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an ornately carved structure, [Map Room 4], Lich# 28174, go structure

[Arndell's Weaponry - 28176]
Royal blue covers every wall, both in painted wood and in the metal shelves that line the west and east wall. The black walnut floor has clearly been recently polished, reflecting the gold racks. To the north, a black door stands emblazoned with a gold sun in the center.
Obvious exits: out

On the metal shelves you see:

a simple gut hook Weight: 4 pounds
Enchant: +20
fist-scythe 25000
a well-balanced footman's lance fitted with a wickedly barbed tip Weight: 12 pounds
Enchant: +20
lance 49500
a broad-bladed steel sword sporting a flat brass cruciform guard Weight: 5 pounds
Enchant: +20
broadsword 35000
a long steel poignard balanced by a heavy brass pommel Weight: <1 pound
Enchant: +20


You can tell that the poignard is as light as it can get.
a heavy-edged straight steel blade with a leather-wrapped grip Weight: 5 pounds
Enchant: +20
falchion 40000
a brass-caged wide steel gauntlet-sword gripped in leather Weight: 4 pounds
Enchant: +20
katar 30000
a tapering steel-bladed longsword with twining brass quillons Weight: 5 pounds
Enchant: +20
longsword 35000
a gold filigreed arming sword with a ruby-tipped hilt Weight: 4 pounds
Enchant: +20
longsword 49500
a peacock blue mossbark longbow gripped in white leather Weight: 3 pounds
Enchant: +20
long bow 45000
a gold-handled pernat with peacock feather tassels Weight: 6 pounds
Enchant: +20
mace 52000
a long-hilted wide steel espadon with a trabeated brass guard Weight: 9 pounds
Enchant: +20
bastard sword 50000
a stout steel-headed sledgehammer fitted with long brass langets Weight: 8 pounds
Enchant: +20
maul 150
a peacock blue sledgehammer with a white ash handle Weight: 7 pounds
Enchant: +18
maul 53500
a heavy steel-bladed glaive supported by brass-fitted langet Weight: 9 pounds
Enchant: +20
halberd 150

On the gold racks you see:

a paper-thin dark glaes push dagger with an ornate veniom handle Weight: 3 pounds
Enchant: +20
katar 60000
a fullered long steel coustille boasting an arched brass guard Weight: 4 pounds
Enchant: +20
short sword 20000
a thin-bladed curving steel sabre caged with a brass langet hilt Weight: 5 pounds
Enchant: +20
scimitar 20000
a brass-fitted sturdy wooden arbalest with a steel-capped stock Weight: 12 pounds
Enchant: +18
heavy crossbow 85000
a heavy flanged steel pernat with a wire-wrapped haft Weight: 8 pounds
Enchant: +20
mace 30000
a recurved wooden hunting bow sporting arched brass nocks Weight: 3 pounds
Enchant: +18
a long-tined steel-headed ranseur with a langet-fitted haft Weight: 8 pounds
Enchant: +20
awl-pike 55000
a long-hafted heavy steel field-axe with a short bearded bit Weight: 6 pounds
Enchant: +20
handaxe 30000
a stout-hafted heavy steel mace-and-chain with a long-tethered head Weight: 9 pounds
Enchant: +20
ball and chain 35000
a brass-studded heavy steel warhammer gripped in braided leather Weight: 7 pounds
Enchant: +20
war hammer 35000
a short-hafted heavy steel voulge bolted with brass fittings Weight: 9 pounds
Enchant: +20
jeddart-axe 50000
an imperial navy sabre with a simple bronze wire hilt Weight: 4 pounds
Enchant: +20
scimitar 32500
a long-hafted tempered steel spiked mace hilted in leather lattice Weight: 8 pounds
Enchant: +20
morning star 40000
a tall-hafted heavy steel bearded axe with a braided leather haft Weight: 9 pounds
Enchant: +20
battle axe 55000
a deep-fullered heavy steel battlesword with swolen brass quillons Weight: 12 pounds
Enchant: +20
twohanded sword 55000