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List specific script costs here and indicate unlocking tier if applicable. There are too many scripts to list on the main article.

Costs will range 0-20. The correlation appears to be (gear script difficulty / 10).

Script Cost
Animalistic Spirit Weapon (boots; fully unlocked) 20
Banshee flare 20
Briar flare 20
Bubble flares 20
Coraesine (pure) 20
Elven Armor T4 20
Ethereal armor T3 Defense 4
Ethereal armor T2 Defense & Padding Flare Unlocked 5
Ethereal armor Fully Unlocked 14
Ethereal weapon 7
Forest armor All Tiers 7
Fusion 2 & 3 Slot 20
GoryWeapons All Tiers 0
Greater elemental flare (script portion, also has 7pts for its regular flare) 15
Iasha 7
Ironwright flares 20
Ithziri armor T4+ Unlocks 20
Mechanical crossbow and bow T1 unlock 7
Rikelle/Morphing Armor T3 4
Nervestaff 20
Parasitic Weapon T3 20
Realm flare (script portion, in addition to the 7 pts for the flare itself) 10
Snake flares 20
Voln armor T1 7
Voln armor T2 14
Voln armor T3 & T4 20
Wand bow (make sure to take the wand out) 15