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Enchanting potions are used by wizards in the enchanting process. All enchanting projects require tempering potions, while items with certain properties will also require pre-tempering potions.


A successful potion pour will occur when the 1d100: roll result + modifiers == +101 or higher.

Modifiers = MIU Bonus + LOG Bonus + INT Bonus + trunc((AUR Bonus + WIS Bonus)/2)) + Potion Bonus - Item Enchant Bonus + Encumbrance Penalty + Armor Penalty
Potion "bonus" may be a negative value. Encumbrance and armor penalties are entered as negative values.
When pouring an item enchanted by another wizard, the first pour for the project is assessed a -25 penalty. This is not reflected in the formula above and only occurs on the first pour of the first step of the project.

Potion Order

When enchanting items with multiple special properties requiring multiple pre-temper potions, the potions must be applied in the following order:

  1. Ayveneh (enhancive)
  2. Eoveneh (sanctified)
  3. Draveneh/Gorveneh/Rhiveneh/Zorveneh (flaring)
  4. Tempering potion

Tempering Potions

Tempering potions are required for all enchanting projects. Different tempering potions are required for different levels of enchantment, as described in the table below.

Bonus (+)
Enchant (X)
Bonus (+)
Enchant (X)
Average Time Per Cycle* Tempering Potion Potion Pour Bonus Potion
+0 to +25 0x-5x Varies +5 to +30 1x-6x Varies Sisfu
< 0 None Special Varies Varies 1 Varies Varies Varies Varies
0 0x None +1 to +5 1x 1 1 day Rohnuru 0 3500
+1 to +5 1x Red +5 to +10 2x 2 2 days
+6 to +10 2x Orange +11 to +15 3x 3 3 days Duqnuru +15 5500
+11 to +15 3x Yellow +16 to +20 4x 4 4 to 5 days
+16 to +20 4x Green +21 to +25 5x 5 5 to 7 days Dirtokh +25 10,000
+21 to +25 5x Blue +26 to +30 6x 6 6 to 9 days
+26 to +30 6x Indigo +31 to +35 7x 7 11 to 17 days MirtokhΔ +30 35,000
+31 to +35 7x Violet +36 to +40 8x 8 9 days Bromin Special**
+36 to +40 8x Copper +41 to +45 9x 9 9 to 12 days Aleteh Special**
+41 to +45 9x Silver +46 to +50 10x 10 11 to 13 days Grenshol Special**
+46 to +50 10x Gold Not Further Enchantable

* Average time per pour. May vary depending upon number of current enchanting projects and skill of wizard.

Base prices shown. Enchanting potions are generally sold in units of 4 doses, so the price per cycle is 1/4 of the price shown here. See Trading for more information on variations in price. Some enchant potions can also be produced via Alchemy.

Δ Mirtokh potion has a modifier that makes the enchant more difficult.

** These potions are not publicly available on a regular basis, and have been distributed only by special event merchants.

Higher level potions may always be used for lower level enchanting projects; however this is generally not cost effective, and is usually done only when the wizard has a stockpile of high level potions.


>pour my pot on my lea
You pour your potion on the leather.
  1d100: 67 + Modifiers: 326 == 393

The faint glow fades from some black and tan full leather.
As the liquid coats the surface of the tan full leather, a misty aura fills the air surrounding it, dancing around your fingers as you gesture over it with a soft incantation spilling from your lips.  Small runic symbols flare to life at various points along the surface of the leather, their blurry edges wavering in response to the cadence of your voice and the liquid in these areas absorbing quickly beneath the surface.  When the last of the liquid has vanished, the symbols dissipate and the leather appears faded.  You scrutinize the tan full leather, notice nothing amiss, and conclude that the tempering seems to have been successful.  You estimate that the tan full leather should be ready to enchant in about 13 to 14 days.
Roundtime: 20 sec.
You have 3 doses left.

Pre-tempering Potions

Pre-tempering potions are special potions that must be poured on enhancive (including socketed fusion), sanctified, or elemental flaring items to prepare them to take a standard temper potion. This preparation step is required for each step in an enchanting project, meaning a project for 0x to 1x would require a single dose, while a project for 4x to 5x would require five doses; one dose is required per step in each case. This pre-temper effect typically lasts five minutes, giving the enchanter ample time to pour the standard potion.

Pre-temper potions are typically more difficult to apply than regular potions, reflecting the expected increase in difficulty when enchanting the types of gear that they allow to be tempered. The increased difficulty is a potion penalty of -200 to the standard pour activation formula.

Item Property Potion Potion
Starting Enchant
Lore Requirements
100 Ranks
Enhancive Ayveneh -200 ≤+30 N/A
Sanctified Eoveneh N/A
Flaring Earth Gorveneh -100 N/A Earth
Fire Draveneh Fire
Ice Rhiveneh Water
Vacuum Zorveneh Air
Acid Gorveneh or
Earth and/or Water
Lightning Zorveneh or
Air and/or Water
Steam Draveneh or
Fire and/or Water


The messaging for a pre-temper potion follows a standard form, with each type of pre-temper having a different glow description:


>pour my pot on my lea
You pour your potion on the leather.
  1d100: 79 + Modifiers: 96 == 175

As the liquid coats the surface of the tan full leather, you murmur a few words of power while gesturing over the leather.  The liquid quickly seeps into the tan full leather and leaves nothing behind but a faint glow.  You examine the leather closely and, though the faint glow appears to be fading rapidly, are satisfied that it is ready to take a standard tempering potion.
Roundtime: 20 sec.
You have 4 doses left.


You pour your potion on the chain.

The liquid absorbs into the green imflass chain too quickly as you fumble to begin your chant and gestures, and the chain is dry in a moment's notice leaving no noticable change.
Roundtime: 20 sec.
You have 3 doses left.

After 5 minutes the pre-temper effect will fade and must be re-poured. This messaging also takes a standard form with the same glow description as the pre-temper message:


The faint glow fades from the green imflass chain.