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This document is specific to the Platinum instance. The official history of the platinum instance up to the year of 5103 can be found at Think of the two instances existing as separate planes of existence akin to a multi-verse.

The first major division of the two instances is the founding of the Order of Voln by Fas'thr T'Kali. In the prime instance the Order of Voln was founded in the year 4045.

Platinum - 4278
Turamzzyrian Empire: Founding of Voln's first monastery by Fas'thr T'kali.

The second major division takes place in the year of 5102. In the prime instance the events of the Griffin Sword Saga unfold.

Platinum - 5102    
Turamzzyrian Empire: Due to a failed commune to Lorminstra, the Ebon Gate was breached as foul spirits wrecked havoc throughout the realms. Near the end, a shining golden gate extended out as it seemed all was lost and the realms would be plunged into darkness. Only the timely intervention of Lominstra through her servant was able to put to right before darkness fell.

Turamzzyrian Empire: Warleader Gurock and an armada swept across the city of Wehnimer's Landing, sacking it and drove the citizenry, and even a major organization from it. The Krolvin Flag flew from the gates for many months, as his soldiers patrolled. Several adventurers even turned coat and served their new Krolvin Masters. The city was only saved in a massive engagement which saw many die, including General Lentuar. Of Gurock, nothing is yet known, only he will return.


  1. Official events only (storylines, etc) I think for platinum we could add some unofficial events regarding player-centric storylines. Waiting on our Platinum GMs input.
  2. Focus on current events (2003 and later)
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The Unofficial Timeline of Elanthian History (PLATINUM INSTANCE)

Year Event Notes/Info
5102 Turamzzyrian Empire: Due to a failed commune to Lorminstra, the Ebon Gate was breached as foul spirits wrecked havoc throughout the realms. Near the end, a shining golden gate extended out as it seemed all was lost and the realms would be plunged into darkness. Only the timely intervention of Lominstra through her servant was able to put to right before darkness fell. Official Timeline
5102 Turamzzyrian Empire: Warleader Gurock and an armada swept across the city of Wehnimer's Landing, sacking it and drove the citizenry, and even a major organization from it. The Krolvin Flag flew from the gates for many months, as his soldiers patrolled. Several adventurers even turned coat and served their new Krolvin Masters. The city was only saved in a massive engagement which saw many die, including General Lentuar. Of Gurock, nothing is yet known, only he will return. Official Timeline
5103 Turamzzyrian Empire: A rogue Illistim mage's accident releases v'reen morphs into River's Rest. Controversy over the lethal shapeshifting monsters threatens to spark a war between the Empire and the Elven Nations until the Faendryl sorcerer Pheyrmerrin Azlantor banishes the v'reen from Elanith three months later. Official Timeline
5109 The mysterious origin of the ribbon located outside Wehnimer's Landing is revealed when Myrcenne arrives in town to bestow a "blessing" upon the town by placing a second and third ribbon at locations of power located in and around Wehnimer's Landing. She had placed the first ribbon years ago but had been chased off by a man named Brang. Brang arrives in town to warn everyone of Myrcenne's evil intentions but is generally ignored. Growing impatient Myrcenne places the second and third ribbons to complete her blessing without the town's permission. It turns out Myrcenne's blessing is a ruse and instead opens a rift in the town through which nightmarish creatures pour forth. Adventurers manage to stop Myrcenee with the aid of Brang and the two newly placed ribbons are destroyed. Only the ribbon placed outside town remains with its cryptic message. GM Storyline
Fascination Or Horror
5109 Reivers raid the town of Wehnimer's Landing, pillaging the town and kidnapping people, in search of the bones of Doron at the command of a bone witch named Hagga. Adventurers locate Hagga's hideout in Luinne Bheinn and manage to kill her but she is in possession of a magical staff that allows her to revive. This cycle continues adventurers devise a trap and lure Hagga with false information regarding the bones of Doron that she seeks. When Hagga arrives the trap is sprung and her staff is stolen away resulting in Hagga's next death being her final one. GM Storyline
Hagga the Bone Witch
5109 During the annual review of taxes, it is discovered that Helga’s tavern is severely behind and the tavern will be closed and sold to reimburse the city if the back taxes are not paid. Sleepy, the west gate guard who is widely suspected of having a relationship of some sort with Helga, was supposed to be handling it for her while she tried to gather the money needed but failed to do so and did not inform her. To help Helga keep her tavern, Sleepy organizes an auction with various local merchants to sell donated items and memorabilia from Helga’s tavern and adds in one of his spare swords. Afterward, the excess funds were used to completely restock the tavern with new food and drinks to generate more business so she can pay future taxes without issue. GM Storyline
Helgas Back Taxes
5109 A woman named Lethra summons spiders to wreck havoc in the town of Wehnimer's Landing.
???Need a more robust summary.
GM Storyline
Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave
5109 A fraudster illusionist named Erim and his young daughter Piperel make their way to Wehnimer's Landing and begin a con to leave a life of poverty behind by tricking citizens and adventurers out of their silvers. The father and daughter had performed this con in other towns though and a young couple arrives in Wehnimer's Landing seeking justice for their child that was lost as a result of Erim and Piperel's previous con. Adventurers take pity on Erim and Piperel though as they had grown close to the father and daughter having learned more of their sad history. The adventurers help them fake their deaths and send them off to Solhaven to live a new life. GM Storyline
The Illusionist and Pip
5110 GM Storyline
Cannibalistic Contingency
5110 GM Storyline
Gostahl And The Archmage
5110 In retribution for the countless hobgoblins killed by adventurers over the years a band of hobgoblins led by a hobgoblin named Grumther start a hobgoblin revolt and begin to bombard the town of Wehnimer's Landing with roltons and dung. A hobgoblin that would be king of the hobgoblins named King P.D. shows up in the town of Wehnimer's Landing to strike a deal with the adventurers and lead them to Grumther's fort in order to dispose of Grumther and become the de facto ruler. After a failed raid by King P.D. and adventurers, the town is bombarded by more raids, roltons, and dungs for several days. Eventually, a scouting party of adventurers discovers a tunnel that leads into the impenetrable hobgoblin fortress, and a second raid is carried out that results in the death of Grumther and King P.D. becoming the new ruler of the hobgoblins, thus putting an end to the hobgoblin revolt. GM Storyline
Hobgoblins Revolt
5110 GM Storyline
Platinum Portal Chronomages
5110 GM Storyline
Shady Business
5110 GM Storyline
Something Amiss At The Feystone Inn
5110 Probably platinum's most ambitious and controversial storyline. Definitely, a mature storyline that explores the darker aspects of Gemstone's lore.
Need information from players and GMs.
GM Storyline
The Crimson Moon
5110 GM Storyline
The Faded Order
Continuation Gostahl And The Archmage
5110 GM Storyline
The Mage's Folly
5110 GM Storyline
The Necromancers' Secret
5111 GM Storyline
A Grim Plot
5111 GM Storyline
Isle Of The Dead
5112 Teekhum gives up his life as a merchant and sets out with a desire to see the world and begins a friendship with a treasure hunter named Khalt after they meet aboard the Spitfire. The pair stumble upon some ancient ruins in a cavern located near River's Rest and become separated in the midst of their exploration due to a magical accident when Teekhum reads some ancient writings. While separated, Teekhum comes across a tome that implanted Skryn's memories in Teekhum and caused him to be drawn to the dark arts of necromancy. Teekhum and Khlat manage to escape the ruins but Teekhum is hungry for more knowledge and power and joins the wizard guild. After joining the wizard guild Teekhum convinces some fellow wizard guild members to help him seek out a power that he is being drawn to located in the Brokenlands. On the way, Teekhum's caravan is attacked by bandits and Teekhum is left injured and weak and takes months to fully recuperate. With the advent of Lornon, Teekhum is visited by the Sheruvian Avatar and plagued with nightmares that drive him to once again seek out the evil that dwells in the Dark Tower located in the Brokenlands. Khlat tries to prevent Teekhum from entering the Brokenlands but Teekhum kills him and forges Khlat's soul into the new phylactery for the soon-to-be newly reincarnated lich, Skryn. Teekhum is lost but perhaps Skryn can still be saved and adventurers set out to do just that by discovering Skryn's original grave and performing a ritual to release from the influence of Luukos. Skryn is allowed to venture out into the world and has appeared since at various events offering newfound relics and power to adventurers. GM Storyline
Teekhum Descends Into Darkness
Linked The Crimson Moon
5113 GM Storyline
Wehnimers Landing Gets A New Mayor
5114 GM Storyline
Amorphous Served Cold
5114 Grand Magister Pylasar of the Hall of Mages in Chastonia opened a portal to Talador. A festival is had and a prince named Kuligar is about to become a baron. Speaking to townspeople there are rumors that something is not right with demons and the captured avatar of Sheru. A group of adventurers at the same time have visions at a Luukos shrine that speak of a dark elf sitting next to a silver urn to which then explodes. During this vision the avatar of Luukos named Naja is found dead by the silver mines near Talador. The tongue from Naja is missing from the body. Gostahl under the disguise of Zhenn suggests we be careful what we speak in Talador. Later on Kuligar captures an avatar of Sheru named Azorlok. At the ceremony to execute the avatar and at the same time become a baron, Kuligar announces he will open up a portal to the demon world to cleanse Elanith. Kuligar kills the avatar with a black alloy pike named “Lance of Finality.” Kuligar’s skin comes off to reveal a demon who throws the pike in the air. The tongue from Naja, that Kulgiar carried prior to execution, goes missing. Everyone there as a witness gets swept back to the landing area. We later find out the coffer had a vision of a male elf with runes on his neck holding the black alloy pike. After the portal to Talador a wounded knight shows up stating that Naja’s tongue must be recovered. Adventurers later met Zhenn under Moot Hall and mentioned the black alloy pike looks of shadow death origin. Adventurer’s note this and decide go to the queen’s tower in Wraithensmist to see if there is a connection with the black alloy pike. They find the tower blocked. GM Storyline
The Dark
5114 Earl Jovery of North Hendor sent troops to kill demons and take back talador. Adventurers travel again to queens tower in wraithensmist. After dispatching demons along the way they meet Larenzo a wizard inside the tower. Larenzo is there doing research on shadow death. Shadowdeath is another storyline from several years back. Larenzo leaves the queen’s tower stating earl of jovery has pushed back the shadowy maelstrom from talador. The lance thrown up in the sky by Kuligar was seen in the Maelstrom hovering above the lands. Larenzo also stated we must find the demon hunter Zerec and tell him of the things that have been happening. It was also stated the maelstrom is headed towards river’s rest. Zerec the demon hunter shows up at river’s rest following a vathor that escaped the area of the demon wall. Zerec mentions a new type of demon. Zerec goes back to the demon wall. Larenzo comes back to the adventurers and says we need a special orb to make the tongue of Naja talk. The orb is in Lich’s landing Adventurers travel to Lich’s landing with the aid of Skyrn the Lich. After finding the orb, the mayor of wehnimer’s who was with the adventurer’s group named Hraus, grabs the orb and begins to transform into a lich. Skyrn leaves the group and Larenzo arrives. Larenzo tells the group they must leave Hraus behind so that he can be saved for later. Larenzo later dies as the demons consume the Hall of Mages. A spellblade that escaped the hall of mages tells us the bodies of Naja and Azorlok are alive but a husk of their former selves. The nightlyngs (i.e. demons) took them. To stop the demons we have to travel to their dimension and fight them on their own ground. GM Storyline
The Dark
5114 GM Storyline
The Dark
5116 GM Storyline
Chaykas Story
5117 The Mirror of Ta'Illistim and the King of Ta'Vaalor are kidnapped through the machinations of a renegade Faendryl Ambassador named Lictor Ardryll and the cities of Ta'Illistim and Ta'Vaalor are subsequently surrendered. Backing him is an undead army under his control, a half-krolvin ranger named Brinret who becomes the overlord of Ta'Illistim, and a dark elf warrior named Auvreaian who becomes the overlord of Ta'Vaalor. Lictor Ardryll proves to be quite insane with many strange proclamations including one that gives equal rights and citizenship to the undead. Almost immediately a resistance is formed and after several weeks a plan is initiated to free King Qalinor, but the resistance was fed false information about the location of a fake King Qalinor and a fierce battle ensues. During this battle, a detachment of Crimson Legion uses this opportunity to free the real King Qalinor and the king rallies his citizens, the Crimson Legion, and adventurers to oust the undead army and Auvreaian from his city. Before the next day ends, Lord Caylio and King Qalinor lead a small strike force into Ta'Illistim and free The Mirror, killing Lictor Ardryll, and freeing the city of Ta'Illistim as well. GM Storyline
Ardrylls Story
5117 A criminal organization attempts to extort the town of Wehnimer's Landing and its citizens. A young woman named Leiana becomes embroiled in the events of a grand conspiracy that will change her life forever. GM Storyline
5117 GM Storyline
Ties that Bind
5118 A tour guide named Anto invites adventurers to travel with him to a new location of interest each month. GM Storyline
Great Elanthian Tavern Tour
5118 When Leiana used to gaze into a mirror she saw a simple innkeeper's daughter. Now someone almost unrecognizable gazed back at her. Leiana struggles with her newfound powers, new husband, and new role in life. GM Storyline
A Reflection In The Water
5118 GM Storyline
Shtalls Story
5119 An expunged sect of the Order of Voln, the Fallen, resurfaces with forbidden knowledge the Order of Voln tried to bury; the knowledge to create undead animates. The Fallen are convinced that the best way to fight a never-ending battle against the undead is with their own undead army. The Order of Voln and adventurers rally together to stop the Fallen from unleashing their own army of undead animates upon the world. GM Storyline
Fallen from Faith
5119 A kobold arrives in the town of Mist Harbor with big dreams and bigger demands. Grubbe is a kobold chef that enlists the aid of adventurers in seeking out ingredients for his "Kobold Kuisine" throughout the lands to create unique dishes that bestow magical effects upon the consumer. Grubbe sets up a shop called "Grubbe's Grub" in Mist Harbor on the path leading to the lighthouse that serves up his unique kobold kuisine for adventurers. Monthly GM Event
Grubbe Hunt (storyline)
5119 Th GM Storyline
Dark Lullabies
5119 GM Storyline
Return of the Lich
5119 Something about a pirate, a parrot, true love, and an egg. GM Storyline
The Eggs Story
5120 Leiana, "The Fire Witch" leads a rag-tag band of adventurers in the overthrow of the corrupt Wehnimer's Landing Official, Oreena Januth. Adventurers help Leiana retrieve evidence linking Oreena to an underground criminal organization called The Consortium. The evidence is delivered to Inspector Ignacio and he in turn presents it to the mayor of Wehnimer's Landing, Stennis. Oreena is jailed along with many of the guardsmen she hired. The longtime owner of the Raging Thrak Inn, Sabrien, sets off on a new adventure and leaves the inn to his daughter, Leiana. (OOC: Sabrien was the NPC of GM Skhorne and was retired when he passed away in real life.) GM Storyline
The Omega
5121 A pair of brothers are attacked by a pair of trolls on the Vornavis Caravansary. The trolls end up being the creations of a renegade wizard named Brech who was the master of a mysterious library located in the environs of Wehnimer's Landing. Adventurers were invited to this library a few times and transported into a magical storybook where they lived out a story and influenced events. GM Storyline
A Troll By Any Other Name
5121 A scholar named Egert removes a holy symbol of Aeia from her Garden Shrine located in River's Rest. He places a curse on this stone artifact that takes the form of a black goo that infects the animal and plant life dwelling in the Karazja Jungle near River's Rest. Egert was researching the flora in the Karazja Jungle with his wife and son in tow but they both became sick during his expedition. His wife perished and his son recovered but was left blind. Egert blamed Aeia for not saving his wife and healing his son. The curse was eventually broken by a group of clerics returning the cursed artifact to Aeia's Garden Shrine and purifying the jungle. GM Storyline A Darkness Within
5122 A series of brutal murders destroyed the relative peace and safety in the towns of Kraken's Fall, Wehnimer's Landing, and Kharam Zhu. With each murder, a person or persons were reported missing as well and assumed kidnapped or responsible for the murder. A young Ta'Vaalor Guardsman and a group of adventurers discovered that a vampire residing beneath Ta'Vaalor was responsible for the murders and had saved the missing persons from bullying and abuse. GM Storyline
What Lurks in the Dark
5123 Captain Eversteel is rescued by adventurers from a fiery explosion that saw her ship and much of her crew lost. She offers adventurers a quarterly event called Eversteel Dice Game to raise funds for the building and outfitting of a new ship. Why Captain Eversteel was targeted and who is responsible remain a mystery. Quarterly GM Event
Eversteel Dice Game