Eonake chisel engraved with silvery thorns along its sharp beveled edge

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


an eonake chisel engraved with silvery thorns along its sharp beveled edge


This item has no show description.


This item had no functionality. Its loresong focuses on Aldoran stone tending.


Muted rose-hued colors spiral collectively as your song begins. Your voice conjures images of an arched wooden doorway leading into a simple, well-lit room. An ivory and white clad woman sits studiously at a rosewood table, covered with lapidary tools. Your song lingers for a moment and then fades away.

Your voice rings clearly as the images return and your attention is drawn toward the rosewood table. Upon it, various stones and gems rest in separate piles, each sorted by color and type. The ivory-clad woman scrutinizes each stone as she plucks them up one by one. Your song begins to drift and your vision subsides.

Your song resonates clearly as your mind fills with a recurring scene. The woman eyes each stone meticulously before she takes a thorn-etched chisel and begins to carve tiny markings on the various sides. She carefully brushes off the dust from each carving and then holds it up to the light for examination. The vision drifts into soft blending colors as your song lingers for a moment and then dissipates.

The scene returns as the woman resumes her labor, then pauses briefly to murmur a soft, almost inaudible prayer. As she completes the etching she rubs the stone with a soft cloth. For a moment, peculiar glow emanates from the stone and then fades. She places it carefully in a drawstring rose-colored leather pouch. The vision ends as does your melodic song.

You sense that there is nothing further to be received from the eonake chisel.

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