Gem-clasped ivory velvet cloak trimmed with silver thread

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a gem-clasped ivory velvet cloak trimmed with silver thread


This item has no show description.


This item had no special functionality. Its loresong focuses on Aldoran stone tending.


Jewel-toned colors weave across your mind's eye as you begin your song. As your song continues, the colors clear and visions of a vine-covered portico slowly materialize before you. Twisting and climbing vines of delicate multi-hued roses, contrasted by their long thorns, cover the entrance to what looks like a courtyard.

Your voice again brings forth an image -- a courtyard garden encircled by various doors and archways. Novices and priestesses dressed in ivory and white vestments tend to the various flora. Your attention is pulled toward one particular arched wooden door, imbedded with various gems and stones in the image of a heart and rose.

Every fiber of the cloak resonates a sweet tone as your voice sings true while you continue your song. The scene changes, because you are now pulled through the arched door. A rosewood table, covered with lapidary tools, centers the simple room. Various charts line the walls, depicting the anatomy of several different races of beings as well as a few of animals.

Your mind has been drawn into a gentle vortex. The vision clears and you now see a cell with the simple trappings of a priestess. Atop a plainly painted bureau rests a mirror, hairbrush, and comb fashioned from filigreed silver. Several strawberry blond hairs remain in the brush, giving evidence of the hair color of their owner. Suddenly your song finishes with quiet notes.

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