Maeramil Wind Runner Clan

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"a thick modwir armband"
You see a thick, modwir armband with a small scene carved into the smooth wood. The foreground of the scene shows a handaxe sticking into a fallen trunk, while the background has a field of wheat rolling on the winds of an impending storm. Below the scene the words, "Maeramil Wind Runner Clan" are engraved in the dark wood.


The Maeramil clan really only worship one thing - the freedom a person has to do something. This clan, mostly rangers, places that gift above all else. Obviously, this leads to certain problems with people like the Krolvin and the Dhe'nar. They have always been at the forefront of any slaving activity, mercilessly punishing any that attempt to follow those ways.

Brief History/Notes

The Maeramil are the newest clan, their banding only dating back about 200 years. Their most significant actions to date have to do with two rather public strikes on the Krolvin: the first by a giantkin named Seirpanan, who single-handedly sunk one of the Krolvin ships after their aborted invasion of Wehnimer's Landing. The second was by the bander of the clan, Rajin Maeramil, who sank one of the two Krolvin raider ships moving inland to strike River's Rest. He unfortunately died in this action. Aside from these, the Maeramil are really too young to have had much of an impact on Elanthian history, although their attitude will certainly not exempt them from the books in the future.


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