Viper-etched Selanthan bloodjewel

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a viper-etched Selanthan bloodjewel


This item has no show description.


This type of jewel is said to be used in the stone-tending healing art of Aldora.


As your song begins, swirling gem-toned colors blur your vision for a moment. Slowly your vision clears, as a seemingly tranquil scene begins to unfold before you. Faint, but unmistakable, the scent of a woodland floor drifts through your mind. Just as distinct forms begin to take shape in your mind, the image suddenly fades.

Breathing quietly, a human man lies next to a forest road under a cedar -- his eyes closed. Even in the dim light, the beads of sweat glisten across his forehead. His hand, black and oozing, now centers the vision. Steam rises from two punctures in the web of skin between his index finger and thumb.

Gently, a slender hand takes the man's punctured hand into her lap. He slowly opens his eyes. Shifting his eyes from a golden rose-shaped pendant around her neck, he looks towards his own hand. Centered over the puncture now is a curious deep red stone. Carefully, slender hands wrap the wound with pieces of torn cloth.

Ahead, a slight figure rounds the bend of the forest road as the scene shifts back to the man. Now sitting, the man turns the stone over and over in his hand. A slight smile plays across his lips. Opening a small pouch, he places the stone within.

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