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This article is about the world of Elanthia. For the continent where adventures take place, see Elanith.

Elanthia is the world which serves as the setting of GemStone IV.

Elanthia is part of a solar system with a single sun. Official lore does not explicitly state the number of planets, but it is likely that Elanthia is the 6th or 7th planet in the system and inhabits an Earth-like orbit approximately 98 million miles from the sun.

The planet is orbited by two moons, Liabo and Lornon. Liabo itself has two natural satellites, Tilaok and Makiri. Legends say that the Gods of Elanthia once inhabited the moons, hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Elanith is the primary known continent on Elanthia. Elanith is home to many civilized races, including Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and many others. The other continents are not known to any great detail. The Erithian nation is located on an eastern continent called Atan Irith, and the Krolvins are said to hail from a massive archipelago chain to the west known as the Shattered Continent.

Magical phenomena are commonplace on Elanthia, and often open up rifts to other dimensions. It is not known whether the locations visited through these rifts exist in the same universe, separated only by distance, or if they are other planes of existence altogether.

The world's technology level is mainly pre-industrial, but has certain forms of advanced mechanical innovations such as airships.

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The world of Elanthia is shared with the setting of DragonRealms, which takes place in the distant future.