Warrior Guild

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Wednesday nights are Guild Nights

As Warriors advance, they find that their road becomes more challenging. In order to bring Warriors together and give them a cohesive group to share ideas, development techniques and training, the Warrior Guild was formed. The Warrior Guild is the Warriors' profession guild which allows them to train in a small variety (6) of skills.


This is a basic list of each of the skills that may be learned in the Warrior guild:


Warriors level 15 and above can join the guild after receiving an invitation.


It costs 10500 silvers to join the guild, and 3500 per month. You may pay up to three months (90 days) in advance.

Guild Master

To become a Guild Master one needs a total of 125 ranks in guild skills, as well as mastery in one of those skills. One then must be nominated by 2 Guild Masters or other warriors that are eligible for nomination. Guild Masters need not pay any dues, however they do need to drop by the guild every 90 days - if they don't they'll receive a warning after a month, followed by loss of status after three. Also, Guild Masters may collect dues from other members of the guild, promote other members in a skill, invite eligible warriors to join the guild, and nominate candidates for Guild Master status.


A warrior Guild Master who has earned the title Master-at-Arms is one of the most highly-trained warriors in the Guild. Non-player Masters-at-Arms are the "skilled masters" who instruct player characters in their automated training sessions. A player character Guild Master becomes a Master-at-Arms upon mastering their sixth and final Warrior Guild skill.


When joining the Guild, a Warrior swears the following oath:

I solemnly vow to uphold and promote the Warrior Guild. I shall not use the skills I learn to harm or steal from others for my own amusement. I shall at all times maintain the Guild's positive image as a group of warriors, first in nobility, best in tactics, foremost in bravery.

This oath can be recalled via GLD OATH.


The guilds of Elanthia are not for the antisocial. Training in certain skills may sometimes require the helpful hand of a friend or partner. The guild was created with this in mind, so those who seldom make friends or who prefer to be alone may find this path somewhat difficult.

Be patient!

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. The guild skills will seem hard at first. The ground duties, such as trimming the hedge, sweeping the floors, polishing armor, and wiping windows may seem silly. But keep in mind that each task is specifically designed to teach humility and respect for your skills.

Keeping a stout resolve and not giving up on training is a sure way for each guild member to reach Guildmaster status with the respect and admiration of his guildmates and friends.

Known Current Masters

  • Carnifin
  • Dreaer
  • Elromar
  • Hypolita
  • Madmountan
  • Ulkov
  • Valyss
  • Vortigarn
  • Zolis


There are warrior guilds in the cities of:

  • Icemule Trace - Lager Street, Cul-de-sac.
  • Kharam Dzu - All the way north on Aquamarine Street on the west side of town.
  • Mist Harbor - Outside the southern gates, down the path.
  • River's Rest - Overgrown path toward the Jungle.
  • Solhaven - At the intersection of Wentletrap and Chiton, one east of the bank. GO STEPS and you'll be in the Warrior Guild Entryway. (rnum 9056)
  • Ta'Illistim - Weyr Var (NW corner of the map). To reach it, go to the pawnshop, then go NE, N, and GO BRIDGE.
  • Ta'Vaalor - King's Court, one west of the pawnshop.
  • Wehnimer's Landing - In a crenellated stone fortress on North Ring Road.
  • Zul Logoth - Go south of the Dwarven Lineage Shop on Sapphire Tunnel, then go east; it's on Iron Walkway. [Note: The eastern room is not on Lich map scripts(narost/xnarost/map). The Zul Logoth Warrior Guild is not mapped, either.]