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MANA is a verb which allows you to view your maximum mana, remaining mana points, and how much mana you'll recover both on node and off node. It can also be used by those with sufficient Mana Control training to either force a mana pulse to occur immediately or instantly cast all known defensive spells. The verb POWER provides identical information.


  • MANA
Shows information about current mana capacity and amount of mana gains per pulse
                         Normal  Enhanced
    Maximum Mana Points:    352       352
  Remaining Mana Points:    352

   Mana gained off node:     82        82
    Mana gained on node:     118       118

  Mana Control abilities:
    MANA PULSE   - Manually invoke a mana pulse to gain mana as if you were off a node.
    MANA SPELLUP - Instantly cast all of your defensive spells.

    You have used the MANA SPELLUP ability 1 out of 12 times for today.  The available uses will reset in 25 minutes.
Allows the caster to manually invoke a pulse as if they were off-node (subject to Mana Control ranks).
Allows the caster to instantly cast all defensive spells known to them (subject to Mana Control ranks).

Mana Control Benefits

Training in the appropriate Mana Control skills (Elemental Mana Control, Mental Mana Control, Spiritual Mana Control) unlocks additional usages of Mana Pulse and Mana Spellup. Single sphere professions like wizards and clerics use one mana control skill for calculations, while hybrid professions like sorcerers, empaths, and bards use two mana control skills for calculations.

Mana Spellup

With the Mana Spellup ability, a caster can instantly selfcast all known standard duration, stacking buff spells (i.e., not Wall of Force (140) or Wizard Shield (919)) at zero mana cost for a single cast. This ability may be used once per day for every 25 ranks of their profession's primary Mana Control skill. Uses per day reset at midnight game time (ET).

For hybrid professions like sorcerers (elemental/spiritual hybrid), both mana control skills add to the number uses per day. The higher trained of the two counts for full ranks, the lesser counts for half ranks. If both are equal, one counts fully, the other for half.

This ability is particularly useful after deaths, during invasions, or after mass dispel effects. Casters wishing to avoid the penalties associated with trade-off spells like Spirit Barrier (102) should remember to stop these spells. Uses of mana spellup are available in the SimuCoins Store via Spell Up Pills.


A sorcerer with 50 ranks EMC and SMC, the effective ranks are 50 + (50/2) = 75 ranks, may invoke this ability thrice per day.

This chart applies to training only one Mana Control
Mana Control ranks 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250
Uses of Mana Spellup per day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
This chart assumes equal ranks trained in Mana Controls for a hybrid caster
Mana Control ranks (each) 17 34 50 67 84 100 117 134 150 167 184 200 217 234 250
Uses of Mana Spellup per day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
>mana spellup (sorcerer)

With your advanced understanding of spiritual and elemental mana, you transcend the normal limitations of magic and release upon yourself a flurry of abjurations...

A light blue glow surrounds you.
The air thickens and begins to swirl around you.
You suddenly feel more powerful.
There is a dim flash around you.You feel a strengthening of your internal fortitude.
There is a dim flash around you.You feel a strengthening of your blood flow.
A deep blue glow surrounds you.
A misty halo surrounds you.
A dull golden nimbus surrounds you.
You suddenly feel a lot more powerful.You are surrounded by a white light.
A silvery luminescence surrounds you.
A bright luminescence surrounds you.
A brilliant luminescence surrounds you.
You are filled with a sense of great confidence.
Your skin tingles for a moment and you feel more secure.
A shadowy patch of ether rises up through the ground to encompass you, swiftly sinking into your skin.
A cankerous ripple of vesicles temporarily disfigures your face and travels down your body, leaving a sickly green miasma as it disappears.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Spellup Pills

>turn bottle
You turn the grey crystal bottle, opening its lid and shaking a faceted dark sapphire pill into your waiting hand.

Mana Pulse

The Mana Pulse ability allows the user to manually invoke a mana pulse. The amount of mana received will always be equal to an off-node pulse, regardless of the type of room the character is located. Every rank of effective Mana Control allows this action to be performed 1 second sooner than when the actual pulse would happen. After triggering the ability, a cooldown applies until a natural mana pulse occurs and the pulse would then return 0 mana.

Effective Mana Control ranks is calculated the same as with Mana Spellup. For hybrid classes like sorcerers (elemental/spiritual hybrid), the higher of the two Mana Controls fully counts, and the lesser trained Mana Control counts for half.

For example, with 50 Mana Control ranks, one can only use this ability when the natural mana pulse would trigger in the next 50 seconds.

This skill will never give characters additional mana (and provides even less mana if the character is on a node when the cooldown pulse skips), but does allow characters more control over when they get mana. This can be useful, for example, to finish off a creature, get a final pulse before a hunt, or shortly before invoking Sign of Wracking so the natural pulse does not occur when a character is nearly full of mana.

Successful Use

>mana pulse

An invigorating rush of mana pulses through you.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds. 

Failure messages

You are too mentally fatigued to attempt this ability again so soon.

Your mana control skills are not yet advanced enough to summon the mana pulse so soon.

The first indicates that you have already successfully received mana in advance, and cannot repeat the usage until mana actually pulses again, normally. The second indicates that you are eligible to advance the next pulse, it is simply too far in the future for your current training/number of Mana Control ranks.

There is neither hard nor cast roundtime (RT) for either of the above failures. There is cast RT inflicted on failures due to armor spell hindrance, but the command can be attempted again immediately after the cast RT concludes.

Termination of the cool-down timer and skipped mana pulse

You feel mana pulse within the area, but it does not reach you.

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