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Beacon Hall Archive is the only CHE in the town of River's Rest. The purpose of the house is to support the spreading and preservation of historical knowledge as well as to serve the needs of the town of River's Rest. A distinction of the house from others is that all members are required to write and complete a thesis on a subject of knowledge, be it history or foraging, before being eligible for office or voting. In recent times, hosting a house event is also accepted to fulfill these criteria.

Officer Roster
Title Officer Name Position
Chancellor Astru Chair
Light Keeper Kayse Co-Chair
Keeper Kaldonis Secretary
Chronicler Riverman Co-Secretary
Hall Guardian Fyrenntenimar Treasurer
Vault Guardian Co-Treasurer
House Envoy Raincail
Curator Gidion


The only Great House located within the town of River's Rest, Beacon Hall Archive is dedicated to serving the local community and residents. While providing the usual amenities of any Great House, Beacon Hall acts as a keeper of histories and lore specific to River's Rest as well as those pertaining to Elanthia in general.

Other functions of Beacon Hall is to serve as a culture-bearer for River's Rest by sponsoring local cultural events; maintaining a functional Archive of records for public access; and acting to serve local residents in whatever manner may be deemed appropriate.

Beacon Hall welcomes membership from both the academically and non-academically oriented.


Since 5119, Beacon Hall has been reviving Restday Fastbreaking, or brunches. These are, of course, held on Restdays, and usually around noon each week. Brunches are often followed by games, new and old, such as Dodge the Void, Bridge Jumping, Dock Diving, Flinger, and Gem of Fate, among others. As noted below, prospective members should attend an event.


All prospective members need to attend at least one event or meeting (see the Calendar link below); meetings and events are generally open to the public for this reason. Prospective members are also required to find an officer or member to sponsor their application.

  • Be no less than level 5
  • Not belong to another CHE
  • Explain interest to join BHA and answer any questions at their initiation meeting
  • Propose an idea for an event or thesis topic to acquire full membership in the future
  • Pay a one-time initiation fee of 100,000 silvers
  • Pledge an oath to uphold the standards of Beacon Hall Archive

The official site (linked below) provides further details.


The main branch of BHA is located on a bluff overlooking River's Rest and is accessible by walking a path southwest of the drawbridge. An annex with a library and historical artifacts is located in the Kobold Village near Wehnimer's Landing, past a hedge. There is a Brewpub Annex near Icemule Trace. Some grounds of Beacon Hall are open to the public (anyone can enter, regardless of membership), although the main branch was recently closed for renovations. While there are also annexes in all the other major towns, these are presently just so members can access their lockers.

WL Annex in the Kobold Village
IMT Annex in near the South Gate


Locker locations

Please see the Lockers page on the official BHA website for specific information on locating our lockers throughout the lands! This information is kept very much up-to-date.