honey-covered bun
Both tasty and filling, it comforts and sustains you.
It is thick and satisfying.
a buttered bread twist 100
a garlic breadstick
With this much garlic, you should be safe from unwelcome advances for weeks to come.
Your breath is as strong as a dragon's by now.
a cheese-covered breadstick 100
a honey-covered roll
You can barely free your teeth from this sweet, gooey concoction.
Sweet and sticky, it coats your tongue and glues your teeth together.
a warm buttered roll 100
a chocolate cupcake 100
a peach muffin 100
a garlic-buttered roll
The garlic butter flavor fills your nose.
The roll is extremely chewy.
a hard-crusted roll
The aroma of sweet bread fills your mouth as you chew.
The crunchy outer layer surrounds a surprisingly chewy center.
a lumpy cheese breadstick
The cheese has bits of pepper and garlic in it.
The bread is barely cooked, almost still dough.
a garlic-flavored breadstick
Garlic flavor floods your mouth.
It is extremely crunchy and seems to explode with each bite.
a yellow peach muffin
Cakey and tender, the muffin bursts with yellow peach flavor.
The slightly caramelized muffin top provides a crunchy counterpoint to the soft center.
a lemon muffin
Cakey and tender, the muffin bursts with lemon flavor.
The slightly caramelized muffin top provides a crunchy counterpoint to the soft center.
a cinnamon muffin
Cakey and tender, the muffin bursts with cinnamon flavor.
The slightly caramelized muffin top provides a crunchy counterpoint to the soft center.
a chocolate muffin
Cakey and tender, the muffin bursts with chocolate flavor.
The slightly caramelized muffin top provides a crunchy counterpoint to the soft center.
a Grishknel wolf head cookie
It is almost rich enough to stop your heart.
It may not be good for you, but it sure is good!
a hefty mug of rich Maeramil coffee
Dark, powerful, and confident, but of so high a quality that it is not truly bitter.
Smooth, savory, and robustly invigorating.
some Toktrog traveling bread
The soft, thin crust and light, even texture make the bread nearly melt in your mouth.
With a slightly sweet taste, the bread holds undertones of honey.


Grotelek is the baker and owner of the Rising Tart.

The baker known as Grotelek stands fairly tall for a dwarf.  A neatly trimmed beard hides a reddish face.  The beard is perpetually caked with flour.  One would think that enough flour has accumulated there to bake an entire cake!

A fly buzzes around Grotelek who quickly swats it away.

A gust of wind comes blowing through the door sending flour flying throughout the shop.

Grotelek brushes some flour off the counter.

Grotelek coughs into a clenched fist.

Grotelek glances around the room with a rather bored expression on his face.

Grotelek grumbles a bit as he rolls out a sheet of dough.

Grotelek looks around the shop for new customers.

Grotelek looks around the shop suspiciously and then uses a finger to scoop out a bit of cherry pie that he promptly tastes.

Grotelek opens a bag of flour and pours it into a large barrel.

Grotelek rolls a breadstick idly across the counter.

Grotelek runs a finger through a small pile of flour.

Grotelek says, "Got the best baked goods on the isle, I does."

Grotelek tugs at his beard, stirring up a large cloud of flour.

Grotelek wipes the counter down with a damp rag, scrubbing hard on some particularly troublesome spots.

Grotelek wipes the display case down with a damp rag.


>ask Grotelek about pie
Grotelek says, "Best pie in all the lands here."

>ask Grotelek about cake
Grotelek exclaims, "Cake! Ha! You've come to the right place!"

>ask Grotelek about bun
Grotelek says, "My buns are delicious. You should try one."

>ask Grotelek about twist
Grotelek says, "My bread twists are excellent. Give one a try today."

>ask Grotelek about donut
Grotelek says, "Donuts are good for you. Want one?"

>ask Grotelek about breadstick
Grotelek responds, "Breadsticks are wonderful creations. Simply wonderful."

>ask Grotelek about roll
Grotelek mumbles, "Rolls....That's all I make it seems."

>ask Grotelek about cupcake
Grotelek says, "Cupcakes are favored by them halflings. So I sell a few."

>ask Grotelek about muffin
Grotelek says, "Muffins. Wonderful aren't they?"

>ask Grotelek about tarts
Grotelek shouts, "Tarts! Bah! Awful. Only reason I bought this place was to get rid of that tart crazy halfling that owned it. Don't know why I kept the name."

>ask Grotelek about Eregrek
Grotelek says, "Eregrek is the best thing to happen to the Isle in a loooong time."

Behind the Scenes


The scent of baked goods once again emanates from the Rising Tart bakery.  The new proprietor recently stated that he is the best baker in all the lands.  Visit Grotolek's establishment on Krodera Street today!