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The Toktrog Clan is one of the wandering clans of the Dwarves, known for their skill in establishing trails.[1]

After the Great Emigration from Kalaza, the Toktrog Clan traveled to the surface, where their skilled eyes enabled them to forage resources from the lands with ease. Their knowledge of metals and weaponry made them a welcome sight amongst other wanderers, and in return for sharing their expertise they learned some of the spiritual magics used by the above-ground races. To this day, the Toktrog are one of the very few clans of dwarves that openly study magic.

Activity near Solhaven

For more details on the history of Solhaven Bay, see Solhaven and Vornavis.

In 3975, Toktrog dwarves discovered the destruction of a dwarven community near Solhaven Bay that had been established fifty years earlier.[2] They rescued the survivors of the kraken attack and sealed the caverns, naming the nearby waterfalls the Cascade of Tears in remembrance of the dead.

In 5098, after fighting between Baron Lerep Hochstib of Jantalar and the dwarves of Talador,[3] Toktrog trailsmiths located an alternative trade route to Solhaven Bay passing through the frontier town of Wehnimer's Landing and assisted in building the road around Hochstib's blockade.


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