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Gender female
Race forest gnome
Service(s) Wares
Specialty Fishies, Wermth
Venue Caligos Isle
Windfellow's Retreat
Town Mist Harbor

Ambie is a young forest gnome who sells fishies on Caligos Isle and wermth at Windfellow's Retreat.


You see Ambie.
She appears to be a Forest Gnome of the Wendwillow Bloodline.
She is tiny.  She appears to be very young.  She has bright sea green eyes and lightly tanned skin.  She has straight, braided honey blonde hair gathered into two pigtails.  She has a diminutive face, a button nose and an inordinate number of teeth.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a translucent sack, a glossy yellow jacket, a diminutive bright pink backpack, a tiny yellow belt, a bright pink belt pouch, some stained green breeches, and some bright yellow boots.


Ambie doesn't have a proper shop. She sells her fishies from a mobile cart.

This small cart appears to have been assembled with great care.  The wood that forms most of the cart's facade is of irregular lengths, so the ends overlap in odd positions, and darker wood inserts have been used to hold everything together.  Emblazoned on one side of the cart is a bright green fish, clearly hand-painted, and done in a very childlike manner.  Tiny pink hearts are painted around the fish, which is grinning widely.

Behind the Scenes

Ambie is a character created and run by GameMaster Quilic.