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F2P subscriptions were created in 2015 as an option for new accounts only, with no character transfers allowed. This subscription is highly restricted (see specifics below), with passes around the restrictions available through the SimuCoin Store. None of these items, however, will provide a greater mechanical benefit than what can be obtained by having a standard subscription.

Once an account is upgraded to a monthly paying subscription (standard or premium), it cannot be reverted back.


  • The weekly Gift of Lumnis does not occur. It is accessible via a pass.
  • Experience absorption is less efficient on a sliding scale. The first 10 levels are unchanged. After level 10, the efficiency of absorption gradually decreases. This can be fully or partially offset with experience passes.
  • No yearly fixskills.

Organization Access

  • One task per hour will be available from the Adventurer's Guild. This can be upgraded to 1 task per 30 minutes with an Adventure Boost.
  • Cannot gain Artisan Guild ranks. Will allow access purchases down the line.
  • Can gain the first rank of a society and advance to the cusp of the 2nd rank. A society pass is required to gain rank 2 and beyond, as well as use any powers beyond 2nd rank.
  • Cannot join a profession guild. Will allow access purchases down the line.


  • No direct PvP attacks allowed. Mass Attack spells like Elemental Wave (410) that can hit players as well as creatures have a 30 second cooldown (to prevent careless spamming). If actually used to attack another player, this cooldown increases to 5 minutes (cooldown can be removed with a cooldown remover).
  • Spells that significantly impact a room without attacking a player (notably Minor Sanctuary) are restricted from use.
  • Attack spells (vs. creatures) are largely unrestricted, aside from the mass attack spell limitations noted above.
  • All beneficial spells except the lowest spell in each Minor circle (101, 401, and 1204) are all self-cast only. This restriction also applies to the ARMOR abilities. A casting pass allows casting on anyone else. If the caster does not have a casting pass, the receiving player can choose to purchase a receiving pass to allow any F2P caster to cast upon them. Only one pass needs to be present.
  • All beneficial spell durations cap at 2 hours.
  • Permanent/Long-term item boosts have complete/partial restrictions (Enchant Item, Charge Item, Magic Item Creation, Imbue, Resist Nature, Scroll Infusion, Holy Receptacle, Ensorcell, Damage Specializations, etc.).
  • Utility spells such as teleporation, locate, and such have a four hour cooldown period between each use. These cooldowns can be removed with a cooldown remover.
  • Only access to random attunement, unless a purchase is made to select one.
  • Only access to one particular sort of pet for pet spells (Call Familiar, Animal Companion, etc).
  • Loresinging is restricted, unless a pass is purchased which allows loresinging on a per item basis.


  • The last 10 players healed are kept track of. Each time a new person is healed, the oldest name on the list is bumped off. A single player can only appear 2 times on the list. A healing pass increases this to 4 times.
  • An empath must first link (via TOUCH) to their prospective client. This linking process takes 30 seconds (15 with a healing pass). Once established, the link lasts for 3 minutes. All wound transfers done during this link are considered part of a single healing session (one entry on the above list).
  • The last 10 players raised are kept track of. Each time a new person is raised, the oldest name on the list is bumped off. A single player can only appear 2 times on the list. A pass removes this restriction.


  • In-bank limits start at 100,000 and can be permanently increased in 100,000 silver increments pretty cheaply.
  • 5k in-pocket silver maximum to hunt with (can carry as much as desired outside of combat). Waived with a Treasure Boost.
  • One bank account (can pay to move it from town to town).
  • Notes cost 1% more.
  • Silvers apply twice as much encumbrance.
  • 50k daily treasure cap. Cap can be reset with a Treasure Cap Reset. Lowered treasure per kill. No treasure when killing creatures when unable to learn from them. Expanded to 100k cap with a Treasure Boost, and increased treasure. Limits on Purify silver value boosts and increased difficulty.
  • Shop prices are less favorable.
  • No base access to a locker. Can purchase a temporary 10 item locker pass, or the existing locker upgrades (both permanent and temporary).
  • 100 item personal carry limit. Can be expanded to 300 items with a pass.
  • Can use up to 5x (+25) gear (any additional bonus is not applied). Similarly limited to "somewhat" padding/weighting/sighting. Passes available to increase these.


  • Transportation (whether by boat or teleportation) to River's Rest and Teras Isle is restricted. Access can be purchased via the store.
  • Chronomage orb purchases are restricted. They can be purchased via the store.


  • Lockpicking (and popping/bashing) limited to self-found boxes only. Plans for this to change based on how the rotating lists for healing/raising work.
  • Foraging is harder. F2P cannot take the last two forageables out of a room. Max 15 items per hours. Foraging pass removes restrictions and makes foraging easier.