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Use Weapons, Armor
Offensive Bonus +5
ST/DU 0/0
Rarity Rare
Weight Modifier 100%
Special Properties Fire flares
Primary Color White with crimson specks
Dyeable no

Drakar is most commonly found as an amorphous lump of brilliant white hue, speckled with dots of crimson, and is unreflective and flat. It is found within long-dormant volcanoes and other sites where such primal fiery energy touched the land in the past. Its origins are somewhat mysterious, but the current theory among the less superstitious of scholars is that it grows deep within the very core of Elanthia, and that volcanic activity will at times bring some to the surface. Since lava is always a hazard to miners, the aid of a mage is almost always required to keep the volatile substance at bay when mining for this rare metal.

The theoretical birthplace of drakar is fitting for its nature, for it is the metal of fire. A smith must take special caution when forging this metal, as it can often melt stone when heated. Drakar cannot be dyed, but no matter what color it is naturally found in, it will almost always glow an angry red when whisked through the air quickly. When used to forge weapons, drakar appears to retain the heat of a forge, its temperature uncomfortably warm, but not enough to burn the wielder. Drakar is naturally half the enchant of ora, and is somewhat rare due to the fact that there are no safe places to mine it.

Drakar is one of four materials that has an enchant bonus similar to mithril and an additional flaring property. The others being zorchar (lighting flares), rhimar (cold flares), and gornar (vibration flares).

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