Ancient twisted rosewood staff capped with a faceted star sapphire

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


an ancient twisted rosewood staff capped with a faceted star sapphire


This item either has no show or one has not been provided.


This is a jewel that is said to be used in the stone-tending healing art of Aldora.


As your song begins, a kaleidoscope of colorful greens, golds and browns washes a tranquil scene before your eyes. Walking along a blanketed forest path, an elderly woman dressed in ivory bows her head toward the earth as she supports her steps with a twisted wooden staff. Crisp golden leaves trickle down and cascade back and forth in the air as they gently find their rest on the ground below. Bending down slightly, the woman clears a small circle of protective leaves with her staff, and, beneath the soil, she finds amongst the protective leaves a golden-flecked stone."

As your song continues, crisp drafts of cold air penetrate to the bone, revealing a snowy white scene of a mountainside. Tapping his staff in front of his pathway, an aged man carefully makes his way to a narrow recess, which has been partially protected from the harsh conditions. Up the side of the rock, tiny powder blue flowers grow collectively in a huddled bunch, as if trying to keep warm. Slowly, as your song shifts, a faint glow resonates from the twisted staff, and you hear a soft hum drifting into the air. The man glances down to find a tear-shaped sapphire resting upon the silky blue carpet. He plucks up the stone, rolls it gently between his fingers, and the vision fades.

The song shifts into a steady even tempo, as splashes of crystal blue water fill your cloudy vision. A chorus of birds and frogs chirp melodically together in unison, as the image of a riverbank fades into view. A young woman sits along the river's edge, dipping a twisted wooden staff into the surface of the water, sending ripples out like a resounding echo. A white flowering lily pad drifts toward her, oddly against the soft current. Nested upon the round leaves is a tiny green frog holding a round bloodjewel in its mouth. The young woman smiles and the song begins to dissipate.

The sweet melody of spring reflects the image of a freshly budding garden in its prime. Butterflies of assorted colors flitter back and forth from flower to flower, as a youthful man walks casually through the garden, gently aerating the soil with his wooden staff. Without forewarning, a brightly colored songbird swoops from a low tree limb to the ground, dropping a sparkling diamond at the man's feet. As he kneels to pick it up, the song ends.

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