Corrupt Essence (703)

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Corrupt Essence (703)
Mnemonic [CESSENCE]
Duration 15 sec
Cast Time 2 (single target) or 3 (multiple targets)
Attack Magic - Disabling  
Subtype Warding 
Target(s) Single or Ungrouped 
State(s) Inflicted Unable to cast
Sorcerer Base Spells
Blood Burst (701) Attack
Mana Disruption (702) Attack
Corrupt Essence (703) Attack
Phase (704) Utility
Disintegrate (705) Attack
Mind Jolt (706) Attack
Eye Spy (707) Utility
Limb Disruption (708) Attack
Grasp of the Grave (709) Attack
Energy Maelstrom (710) Attack
Pain (711) Attack
Cloak of Shadows (712) Defensive
Balefire (713) Attack
Scroll Infusion (714) Utility
Curse (715) Attack
Pestilence (716) Attack
Evil Eye (717) Attack
Torment (718) Attack
Dark Catalyst (719) Attack
Implosion (720) Attack
Minor Summoning (725) Utility
Animate Dead (730) Utility
Ensorcell (735) Utility
Planar Shift (740) Utility

The Corrupt Essence spell causes a "blood red haze" to surround the target, leaving them unable to cast a spell for fifteen seconds. Any attempts at casting will drain the appropriate amount of mana, but the spell will be blocked. It will also keep creatures from using magic items for the duration. Beware, this will not prevent a target from preparing a spell. If they prepare a spell it may still be cast once the duration has expired.

Corrupt Essence will not stop certain spell-like effects from creature maneuvers, such as some variants of Major Elemental Wave.

This spell has a Target Defense (TD) pushdown taking into account the caster's Wisdom bonus and the level difference, making it more difficult to resist.

TD Pushdown = Wisdom Bonus + (Caster's Level - Creature's Level)

There is also an open cast, group friendly version of Corrupt Essence based on combined Elemental and Spiritual Mana Control ranks.

The observed pushdown can also be used to determine a creature's exact level:

Creature Level = Caster Level + (Wisdom Bonus - TD Pushdown


  • PREP 703 | CAST {target} or INCANT 703 to cast this spell against a single target
  • PREP 703 | CAST to cast the OPEN version of the spell against multiple creature targets in the room . Requires at least 20 of a single, or 25 combined (15 of one, 10 of another) Mana Control ranks
  • INCANT 703 OPEN to open cast this spell once using INCANT
  • INCANT SET OPEN 703 to always open cast this spell using INCANT 703
  • INCANT 703 EVOKE to cast the OPEN version of the spell once using INCANT. This may potentially hit non-creatures (i.e. other player characters)
  • INCANT SET EVOKE 703 to always evoke this spell using INCANT 703. This is not recommended for open cast AoE attack spells

Mana Control Benefit

Training in Elemental Mana Control and Spiritual Mana Control increases the number of targets available in the open cast version of the spell. Every 20 effective mana control ranks allows the spell to affect 1 additional target. To calculate effective mana control ranks, take the higher skill (either EMC or SMC) in full and add half the other skill. (If they are equal, then one contributes full and one contributes half.)

Wisdom and level adjustments apply normally in the open cast version of the spell. The open cast version of the spell is not friendly to other characters outside the caster's group.

# of targets = 1 + (max(EMC, SMC) + min(EMC, SMC) / 2) / 20
This chart assumes equal ranks trained in EMC and SMC
Mana Control ranks (each) 14 27 40 54 67 80 94 107 120 134 147 160 174 187 200 213 227 240
# of open cast targets 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19


Effect start
You feel weakened as a blood red haze forms around you.
Attempt to cast while effect is active
As you focus on your magic, your vision swims with a swirling haze of crimson.  A sharp, blinding pain explodes outward from your mind and radiates in throbbing waves across your skin, causing you to falter.
Effect end
The blood red haze dissipates from around you.

Alchemy Recipe

A gnarled yew wand
  1. Add wand oil
  2. Add powdered black tourmaline
  3. Add pale translucent dust
  4. Boil
  5. Add 3 doses of yew twig
  6. Simmer
  7. Add 2 doses of ayanad crystal
  8. Chant Corrupt Essence (703)

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