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Xanthium Dyvim
Xanthium kneeling FINAL SSD.jpg
Xanthium Dyvim by Stormyrain
Race Half-elf
Culture Faendryl
Profession Bard
Religion Order of Ivas
Affiliation(s) Member of House Brigatta, Faendryl Enclave, Order of the Shadow, Caeruil Atelier
Disposition Uncertain and observant
Demeanor Introspective
Flaw Reticent to the point of stymied
Greatest Strength Energetic and stubborn
Greatest Weakness Sensitive to being rejected
Habits snooping and composition
Hobbies lorehunting and dancing
Likes bagpipes, her fife, and dahlias
Dislikes authority and ambiguity
Fears that no one truly cares for her

Xanthium Dyvim is a half-elf (technically, three-quarters elf) of Faendryl origin, her father is Giliad Dyvim Faendryl (known as Asylum around the Landing and Solhaven) and her mother is Ysharra Nagorn, a ranger from an extrinsic human settlement in Northern Elanith originally, and currently a resident of Wehnimer's Landing.


Xanthium is another name for cocklebur, and in the Language of Flowers , cocklebur spears mean pertinacity, mimicking the manner in which the flowers and spurs adhere to passersby.


One summer Ysharra was traveling with her former paramour, Asylum, to visit their Faendryl kin just outside of New Ta'Faendryl, when they were both caught in a strange rift in the heart of Wyrdeep Forest. Munin, Ysharra's raven companion, managed to avoid the epicenter of the trap, and winged her way to Asylum's father, Dyvim Kalal, who mounted a rescue. It took some time to find, isolate and pierce the interior of rift to get them out, and when they did, both parties discovered that time had flowed differently on either side of the phenomenon, and Ysharra was heavily pregnant. They were taken to Dyvim Kalal's compound, and Ysharra soon gave birth to two daughters, Akonite and Xanthium.

Akonite, the elder twin, closely resembles her father, and has often been able to pass as Faendryl, despite her having pale coloring and coal-black hair. She shares those features with the Dyvims, as they had mostly been spared some of the aesthetic affects of living in Rhoska-Tor. Xanthium, on the other hand, takes after her mother in being very tall, possessing nearly white-blonde hair and alabaster skin. Her human heritage is far more obvious, and while she was accepted by the members of her Faendryl family, she led a much more isolated existence than her sister.


You see Xanthium.
She appears to be a Half-Elf from Ta'Faendryl.
She is of a towering height. She appears to be very young. She has argent-haloed indigo eyes and pale porcelain skin. She has long, cascading white blonde hair flowing down into a riotous tumult of textured waves and gold-touched spiral curls. She has a fine-boned, heart-shaped face, a long, narrow nose and a bow of lush, mulberry red lips.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing an ornate black ironwood dragon earcuff, a billowing jade green robe collared in hematite and pewter beadwork, a dark orchid bell-sleeved blouse, a silver coiled serpent bracer, a floor-length viridian spidersilk skirt composed of deeply pleated layers, and some pale silk stockings wrapped in black velvet vines under some faenor-hued interlocked ringmail thigh-boots laced with copper wire.

Associations & Beliefs

When Xanthium and her sister first came to Wehnimer's Landing, her mother had been absent from her life for some time, as a result of going on a personal sojourn to temper her grief over her actions in the Griffin Sword Saga. When Xanthium and Akonite arrived to find her, she initially rejected them, and ordered them to return to New Ta'Faendryl. A Faendryl mage by the name of Lord Thrassus Feydark intervened on their behalf, and helped convince Ysharra to allow them to remain and find their own path to power and ability. Akonite had been allowed to join the Sorcerer's guild in New Ta'Faendryl, and was immediately glad of the chance to use their new settings as a practice ground to increase her Summoning and Necromancy experimentation and research. Xanthium, on the other hand, was hurt by her mother's first response, and spent most of her time alone, until recently.

Xanthium and her mother eventually made their peace, and now their bond is mended and stronger than before. Xanthium has taken up her mother's gardening avocation, and began accompanying her near-daily to the Temple of Ivas in Vipershroud, and while there met several of the Dancer's order. After some contemplation, she joined Ivas' order, and took her vows in the summer of 5119.

Xanthium is very fond of her new home in the Landing, and has bonded with her mother's beloved, the necromancer Melikor, as well as the Landing's former mayor Lylia Rashere, Priestess of Ivas Nola, her "guardian" Juspera Spintari and Thrassus' cousin, the warrior Zolis. She has grown particularly close with her superior in the Temple of Ivas, Brother Kothos Blud. During the year of 5120, she served as the co-campaign manager for mayoral candidate and barrister Faerinn Greatsinger.

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Xanthium Dyvim by Stormyrain
Xanthium Dancing by Stormyrain
Xanthium Dyvim, artwork by Enya7 at deviant art