Wehnimer's Landing 5118 Election Interviews with Puptilian

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Puptilian Peregrinus
Towncrier interview logo.png
the Defender of Wehnimer's Landing
Race Human
Profession Ranger
Affiliation(s) Moonshine Manor

By Irar, TownCrier Correspondent
16 Fashanos 5118 // February 16, 2018 - in Wehnimer's Landing


Former Mayor Puptilian was kind enough to sit down and have a chat with TownCrier Correspondent Irar, discussing the rigors of running a Mayoral campaign in the Landing and the myriad of challenges a Mayor faces. Puptilian served as the first elected Mayor of the Landing from Spring of 5115 to Spring of 5117 in two successful terms.


You ask, "Have a seat, if you'd like?"

You say, "Thank you for coming."

Puptilian says, "No problem at all."

You say, "I'll leave my questions a bit more open-ended so you have more to work with."

You say, "But I can speak for the Crier in saying we are happy to have you. Many thanks."

You say, "I'd just like to ask you a few things about what it means to be a Mayor, what it entails, and what your personal experience has been."

Speaking to Puptilian, you ask, "That alright with you?"

Puptilian says, "I am pretty open about things so please ask what you like."

Puptilian says, "I have no issues sharing."

"It's about putting the town first and your own needs second.
It's about knowing your limits and exceeding them."

You ask, "As I understand, you were the first Mayor after Walkar, correct?"

Puptilian says, "That is actually not correct. Thrayzar was actually mayor after Walkar even if temporary. I took over being mayor after the orc."

You exclaim, "I didn't know that. Thanks for clearing it up!"

You ask, "So the first, as many would see it, who was elected by the wider community, at least?"

Puptilian says, "That is correct. Thrayzar took over in need when Walkar turned into the abomination. I was the first elected."

Speaking to Puptilian, you ask, "And you were elected twice?"

Puptilian says, "That is correct. I was elected in back to back years."

Speaking to Puptilian, you say, "My first duty as a Crier was covering those elections."

Speaking to Puptilian, you say, "Tell me, what was your experience running a campaign? You have a rather unique take on it, I'd think."

Puptilian says, "It was a lot of hard work. I had a great team and every one of us worked from the moment it was announced I was a candidate until the last minute of the election. I also took the time to talk to individual people and not just make announcements to the masses. I tried my best to make a personal connection to people. Especially the first campaign as I felt I was the underdog."

Speaking to Puptilian, you ask, "You say you tried to make a personal connection to people. If you don't mind me asking, what were some of the ways you sought to do that?"

Puptilian says, "As I mentioned. I took the time to speak to individual people. I tried my best to talk to any and every one I could in the time allowed."

Speaking to Puptilian, you ask, "What were some of the challenges you dealt with during campaigning? What would you say were the most difficult things you had to go through while running?"

Puptilian says, "Let's talk about the first one...well, first. I felt like I was the underdog in that campaign. There were people in that race that I felt were more popular, more well known, and simply been around a lot longer then I. I think for me it was getting my voice heard and my points across."

Puptilian says, "I think."

Puptilian says, "If you ask any of the people that ran you would find that we all agree preparing for the town debates."

Puptilian says, "You have no idea what will be asked and have limited time to answer so you have to think on your feet."

Puptilian says, "And no matter how much you know or think you remember you will never remember all events. There will always been one person that will remember something you would not."

Puptilian says, "As for the second race."

Puptilian says, "I think the hardest part was beating someone that has a lot more charisma then I. I had a hard first year with the outpost, with Thadston and the Rooks, and here comes someone that can speak and act charming."

You ask, "You are speaking of the current Mayor?"

Puptilian says, "I am. Crux ran against me the second year."

You say, "I remember. Quite a lively series of debates."

Puptilian says, "I most have done something right, I was elected a second time."

You ask, "And what do you think contributed to your electoral victory?"

Puptilian says, "I like to think the town thought I did a good enough job the first year to want me there a second."

You ask, "So it was accomplishments, rather than campaigning, you think?"

Puptilian says, "When you are the incumbent your accomplishments are your campaign. The decisions you make, the actions you take, will be first in anyone minds."

Puptilian says, "And I at least made my campaign about what I accomplished."

You say, "You dealt with many challenges during your tenure. Chaston presented a danger like few others the town has dealt with."

You ask, "How do you deal with a crisis like that as a Mayor?"

You say, "Considering most mayors will end up having to deal with most of the town going up in flames at least a dozen times during their term, I should think it'd be decent advice for future office holders."

Puptilian says, "You don't. You have to realize you are one person and it takes more then that to deal with a crisis of that size. The best I could do at that time was lead by example, listen to advice of others, and when the time comes make a decision to the best of your abilities."

Puptilian says, "Its about putting the town first and your own needs second. Its about knowing your limits and exceeding them."

Puptilian says, "Its keeping a cool head when everyone is going crazy."

Puptilian says, "Its about showing a strong person to instill confidence in the people looking to you for direction."

Puptilian says, "And once its all over taking a deep breath and be ready to deal with the fallout of your choices and not get stuck thinking what if."

Speaking to Puptilian, you ask, "Is there anything that helped you keep a cool head, and to find strength and instill said such confidence?"

Puptilian says, "Everyone. The friends, the family, and the town itself. Looking out and knowing they are looking at me and realizing I could not fail them or this town."

Puptilian says, "I could not have done it without everyone."

You say, "Now for a bit, I'd like to ask how you interact with outsiders, since we are a frontier town after all. And a frequently invaded one at that."

You ask, "Is that alright?"

Puptilian says, "Ask away."

You say, "I think the most notable encounter you had to deal with during your term was the Empire, and rogue elements of the Church."

You ask, "When facing such organizations, how do you approach a new relationship or interaction?"

Puptilian says, "It depends on how that organization shows up. Show up with respect you get respect back. Come in causing trouble then you will not get such a warm greeting."

Puptilian says, "While we as a town are a free people and we welcome any that come here."

Puptilian says, "Many times that has caused trouble because people are too trusting. I like to observe a bit before I give judgement either way."

Puptilian says, "And also aware that sometimes the first meeting is not always the best way to judge a person but over time."

Puptilian says, "Now the issues we had with Chaston was a bit different due to his status with the empire."

You say, "Indeed."

Puptilian says, "Such a high ranking member of the church he could bring down a large amount of hurt on the town so I tried to balance those times while building a case so we can be more forceful yet protect the town when either the church or empire came against us."

Puptilian says, "I was worried that if we just openly fought from the beginning it would have caused more bad then good."

Puptilian says, "We survived so I am not so sure how good that plan worked but it was the best I had to go with at the time."

You say, "Well, we're still here."

You ask, "Moving on further... How do you balance personal feelings about a particular issue against your duties as a public servant and Mayor?"

Puptilian says, "I am only human. I could sit here and tell you that personal feelings never played a part but its a lie."

Puptilian says, "All one can do in that position and do the best they can to leave personal feelings out of it. Sometimes I did better then others."

Puptilian says, "You have to realize that your choices are not just going to affect yourself. Your choices affect a whole town so you do the best you can."

You ask, "We have quite a diverse crowd of folks living in this town. Many with strong opinions, and many well armed and powerful. How do you navigate such a gallery of individuals and groups?"

Puptilian says, "As best as one can. You can never please everyone and you will find many only think for themselves or for their little part of the town. The best you can do is look at what is best for the town itself and deal with what people say or do afterwards."

You ask, "And time, I'd like to ask about that. Just how much of a time investment is the position of Mayor?"

Puptilian says, "I made it my whole life for those two years. I was a servant to the town and gave my time to it. I took small breaks here and there to sleep or a day here and there but really...all of it. Even when I took small trips to other towns I was still the Mayor."

You ask, "So... the investment is total?"

Puptilian says, "For me it was two years."

(OOC) Puptilian's player whispers, "To answer this time OOC. I really did put my whole play time as being mayor. I say it took up a lot of time in game and out of game....no idea how much time really."

(OOC) You quietly whisper to Puptilian, "Kinda figured. One reason I'll never run, ha. My lady would behead me."

You say, "A final question, then, because I'm sure I've worn you out."

Puptilian says, "Sure."

You ask, "Is there any advice you could give to future Mayors?"

Puptilian says, "When you are mayor you are the one everyone looks to as the leader of the town. Take a moment, ask the proper question, make a decision, and follow through to the best of your abilities. Realize you are not alone in this town, trust that people will help you succeed in your job, and work together to complete the task. Realize you represent the town and your every word carries the weight of the whole town. Think of the town first and your own desires last and leave the town in a better place then when you are elected."

Puptilian says, "Oh and one last piece of advice. As mayor you are the least important person in this town. The most important is the average citizen. Treat them as such."

You say, "Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed. And for answering candidly and thoroughly."

You say, "Oh... wait."

You say, "There is just one more question."

Puptilian says, "Sure."

You ask, "Do you like all Deacons of Koar, or is there one in particular you favor over the other?"

You say, "I kid."

Puptilian says, "Hate them all."

Puptilian says, "You asked for it."

You say, "Fair enough. Thanks, Pup."

You say, "I did."

Puptilian says, "If you find after you look over the answers and want to ask more."

Puptilian says, "Let me know."

Puptilian says, "No issues answering more."

(OOC) Puptilian's player whispers, "That includes OOC."

You ask, "Is there anything else you'd like to say before we wrap up?"

You ask, "Anything I didn't ask that I didn't address?"

You say, "That you'd like to address."

Puptilian asks, "How many hours do we have?"

Puptilian says, "No i think it went good."

You say, "Never enough."

You exclaim, "This is why follow-ups exist!"

You say, "Thank you, Pup. If there's nothing else, I'll be on my way to hand off all of this for Newsby to edit."

Puptilian says, "Have a great night."

Puptilian says, "And thank you."