Moon-etched fractured star-of-Tamzyrr diamond

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a moon-etched fractured star-of-Tamzyrr diamond


This item has no show description.


A jewel that is said to be used in the stone-tending healing art of Aldora.


Your song begins as a weave of color in ambers and greens filters into your mind, revealing the image of a densely covered hillside at twilight. Diffused light dances languidly off leaves and branches, inspiring an almost uneasy sense of movement, while a lone owl hoots softly as he looks down on the scene from the trees above.

The tempo builds in your song on a steady rise, as your focus shifts to the trunk of a tall draping willow tree. Behind its long dripping branches, a man lies in silence propped against the tree. His hands lie across his chest covering what appears to be a wound. Blood pours freely over his once elegant dragon-tooled armor as he flinches in pain.

An elderly woman approaches the aged willow with a look of concern and compassion on her face. She crouches down next to the wounded man and rests her hand gently on his shoulder. She closes her eyes and murmurs a soft prayer in his ear, then reaches into a rose-colored leather pouch attached to her belt. The man glances up questioningly, his brow furrowed in distress.

Between her fingers, the woman holds up a shimmering diamond and nods sagely. She gently grasps the man's hand and removes it from his wound. A jagged gash bleeds profusely, as the elderly woman takes the diamond and places it purposefully on the injury. A silent pause and then the man's eyes open widely. The woman removes the diamond, smiles contently and places it back in her pouch. She rises, and offers her hand to the man as he joins her standing. He whispers a heartfelt, "thank you" as he touches his chest where his wound once bled. Your song decrescendos and then falls into silence. The vision is gone.

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