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A transcription of the terrible events which have unfolded so far ...

Dateline: 25th of Lormesta, year 5102, The Day of the Huntress


Priests of Liabo throughout the continent report that they have sensed strange energies building, a dangerous force that they feel is both ancient and terrible. They caution adventurers to be wary, as this energy could manifest itself in deadly ways in the future. Sages and priests alike are investigating the matter to stop it before it becomes hazardous to the people of Elanthia.

Dateline: 26th of Loremesta, year 5102, Feastday


Citizens of Solhaven report a discussion with Monk Thalenn, priest of Lorminstra, wherein the monk describes "a dark energy in the skies and in the ground.” The priest goes on to temporarily open their awareness to this energy, bringing much dread upon those involved. The monk cautions, “… its power is growing. Monks like myself are trained to be sensitive to such powers, perhaps as it will all be affected too. … Tell others, everyone must be made aware of what is occurring. I will attempt to have other officials in Voln's Order spread the word as well."

Dateline: 27th of Loremesta, year 5102, Restday


The old warrior of the Order of Voln reported to the residents that though the Order has received a number of messages from priests and priestesses along the western continent, they have had no answers to give. Officials of his Order have sent ravens east, in the hopes that the elves of their Order may have some special insight.


Residents report a discussion with Anebrin Belandel, Monk of Jastev. He confirms the presence of a dark presence, and also discusses messages that have arrived from other parts of Elanthia, including the west. This danger, apparently, spans the continent.


On this day in River’s Rest, the Priestess Veelani Saffine warns the people that: “This is no ordinary magic, this is something far more terrible than I have ever felt."


Late in the day Monk Thalenn clarifies that the Liches that plague IceMule Trace are not behind the terrible evil that is growing across Elanith. "The disturbances in the sky tonight were caused by the Nine, but what I feel is not their doing. I had hoped it was, for an instant. I would know how to fight against lichs, even powerful ones... ”

Thalenn still awaits a response from his letters of inquiry to other members of the clergy.

Dateline: 28th of Loremesta, year 5102, Volnes


Across the continent the peoples of Elanthia become more aware of the growing evil, as their minds are filled with a black oily presence, shrieks fill their ears, and the ground seems to tremble with a rhythmic thump.

Dateline: 29th of Loremesta, year 5102, Tilamaires


As the mental noise grows in volume and power, the presence begins to pass along the message "We...rise again..."

Dateline: 30th of Loremesta, year 5102, Leyan


In Ta’Illistim, a part of adventurers, (Middnight, Opalina, Akashe, Swahami, Mange, Shooure, Peche, Aerofoil, and Rontuu) were sent by the Monk Anabrin to deliver a message to Monk Thallen in Solhaven in order to warn the western cities of the evil that has fallen upon Elanith.

The adventurers were given a parchment that read:

Brother Thalenn --

Our people have memories of many things. The Vishmiir are one of them. I cannot say much, except PREPARE. We have found out about them too late, the force has awakened. There is no sanctuary from them that we know of, prepare while they are still stirring in awakening. You must hurry. Hurry now before it's far too late!

~ Anebrin Belandel

The party of adventurers was warned not to speak aloud the name of the terrible presence, lest they call it upon themselves.

Braving many dangers, the adventurers carried the message across the DragonSpine Mountains and delivered it to Monk Thalenn.

Word of this information passed like rapid fire among the citizens of the Empires of Elanith. Too soon, many had called the terrible plague upon themselves.

Do not speak the name of the Vishmiir.

Dateline: 31st of Lormesta, year 5102, Niiman


The adventurers Mnar, Tianni, Lord Tjaran, Lady Iscikella, Lord Dregaus, Kadesha, and Lady Juspera were visited by a pair of Vishmiir. The first Vishmiir was quickly dispatched. The second Vishmiir, no doubt of greater power, caused such great fear on the part of the adventurers that they were powerless. After causing great chaos, the Vishmiir vanished.

The servents of the Vishmiir have risen against the living citizens of Elanith. The gods help us!

Dateline: 1st of Fashanos, year 5102, Day of the Huntress


The strange energies first sensed weeks ago have manifested themselves in hordes of undead beings! Scrambling for answers, high clerics worldwide have come to an agreement on the origins of these strange new undead that plague us -- the passing of the recent Lornon's Eve has caused a disturbance across all the continent of Elanith. The powers of darkness rose to untold heights during that night, and have awakened the Vishmiir, an ancient type of undead that leeches off the thoughts of the living.

This is not all, the Vishmiir have called their many undead thralls to them as they appear and spread havoc. They appear anywhere that civilization is, and people of all towns are advised to take cover from these monstrosities. Clergymen worldwide are searching for an answer to banish these foul beasts, and have found a temporary solution -- the Vishmiir's power wanes within the heart of the DragonSpine, and the settlement of Zul Logoth seems to be safe from their physical threat. They can touch the minds of people there, but their hordes cannot come through the dense rock, and neither can they.

Dateline: 2nd of Fashanos, year 5102, Feastday


Those who invoked the name of the Vishmiir during the early morning and afternoon began to feel drained as if their very life were sucked away. Sometime in the afternoon, reports of a Vishmiir summoned in Icemule Trace's Hall of Gods came in from the north. It was said to have killed the one who called it down, despite efforts of the man's intent to ally with it.

Later in the evening, it was said another Vishmiir manifested itself to a group of adventurers: Ichiko, Jadziana, Nofret, Landrai, Bartain, Azorack, Angellyna, Allanor, Alisaire, Leofred, Iannerra, Prospera, Tanager and Turinrond who sought a way to stop them. Among its words to the brave adventurers gathered were... "You.. call.. upon.. many.. to.. aid.. you... but.. it.. is.. all.. for.. naught. Our.. reign.. will.. stopped. Soon.. you.. will.. all.. visit.. the.. grave. You.. have.. brought.. me. And.. now.. you.. die. Others.. will.. join.. you.. in.. time, little one."

It then dispatched Tanager with a swipe of its spectral claws and disappeared into the air. The terror was not over for the night, however.

For later on in the evening, the Vishmiir were heard once again in everyone's minds. People reported that a thick feeling of oozing oil swam within their mind, the rancid feeling resembled a thousand crawling snails their brain. The presence pulsed and seemed to be within the very core of their mind amidst their deepest thoughts and memories. And then the Vishmiir spoke, "As.. darkness.. falls..our.. power.. grows. Your.. death.. comes.. little.. ones."

The ground rumbled in response, and the many thralls of the Vishmiir rose up once again to terrorize the continent. Reports have come in from Wehnimer's Landing, River's Rest, Solhaven, Icemule Trace, Ta'Vaalor, Ta'Illistim, Teras Island and even the ruins of Old Ta'Faendryl that the undead there rose up to attack. May the gods help us all.

As the Vishmiir's thralls spread carnage, reports have also indicated that the Vishmiir themselves made several appearances in the physical form. Some only stayed to speak in an almost sickeningly curious fashion to the adventurer's, like children fascinated with what horrible destruction they could reap upon us, others killed many valiant adventurers with a mere gesture. The presence of the Vishmiir once again made its way into our minds and spoke, heralding the end to their thralls attacks.

"We.. can.. feel.. you.. fall, little.. ones. And..our.. power.. is.. not.. even.. at.. its.. fullest. Such.. amusing.. are. It.. was.. delightful.. to.. watch.. you.. such.. panic. We.. will.. relish.. cleansing.. the.. world.. of.. you. All.. in.. due.. time..."

As midnight approached, the monk Thalenn came out from resting in the temple of Lorminstra in Solhaven. Apparently the Vishmiir's presence was too much for him to join in the battle against their thralls, he sat down among the people there and told a story of what he knew of these terrible beings via missives sent from the elves, these are his words.

"They are many, and one. They are bound together in a place that is both here and not here. They are unused to being among us. They are a very ancient type of undead. They can manifest themselves in the physical realm if they wish now. And their powers are bound to darkness. But they listen, all the time. They listen even now. I can hear them screaming in my mind trying to dissuade me."

"Their power peaks when the sun no longer hangs in the sky. They are like a slime, covering the continent of Elanith. Something we can only see when they choose to make themselves known, and only see, not attack, not fight against..."

"The only way to escape their manifestations is to head inside that dark, dark city in the earth (Zul Logoth). The undead come from our realm...but those who are noncorporeal exist and do not exist. It is a complicated process to explain. And the...evil...they are a very strong noncorporeal being."

When asked if the beings had a central power source could be found to target...

"There is no focal point that I can sense. They are just all over. Spread everywhere, with no central source..."

And, feeling incredibly weary but also thankful that he was not wracked by the painful spasms brought on by the creatures, Thalenn departed, his final words being, "We must be vigilant, and may Lord Voln's blessings guide you in the coming days."

We will indeed, Thalenn. All of us.

Dateline: 7th of Fashanos, year 5102, Niiman


The Vishmiir have attacked both mentally and physically for the past five days, manifestations have occurred worldwide for those foolhardy enough to speak their name. Their hordes have gotten increasingly stronger, and the clergy of Elanthia have tried to rally themselves to fight, but even Brother Thalenn had been stricken for many days by their attacks through thoughts. Even the citizens of Elanthia are plagued by painful thoughts great enough to sever life and limb. It looks like they will not be stopped.

But tonight, there was a glimmer of hope shining in the city of Solhaven. The Brother Thalenn gathered the people to the North Market and revealed that the temple of Lorminstra which he takes up residence in had been holding a secret. He informed the many citizens gathered around him that he had argued long with the local clergy about opening the halls barred from the public, and in the end he had won.

As they walked to see the now-public halls of the temple, Thalenn spoke of a relic of power, these are his words:

"Ill tidings, but one with a glimmer of hope while the threat lays dormant this night."

"The reason I am here tonight, and I have deliberated much with my fellow clergy is to tell you of what is housed in the temple I have taken up residence in, that is the true purpose for which I have come here. It has long been kept a secret, this is why I could not tell you before."

"Long ago, there was a great priestess of Liabo...her name was Faelyna. Who she served was lost to time's eternal winds...but she was a powerful servant and a caring one. There is not much known of her, other than that she was very powerful and fought evil with all her heart and soul."

"Rumours say that during her life, she crafted a chalice...a chalice that would hold Life's potential. This ... is that chalice."

And Thalenn revealed to the people a silver ora-veined chalice. It was crafted from a silver so immaculate that it appeared to be a perfect mirror, the chalice was veined with streaks of pure white ora. Flowing runes encircled its base, pulsing a wan blue every few moments. The white ora around its lip was sharply downturned in some places, the patterns twisted their way in an arcing, lightning-like path down toward the stem of the beautiful chalice. It appeared to be completely empty.

Thalenn continued, "It is empty...because Faelyna also crafted a sister item of power...a crystal. The Faelynian crystal was said to sense the pure Life which is always around us, and that the goodness in mortal's hearts would make it grow with power, but, long ago in a struggle for power between light and dark it was shattered."

"It was said the warriors and priests of the dark stormed into Faelyna's beloved temple and slaughtered the acolytes and clergy there. Faelyna herself escaped, but was never seen again. Her clergy...they died to save the crystal."

"We do not know what became of the crystal after those dark days. We believe it may be the only hope we have. This is why the temple's halls were opened to you. We are only so many...and the situation has grown too desperate. We need your aid, for you to keep your eyes open and to spread the word."

When asked how to search for the crystal, Thalenn replied "I do not know...I can only recommend to you what I have done...I have kept my eyes open. With many pairs of might just pick up something..."

Be ever watchful, perhaps you will be our deliverer of hope!

Dateline: 8th - 10th of Fashanos, year 5102


The Vishmiir's power continues to grow, but hope has sprung to life in the hearts of Elanthia's citizens. The spirits of Faelyna's long-lost acolytes have risen to combat the evil, and they place the burden on our shoulders now in atonement for their past failure.

Reports from all over Elanith, from the largest cities to the smallest of villages say that strangers have appeared in tattered clothing, looking as normal as your everyday adventurer. When these strangers observe someone doing a kind deed, they are said to ask the do-gooder if they would take a shard of crystal and pass it onto others who do kind deeds, and charge them with the same task. If agreed, the shard is passed, and glows a bright silvery color! It is said that the shards are the remnants of Faelyna's crystal, brought back from beyond by the acolytes to help combat the evil.

They have said that the fate of Elanthia now rests in her people's hands. Let us not disappoint.

Dateline: 11th of Fashanos, year 5102, Volnes


As the shards of Faelyna's crystals have been passed from person to person, to do-gooder to do-gooder, the chalice has filled to almost three fourths with a warm golden liquid...though there is a streak of blackness within. What this means, no one quite knows yet, but Thalenn has spoken of performing a ceremony when the chalice becomes full...and is worried about this blackness. He spoke to adventurer's gathered in the temple of Lorminstra in Solhaven, where the chalice is housed, saying...

"I must perform a ceremony once the chalice is full. I have spent the last few days looking for any scrap of information upon is very dangerous."

"It is dangerous because it involves immense power, but I do not know what the blackness will do."

When asked if the blackness was something normal for this chalice, Thalenn said, "This is unheard of in the scraps I've pieced together, it is always described as a liquid pure golden and none other color. It is the only thread upon which our salvation might dangle now. The beasts...they grow stronger. Last night they said they would not need the thralls soon. Once it [the chalice] is filled...I must act quickly."

When asked if he knew how long it would take to fill... "I do not know, it depends entirely on Elanthia's people."

And when asked if any could help him in this ceremony... "...I feel I will need many friends and supporters during this ceremony, and I thank you for asking."

Shortly after the priest left, the group of adventurers were attacked by the evil itself in the very chamber which houses our last hope. Though they stood bravely in defiance of the evil power, they were cut down...all almost seemed lost. But when the foul Vishmiir attempted to destroy the chalice, they were driven back by its power. There still is hope as long as the chalice fills!

Life is gathering, and Evil gathers in turn. The time is soon coming, and we pray that we are successful in our attempts. Share the shards of Faelyna's crystal in kindness, gentle readers, and add your hope all others when the time comes for everyone to be judged.

The Vishmiir are Banished!

Leyan 14 in the month of Fashanos.


The day was grim, even by the standards first set by the vishmiir's appearance. Thalenn was believed to have been slain or captured by the evil's hordes, and this was later confirmed when the monk dragged himself to the gates of the temple, dazed and bloodied.

The monk could not speak, and seemed to not be in control of his own actions. Reports say that after some tkaro root was forced into his mouth, Thalenn was able to briefly regain control of his mind again, and a vishmiir was driven out from his body. It killed all assembled and faded away, leaving a pile of corpses.

Thalenn quickly explained once all were tended to that he had been taken by the enemy, and the vishmiir themselves pulled him into a cold, dark place and attempted to break him through torture. When they were unsuccessful in this, they sought to use him as a puppet to destroy the chalice somehow, and he was lucky to have regained a brief moment of control when he did. He brought even more grave news, however, he said that the vishmiir's power would peak completely that night, and they would have no use for the thralls anymore - they would kill us all, over and over, until the world was truly cold if their power was allowed to grow that far.

He asked people to make haste and show kindness, as the chalice was not yet full, and spoke of a ceremony he must perform when it was. He retired to his chambers in the temple, and the people of Elanith worked hard to fill the chalice as best they knew how.

Night began to settle over Elanith, and soon the thralls rose up, the vishmiir's power had not yet peaked... though they spoke of it happening within a few short hours. The chalice had not yet been filled, and the added chaos of the invasions only caused to slow efforts down. Still, the people triumphed and rejoiced as the chalice filled completely.

Thalenn quickly arrived as the monks on guard had notified him of the event, and soon the people were led out to the courtyard, where the ceremony was to commence. A rough transcript follows:

Thalenn spoke, "Their thralls have withdrawn for they focus their power entirely now...and it will be unleashed on us. Their true name...the evil's true name... And I only speak it now for I am basked in the protection of the Vismi'irkha."

"There will come a time when I ask you to chant the name, and another must say it without fear. We will be protected, if all goes well..."

And Thalenn held the chalice high above his head, his hands shook slightly as he began a quiet prayer, his head bowed.

Twinkling motes of light began to whirl up from the chalice, resembling a small golden cyclone. They start to spin faster as Thalenn continued his prayers.

Specks of blackness mottled the cyclone of light, and the chalice rattled slightly in Thalenn's hand. He continued with the ceremony, sweat beading upon his forehead as his brows furrowed deeply in concentration. His prayers did not waver one bit.

Slowly, an image began to form in the glowing cyclone of light.

Thalenn spoke, "When she speaks...speak the name of the ancient evil... We will be protected, it is Vismi'irkha....repeat it when needed..."

The visage of a beautiful elven woman faded into view from within the whirlpool of golden light, and a soft, feminine voice spoke "Speak the name of the evil who would threaten, and fear it not, for with its naming thelight shall plunge itself into its dark heart like a sword. Speak, bravechampions of Life. Speak."

And everyone did shout out the name Vishmi'irkha without fear.

Thalenn spoke, "Anor'lan'da ta vismi'irkha! Edasva'da a'anoi!"

The flickering golden visage of the woman nodded and closed its eyes, and Thalenn continued his prayers, the woman's voice mirrored his own, "Anor'lan'data vismi'irkha, edasva'da e'asah a'anoi! Hold your heads up high, peopleof Elanith! Release the crystal's energy, release Life's potential!"

Thalenn exclaimed, "Anor'lan'da ta vismi'irkha edasva'da!"

Thalenn raised his fist defiantly.

Twinkling motes of fiery golden light suddenly winked into existence around us, whirling in a spiral dance in the air before flowing upwards and out of sight. As they faded away, we heard a man's voice raised highin a desperate chant, "Hold your heads up high, people of Elanith! Releasethe crystal's energy, release Life's potential!"

The cyclone of light twirled and whirled faster, and rised up like a pillar of golden light into the sky. It rapidly expanded beyond the width of the chalice, the bright golden glow spread out and encompassed everyone gathered in its warm embrace.

As the golden light washes over us and speeded into the sky, we can see the hazy forms of dark beings at its edges, their eyes glaring at us with intense, seething hatred. Cold, whispered voices spoke in our mind, "You... will... not... succeed!!!"

We hear shrieking cries resound within our head, the voices cold and in obvious pain. One voice rised above all the others, the sound of it made our very bones freeze with a mind-numbing chill, "Kill... them! Kill... them all!!!! Make...the world... cold!"

Thalenn exclaimed, "No! No! Steady, hold! Raise your voices in song! Anor'lan'da ta vismi'irkha edasva'da!"

Darkness begans to rise from below and clot the very air around us with its choking embrace. As it began to obscure our vision completely, most of us feel an intense cold grip your limbs, and our mind went blank, our breath squeezed out of us by an intense, powerful force. Our blood seemed to boil within the void, and we felt as if we might explode from the pressure any second. We heard a voice from within the painful feelings, cold and full of hatred and triumph, "You... have... failed."

And many fell, but still the brave group continued with the song.

Suddenly, voices raised high in song reached our ears, and a mote of light winked into existence before us, soft and rippling with a golden glow. Within seconds countless others join the first, and they whirled about before us in a weaving dance that banishes the darkness! Relaxation flooded our limbs and all pain is quelled as the light completely encompassed our vision!

And we then heard a loud scream that threatened to rip our very being to pieces with its anger, "NOOOO! It... will... NOT... BE! The... void... gone!!! We... will... not be... banis----" The voice is cut off as a sharp *WHOOSH* resounded in our mind.

And then the moans of the long dead filtered up from the ground, and the lights began to drift down toward them. As they did, they suddenly winked out of sight and were replaced by motes of darkness, and a slight chill spread across the area. A soft feminine voice spoke within our mind, "Life has not proven wholly pure...greed has stifled the power...and not all can be banished..." With a quiet, sad sigh, the voice faded away, echoing the words, "Not...all..."

The golden light in the sky then faded, raining down in gentle golden wisps that floated by quietly.

Thalenn fell to the ground and said that we were successful in banishing the Vismi'irkha, but not their thralls. He explained that the swirl of blackness within the chalice had failed in banishing their undead thralls, but that they would be much easier to fight as they would be unorganized. The thralls are still tied to darkness as their banished masters once were, and have seemed to rise up every night, but far more chaotic in their fighting than before.

Afterward, a strange occurance happened in the night sky... the Grandfather's Eye began to emit a strange glow.

Far above in the dark night sky, the seven stars of the Grandfather's Eye twinkled brightly. The slit-pupiled eye appeared to be watching things intently for a moment, and an ancient, quiet voice seemed to rise in upon the wind, like a protracted, inquisitive sigh. Though the sound was faint, it iwas not filled with sadness or relief - only a detached kind of satisfaction.

It appears that the Lornon Lord Fash'lo'nae may have had something to do with the releasing of these monstrosities, no doubt to see what new knowledge would be uncovered at the cost of so many lives. But we remain vigilant, and stand against the thralls as they come...

Credit & Thanks

The Vishmiir was the the introduction of the day/night system run primarily by GM-Voraviel and GM-Lothwyn.

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