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Your character's current and maximum spirit points can be found using the HEALTH or SPIRIT commands. The amount of maximum spirit points a character has is determined by that character's Aura statistic divided by 10, rounded (i.e. 95 Aura will give 10 maximum spirit.) Maximum spirit can be increased though enhancive items, to an ultimate maximum of 13 points.

Different races will recover spirit at different intervals, or spirit regeneration rates. In addition, Clerics and Empaths can MEDITATE to gain spirit back faster, as is done with health and mana.

Uses of Spirit Points

  • Spirit points play an integral role in many of the signs of the Council of Light.
  • Some undead can drain spirit with a successful physical attack followed by a successful warding roll.
  • Certain advanced Alchemy recipes require the alchemist to channel spirit points into the formulation. (This always consumes 2 points.)
  • Casting certain Cleric and Paladin spells can require spirit points, notably Well of Life (308) and Raise Dead (318). Clerics/Paladins can APPRAISE other characters to see current/max spirit.
  • A successful cast of Living Spell (208) results in a spirit loss of one or more spirit points from the target.
  • Certain high-level areas such as the Rift and the Elemental Confluence can drain spirit upon entry.

Having fewer than 1 spirit point results in a spirit death.

Low Spirit Penalties

A character may experience penalties to combat modifiers when they have less than full spirit points. The exact penalties for having less than maximum spirit are outlined in the table below (as per the post by GM Oscuro on 23 January 2009 and GM Estild on 19 November 2014). Note that these penalties have exceptions for enhanced spirit point totals beyond 10 (the maximum possible without enhancive items).

  • Maximum Spirit Enhancives - The characters maximum spirit is considered to be 10 for the purpose of low spirit penalties. That is, if the characters maximum spirit is 11, 12, or 13, they will only experience penalties when their spirit point total reaches 7 or less.
  • Aura Enhancives - The characters maximum spirit total is used as normal. That is, if the character has 8/11, 8/12, or 9/13 spirit, they will begin to experience penalties.
  • Combined Spirit/Aura Enhancives - The characters maximum spirit total, as determined by their enhanced aura statistic is considered before max spirit enhancers. For instance, a character with an aura of 125-130 and any number of max spirit enhancers will have 13 spirit and will experience penalties at 9/13 spirit.
Percentage of MAX Spirit Effect on AS Effect on Evade, Block, & Parry DS
75% - 100% No penalty No penalty
50% to 74% -20% -10%
25% - 49% -35% -20%
Less than 25% -50% -30%

Every point of spirit missing increases the chance to fail a maneuver (Estild).


Tier Race On-Node Off-Node Off-Node Points/Min
Very Low Dark Elf 2 per 5 min 1 per 5 min 0.2
Elf 2 per 5 min 1 per 5 min 0.2
Low Aelotoi 2 per 4 min 1 per 4 min 0.25
Erithian 2 per 4 min 1 per 4 min 0.25
Half-Elf 2 per 4 min 1 per 4 min 0.25
Half-Krolvin 2 per 4 min 1 per 4 min 0.25
Sylvankind 2 per 4 min 1 per 4 min 0.25
Moderate Burghal Gnome 2 per 3 min 1 per 3 min 0.333
Giantman 2 per 3 min 1 per 3 min 0.333
Human 2 per 3 min 1 per 3 min 0.333
High Dwarf 4 per 5 min 2 per 5 min 0.4
Forest Gnome 4 per 5 min 2 per 5 min 0.4
Halfling 4 per 5 min 2 per 5 min 0.4

Enhanced Spirit Regeneration

Spirit point regeneration rates may be increased through the enhancive system or by using spirit regeneration crystals made through Alchemy.

Wearing an item that provides +1 to regeneration will increase the spirit regeneration of the character by one tier. For example, a dark elf will have spirit regeneration rates of 2/4 min, 2/3 min, and 4/5 min on-node while wearing +1, +2, and +3 to spirit regeneration items, respectively.

There are three enhanced tiers above the highest intrinsic racial regeneration rate (which is 4/5 min on-node for halflings, dwarves, and forest gnomes). The tiers are outlined in the table below. Note that these tiers were determined empirically, rather than divulged.

Enhanced Tier On Node Off Node Off-Node Points/Min
1 4 per 4 min 2 per 4 min 0.5
2 6 per 5 min 3 per 5 min 0.6
3 4 per 3 min 2 per 3 min 0.667

SPIRIT (verb)

The SPIRIT verb will indicate how much spirit a character has left. If the maximum spirit is different than the normal maximum (owing to an enhancive item or to a recent death), the maximum is shown in bold.


Spirit Points: 10  Remaining: 10


Spirit Points: 11  Remaining: 9

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