Faceted silver-flecked dragonfire emerald

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a faceted silver-flecked dragonfire emerald


This item has no show description.


This jewel was said to be used in the stone-tending healing art of Aldora.


As your song begins, a fusion of fiery colors distort your vision for a moment. Slowly the vision begins to unfold, and the faint image of an elderly human man rocking back and forth in a wooden chair emerges. The soft creaking of the wood keeps its own rhythm with every slight movement. As distinctly as it arrived, the vision fades.

Your song maintains a steady tempo, and flashes of images reveal themselves. Pale blue eyes stare forward, oblivious to their surroundings, as an elderly man slowly rocks back and forth in his chair. He takes in a deep breath and exhales, glancing up as if something or someone had arrived. The image dissipates quickly.

An ivory-clad woman kneels in front of the man and brushes his cheek gently with her slender hand. She smiles slightly as she opens her palms before him, revealing two shimmering silver-flecked emeralds. She bows her head, murmurs a prayer, and covers his eyes with each jewel. Your song slows and fades, as does the image.

A light, airy tune plays in your mind as the vision of the man returns. He rises from his chair, eyes opened wide in amazement. He glances down to find the gems, one now in each hand. He turns them over curiously watching the light play off of their intricate facets. He smiles broadly and your vision ends.

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