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Realm flares premiered in the year 2000 and are both a script and flare. The type of flare will change based on where the wielder of the weapon is hunting, and might include uncommon flares where no elemental flare is appropriate. The flares are intended to be good for every realm, but not optimal for every hunting ground. The Hot Summer Nights 2015 update intended that no detrimental flares would occur in any realm, so if one is found, please contact GM Tamuz.

Most items, except for worn UAC weapons (e.g., gloves and boots), check for the realm based on where GET is used to wield the weapon. When traveling from realm to realm, put the weapon away and GET again to reset the flare.

Realm Flare
Duskruin Arena Grapple
Elemental Confluence Disruption
Icemule Trace Fire
Kharag 'doth Dzulthu Disruption
Kraken's Fall ??
Mist Harbor Steam
River's Rest Steam
Ships Disintegration
Solhaven Fire
Ta'Illistim Acid
Ta'Vaalor Acid
Teras Isle Ice
The Rift Disintegration
Trail between WL and ZL Disintegration
Wehnimer's Landing Disruption
Caligos Isle Plasma
You carefully survey your surroundings and guess that your current location is between Wehnimer's Landing and Zul Logoth or somewhere close to it.

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