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Corporeal beings are creatures that have a physical body. The term is frequently used to differentiate between types of undead.

Corporeal undead beings can generally be struck with a blessed weapon.

Creature Level Realm Hunting areas
Lesser ghoul 1 Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing Glaise Cnoc Cemetery - TV, The Graveyard - WL
Skeleton 1 Icemule, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing Icemule Environs, Glaise Cnoc Cemetery - TV, The Graveyard - WH
Zombie rolton 1 Icemule, River's Rest, Solhaven Icemule Environs, The Citadel - RR, Cairnfang Forest - SH
Greater ghoul 3 River's Rest, Solhaven, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing The Citadel - RR, Vornavian Coast - SH, Glaise Cnoc Cemetery - TV, The Graveyard - WL
Ice skeleton 3 Icemule, Wehnimer's Landing Glatoph
Lesser mummy 6 Wehnimer's Landing The Graveyard
Bone golem 8 River's Rest, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing The Citadel - RR, Plains of Bone - TV, Danjirland - WL
Werebear 10 Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing Cairnfang Forest - SH, Sentoph - WL
Darkwoode 13 Solhaven, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing Foggy Valley - SH, The Toadwort - TV, Sentoph - WL
Tomb wight 15 Wehnimer's Landing The Graveyard
Ghoul master 16 Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing Plains of Bone - TV, The Graveyard - WL
Elder ghoul master 18 Wehnimer's Landing The Graveyard
Nedum vereri 18 Icemule, Wehnimer's Landing Temple of Hope - IT, Sentoph - WH
Rotting krolvin pirate 18 River's Rest The Citadel
Arch wight 20 Icemule, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing Temple of Hope - IT, Plains of Bone - TV, Castle Anwyn - WL, The Graveyard - WL
Wood wight 20 Solhaven Marshtown
Ancient ghoul master 21 Wehnimer's Landing The Graveyard
Crazed zombie 23 Ta'Vaalor Lunule Weald
Niirsha 23 Ta'Vaalor Lunule Weald
Nonomino 23 Wehnimer's Landing Castle Anwyn
Rotting woodsman 23 Solhaven Marshtown
Zombie 23 Icemule, Wehnimer's Landing Icemule Environs, Danjirland - WH
Night hound 24 Icemule, Wehnimer's Landing Glatoph, Icemule Environs, Olbin Pass - IT, The Graveyard - WL
Carceris 25 Wehnimer's Landing Castle Anwyn
Frenzied monk 27 Ta'Vaalor Lunule Weald
Monastic lich 27 Wehnimer's Landing The Monastery
Skeletal ice troll 31 Icemule Frozen Battlefield
Rotting corpse 32 Solhaven Castle Varunar
Rotting farmhand 32 Icemule Icemule Environs
Skeletal giant 33 Wehnimer's Landing Sentoph
Rock troll zombie 34 Zul Logoth Troll Burial Grounds
Skeletal soldier 34 River's Rest Miasmal Forest
Writhing icy bush 36 Icemule Frozen Bramble
Lesser moor wight 37 River's Rest, Ta'Illistim Miasmal Forest - RR, Black Moor - TI
Skeletal warhorse 37 Solhaven Castle Varunar
Blackened decaying tumbleweed 39 Icemule Frozen Bramble
Greater moor wight 39 River's Rest, Ta'Illistim Miasmal Forest - RR, Black Moor - TI
Vourkha 39 Ta'Illistim Black Moor
Writhing frost-glazed vine 40 Icemule Frozen Bramble
Skeletal lord 41 Solhaven Castle Varunar
Frozen corpse 42 Icemule Arctic Tundra, Nightmare Gorge
Night mare 43 Wehnimer's Landing Shadow Valley
Bog wight 44 Ta'Vaalor Fethayl Bog
Dark frosty plant 45 Icemule Frozen Bramble
Lesser vruul 45 Wehnimer's Landing The Broken Lands
Rotting chimera 46 River's Rest Marsh Keep
Dybbuk 48 Solhaven Bonespear Tower
Large thorned shrub 48 Icemule Frozen Bramble
Necrotic snake 48 River's Rest Marsh Keep
Waern 49 Solhaven Bonespear Tower
Flesh golem 50 River's Rest Marsh Keep
Shriveled icy creeper 50 Icemule Frozen Bramble
Seeker 52 Icemule Mount Aenatumgana
Decaying Citadel guardsman 56 River's Rest The Citadel
Rotting Citadel arbalester 58 River's Rest The Citadel
Putrefied Citadel herald 60 River's Rest The Citadel
Soul golem 63 Teras Isle Temple of Luukos
Magna vereri 72 Icemule Trace Den of Rot
Greater vruul 75 Wehnimer's Landing The Broken Lands
Shrickhen 76 Ta'Illistim Blighted Forest
Lich qyn'arj 84 Ta'Illistim Old Ta'Faendryl
N'ecare 87 The Rift Plane 3, Plane 5
Vaespilon 93 The Rift Plane 5
Patchwork flesh monstrosity 97 Solhaven Sanctum
Shambling lurk 97 Solhaven Sanctum
Murky soul siphon 106 The Rift Scatter
Lich 110 The Rift Scatter
Eyeless black valravn 112 Hinterwilds