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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Knights of the Realm

Author: Avalera Lesander

This article is a work in progress!

Knights of the Realm

Throughout Elanthian history, myriad individuals have gone above and beyond the call of duty, in the name of the Turamzzyrian Empire. Many of these individuals have put themselves in harm's way in order to protect both kin and country. For them, the good of others was paramount, and thus were honored for the valor and courage they exhibited, and the contributions and sacrifices they made.

Not all of the individuals known to have been knighted have sword fealty to the Turmazzyrian Empire.

Many of the names and accomplishments of these individuals have been lost to the annals of time. It is for that reason this records exists.


Individuals may be knighted by their own barony or by a Baron of the Empire who found their deeds worthy of such.

No discussion of knighthood would be complete without an understanding of the system of ranking.

Knight-errant - knighted by lords for valor, deeds or actions. It is important to note that while these knights are often not sworn to honor or defend the empire, if they oath they offer is to a to a Baron, regardless of rank, the knight is in service to the Empire as well as said Baron (Count, Sentinel, etc). See notes.

Knight-errant of the Empire - knighted by a liege and charged with obligation to the empire and knights of it.

Knight-banneret - Have the right to bear banners bearing their own charges and lead followers under those banners into the field of battle.

Knight Commander - Recognized leader of an organization within the empire. Sir Thadston Andrews was part of the Order of Llaestal's Guard and bore this rank. (No player has held it and it was unknown prior to Sir Thadston)

The following record was begun on day 14 of the month Koaratos in the year 5119. It includes several known Knights of the Realm, both historical and current.

Historical Figures

Sir Clayton Grantham of Idolone, The Company of the Three Maidens, founder
Sir Gallestan the Mighty, Order of the Crimson Fist
Sir Hughrond, The Golden Knight of Kezmon Isle
Sir Pyrrhon Von Kammersteyl of Immuron, Order of the Golvern Star, founder
Sir Trevar of Jantalar

NPC Knights

The following is a listing of those individuals who have been specifically knighted in the name of the Empire.

Sir Brashton, Knight of the Empire, Captain of the Firebird
Davard Priot of Talador, Commander of the Taladorian Guard (rank and title stripped)
Sir Edumond Tallaway, Order of the Golvern Star
Sir Kreyden Korvassar of Idolone, Knight-Errant
Maldon Wellesbourne of Jantalar, founder of the Order of the Silver Gryphon (rank and title relinquished)
Sir Michol Crowbone of Hendor
(deceased) Sir Ridir, Order of the Golven Star
Sir Thadston Andrews of Hendor, Order of Llaestal's Guard (retired)
Sir Toliman Taggart, Knight of the Empire, Order of the Golvern Star
Sir Vectrus Kestrel Ranheles of Mestanir, Knight of the Empire, Order of the Raptor's Eyes
Sir Gedrick the Grey, Knight Errant of Vornavis

PC Knights

Fealty to the Empire not withstanding, many of these individuals have been knighted for the gallantry exhibited in their actions and deeds during specific local and worldwide campaigns.

Order of the Silver Gryphon

Sir Balantine Farhorizon, Knight-Errant of the Empire
Sir Brinn Mithrandir, Knight-Banneret of the Empire
Cemb Chimera (rank and title stripped)
Sir Cryheart Thaxin, Knight-Banneret of the Empire
Dame Deavon Laeren, Knight-Errant of the Empire
Dame Evia Aramathia, Knight-Errant of the Empire
Sir Geijon Khyree, Knight-Errant of the Empire
Sir Goldstr Aimright, Knight-Errant of the Empire
Sir Guarrin Hjeldin, Knight-Errant
Sir Hyoko Fujimora, Knight-Errant
Sir Kinshack Starblade, Knight-Errant
Sir Metadi Treyetha, Knight-Banneret of the Empire
Sir Morgiest Frostgiant, Knight-Banneret of the Empire
Sir Ruffelin Highstem, Knight-Errant of the Empire
Sir Shirkon Rockcleaver, Knight-Errant of the Empire
Sir Tebon Hawggweiler, Knight-Errant
Sir Waldo2 Ptolomy, Knight-Errant
Dame Wanton Destruction, Knight-Errant
Sir Welan Cadwalider, Knight-Errant
Sir Yarx Teelf, Knight-Errant of the Empire
Dame Yviara Hjeldin, Knight-Banneret of the Empire

Order of the Azure Sun

Dame Aiska Sunrider, Knight-Errant of Vornavis, retired 5119
Sir Aydan Mursilis, Knight-Banneret of the Empire, retired 5116
Sir Bristenn Mires, Knight of the Empire
Sir Eahlstan Hjeldin, Knight-Banneret of the Empire
Sir Mynon Felcroth, Knight-Errant of Vornavis
Dame Dirra Crawfinn, Knight-Errant of Vornavis

The Northern Fury

Sir Valicar VonWraithmaster, Knight-Banneret



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