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Use Weapons, Armor
Bonus +5
ST/DU 20/40
Rarity Uncommon
Weight Modifier 90%
Special Properties None
Primary Color Dull grey or blue
Dyeable Yes

First discovered by the dwarves of Kalaza, veins of mithril are found in deep caves, and usually have a dull grey to bluish hue. It has a natural enchantment a quarter that of vultite, and is most prized as it is extremely dense and strong as both weapon and armor. Dwarves were the only race that could forge mithril for many years, but eventually the skill was learned by the other races. Even so, no one has learned to work so well with the metal as the great dwarven smiths, and they pride themselves on their skill with this ancient and versatile metal. The magical stability of mithril is so great that when used to craft thick boxes for treasure, mana cannot even penetrate it.

Containers crafted of mithril cannot be affected by magic, such as Phase (704), Unlock (407), Disarm (408), and Piercing Gaze (416). Conversely, mithril is the easiest metal to Enchant or Ensorcell. Mithril is also used in the alloys rolaren and mithglin.