Song of Rage (1016)

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Song of Rage (1016)
Mnemonic [RAGESONG]
Duration Immediate; Manual RENEW
Cast Time 2
Mana Cost 3
Attack Magic - Disabling  
Subtype Warding 
Target(s) Single target 
Interval One-shot 
State(s) Inflicted Frenzy, possibly Prone
Bard Base Spells
Holding Song (1001) Attack
Vibration Chant (1002) Attack
Fortitude Song (1003) Defensive
Purification Song (1004) Utility
Lullabye (1005) Attack
Song of Luck (1006) Utility
Kai's Triumph Song (1007) Offensive
Stunning Shout (1008) Attack
Sonic Shield Song (1009) Utility
Song of Valor (1010) Defensive
Song of Peace (1011) Utility
Sonic Weapon Song (1012) Utility
Song of Unravelling (1013) Attack
Sonic Armor (1014) Utility
Song of Depression (1015) Attack
Song of Rage (1016) Attack
Song of Noise (1017) Utility
Song of Power (1018) Utility
Song of Mirrors (1019) Defensive
Traveler's Song (1020) Utility
Singing Sword Song (1025) Utility
Song of Sonic Disruption (1030) Attack
Song of Tonis (1035) Defensive
Troubadour's Rally (1040) Utility

Song of Rage stimulates memories of anger in the target, causing it to become enraged and attack with full force. As a natural side effect, the caster becomes the focus of the target's anger. A single target will go to a fully offensive stance and try to attack the singer relentlessly for the song's duration. The singer must be visible in the room, and the creature may occasionally give up and walk away if it has no chance to hit the singer.

Renewal Cost

4 MP. The song must be manually renewed via RENEW 1016. Multiple renewals on a single target will stack, forcing the creature to become more and more enraged, and adding additional roundtime to the target. Renewals are not subject to the warding check, only the initial cast.

Continuing Effect

While the Song is affecting a target it will continue to suffer periodic roundtime additions even if the Bard makes no further renewals. These effects trigger approximately every 25 seconds, are visible in the target's "Spell Active" listing, and can be of any of the listed levels of effect (see chart below, tiers 1 through 5).

Lore Benefits

Mental Lore, Telepathy: Can increase the level of rage caused. The potential increase is up to one level of rage at 5 Telepathy ranks, two levels at 15 Telepathy ranks, three levels at 30 Telepathy ranks, and four levels at 50 Telepathy ranks.

Mental Lore, Telepathy ranks 5 15 30 50
Potential additional rage levels 1 2 3 4


You weave another verse into your harmony, directing the sound of your voice at a spectral triton defender. 
A dull keening quickly crescendos into a singular shrill note focused directly at a spectral triton defender. 
 CS: +466 - TD: +344 + CvA: +25 + d100: +100 == +247 
 Warding failed! 
A spectral triton defender grimaces and contorts in obvious pain. 
Sing Roundtime 3 Seconds. 
A spectral triton defender thrusts with a lackluster blue steel harpoon at you! 
 AS: +424 vs DS: +549 with AvD: +28 + d100 roll: +48 = -49 
 A clean miss. 
>renew 1016 
You sing with renewed vigor! 
You refocus your song of rage upon a spectral triton defender. 
A spectral triton defender displays visible anger and malice towards you. 
Renewing "Song of Rage" for 4 mana. 
Sing Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Tier Results

Tier RT
1st (Caster)
2nd (Target)
Cast Target grimaces and contorts in obvious pain.

You feel a sharp pain cascading down your spine as your nerves are riveted by the screeching tone. You feel a singular intense desire to end the source of that excruciating noise!
1 3-6 Target looks slightly perturbed at you.

The shrill noise from Caster is utterly unbearable! Will it ever end?!
2 4-7 Target displays clear signs of hostility towards you.

The shrill noise is maddening! It must be stopped! 'Redrum.. Redrum..'
3 4-8 Target displays visible anger and malice towards you.

Kill the source! Caster must die! DIE!
4 7-12 Target claws at his ears and moans in agony.

You futilely cover your ears. The pain is excruciating!
5 8-15 Target collapses to the ground writhing in agony.

You collapse! If the noise does not stop soon you might pass out!
Stop You stop singing since your songs are not affecting anything.

Caster stops singing.
Ending Target seems more calmed.

The excruciating pain subsides with the ebbing of the shrill noise.