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Berkana LeJardine-Vangauri Faendryl
Race Dark Elf
Culture Faendryl
Class Enigma, Scourge of Eorgina
Profession Sorcerer
Religion High Priestess of Eorgina, Order of the Circle of the Grey Moon
Affiliation(s) Past-Officer (Chair), Emeritus of House Brigatta, member of Faendryl Enclave, Order of the Shadow, Black Iron Chalice
Disposition Sensual and teasing
Demeanor Neutral to strangers
Flaw None she would admit
Greatest Strength Putting people in their place
Greatest Weakness Susceptible to flattery
Habits Running a hand through her long hair
Hobbies Ensorcelling, journaling, baking, creative outlets (music, dance, aerial silk performance, prose)
Likes Tea, dark chocolate, smooth-talking men
Dislikes Petty, jealous, or unkind women, a majority of the elder Dhe'nar, those who are fashion deficit
Fears Pastels
Loyalties Eorgina
Best Friend Some, though few really trusted (Lylia, Telagan, Mithumbras, Shaelethe, Talinvor)
Berkana LeJardine-Vangauri as rendered by Ysharra Nagorn (using Mid Journey)

Berkana LeJardine-Vangauri Faendryl, the Enigma and Scourge of Eorgina, is a dark elven sorceress and devout follower of Eorgina. She resides mainly at House Brigatta in Wehnimer's Landing, where she served as Chair for over a decade. She also maintains a small tower in Ravenswood and a studio at Villa Brigatta on Teras Isle. She has a fondness for dark chocolate and bad men (and it seems most of them are rogues). During a two-year turn as shira'qa to Talinvor, she learned how to master her psaltery, compose songs and prose, dance to delight the eyes, tantalize the senses, and perform with her aerial silks. Sometimes, you can catch her entertaining at the tavern of the Black Iron Chalice, performing impromptu divination readings for citizens, or baking fresh apricot tarts in the kitchen with Brigatta's cook.

Superficially seemingly pleasant, Berkana does carry a quiet reputation for having a sharp tongue and being intolerant of fools. Despite her general indifference, she does sometimes travel to the Rift, Old Ta'Faendryl, and Sanctum of Scales to take pity on the dead and animate them. Black roses and the hue of nightshade are often two primary themes that identity much of her wardrobe, which she frequently changes. Favorite flowers are wisteria, nightshade, roses, and daturas. She likes to sip Brigatta's house bourbon, Elanthian Comfort, or their small batch fragrant pear liqueur.


Born in Eorgaen 4623, Berkana escaped from indentured servitude with an Eorgina caravan, a band of gypsies that had kidnapped her when she was five-years-old. She took up residence in Wehnimer's Landing in 5096, and has been a member of House Brigatta since. Until recently, she had never considered marriage, and she had a scant handful of long-term relationships, including her two years as shira'qa (pet). She often shied away from centrist politics and shunned some of the zealots, like Chaston Griffin, and other nefarious denizens, save for a moment in 5117 when she was a link to the mind of a girl, one of three Ithzir-touched children, the most infamous of whom was named Rodnay. The memory of that incident still lives within her, surfacing at times in restless dreams.

Berkana was high priestess of a cult called the Circle of the Grey Moon, loyal to Eorgina, around 5100. During that tenure, she discovered the writings of High Priestess Moriane saVere, and inspired by them, created three rites she continues to perform, most notably, the annual Rite of Dedication. One day, after a particular egregious acolyte once again had disrupted a rite with demands to be elevated, Berkana gathered up her ceremonial items, handed them off to a promising initiate (Naessi) and inducted her as a high priestess, shot one last glare at the offending disruptor, and wandered off for a period of seclusion and worship. The acolyte had a major break with reality and was never seen again — something that likely highly pleased Eorgina. During an invasion of vathor in Ta'Illistim, she watched dispassionately from the rooftop garden of the Moonglae Inn with Mithumbras, as the city burned while they both sipped wine, a small smile playing upon her lips, knowing that her Queen would delight in this turn of events.


There are very few men that have kept Berkana interested. She was in the company of Cosgrave Temaraire for about two-and-a-half years, which ended in 5106. There was a very brief fling of a few weeks with Picler Ralduvian before his untimely disappearance in 5112. She engaged in some mild flirtations since that time, until she met Faendryl Aurach Moonshadew in 5114. Their two-year relationship ended in the spring of 5116, and she left his home in Ta'Illistim to return to the Landing, where she met Talinvor, a Dhe'nar. After several weeks of trying to tempt him, she asked to become his shira'qa, and spent another two years by his side until he released her in Fashanos 5118.

In Koaratos of 5119, Berkana reacquainted socially with Blades Clanners, and they were often together for the next several months... until he wandered off again at the start of 5120.

There was only one man who had captured her heart completely, and he had been in and out of her life since late 5097 until late 5117, and has often wandered off for years at a time. Beyond that, casual encounters were exceedingly rare, as delight without some lasting affection was unrewarding and unsatisfying.

Then... during the first half of Ivastaen 5121, Telagan Vangauri, who had also returned from a long voyage, crossed paths with Berkana (who he'd met many years ago). They've been constant companions since then, creating mayhem and mischief wherever they go; and handfasted, then married, on the 20th day of Lumnea in 5122 and 5123, respectively.

Few women can get past their envy and jealousy to become friends with Berkana, but those who do find they have a very loyal and trusted friend. Many may find her risqué wardrobe, cunning wit, brazen forwardness, and fierce attitude intimidating — though she'll cloak her demeanor in a veil of politeness while assessing weaknesses — much like a cat watching her prey.

Berkana considers herself to be highly intuitive, with a good ability to assess people for their honesty and genuineness. If she finds someone is a liar or insincere, she'll either outwardly continue to be polite, yet keep a safe distance from them, or she'll excise them out of her life without a word. To engage in deception, unless by devious plan, would otherwise be a waste of time, as well as of no service to Eorgina.


While serving as the Head Priestess for the Circle of the Grey Moon (Order of Eorgina), an impulsive and brash acolyte continuously pushed Berkana for an undue promotion despite displaying beliefs and behaviors increasingly incongruent with the Order. In a cold move, upon yet another demand to be elevated from the acolyte, Berkana turned to one of the novitiates standing nearby, elevated her to Priestess instead, and divested herelf of all the trappings of the office of High Priestess, bestowing them on the newly appointed head of the Order. The acolyte, after pitching a fit of pique, was never seen again, and Berkana adopted a quiet retreat of worship.

While performing during the first Revelia Carnivale in the year 5121, Berkana, Xanthium, and Kothos displayed their dance/fire dance and aerial silks skills in the House Brigatta gardens. Toward the end of her show, Berkana's silks caught fire and singed the great banyan tree. If one examines it closely, they might still see the scorching.


As of the 1st day of Eorgaen in the year 5123:

You see Luminary Berkana LeJardine Faendryl the Scourge of Eorgina.
She has a willowy yet curvaceous figure. She appears to be in the flower of life. She has sultry kohl-lashed, silver-limned venom green eyes and flawless, soft ivory skin. She has very long, wavy hellebore red hair glinting with moonlight silver strands and lace-braided on each side of her head. She has a high-cheekboned oval face and slender, upswept ears ending in delicate points. She has full, sensuous lips tinted a pale rose hue. She has dark absinthe patina brushed onto her nicely manicured fingernails.
She has a thorned black wild rose inking on her wrist, a sinuous tendril of mournblooms inked in dark hues on her ankle, a colorful inking of solanaceae on her thigh, a pair of lustrous vaalin rings adorned with fiery emerald bijous in the upper ridge of her left ear, and an intricately inked cilice of curved argent talons on her thigh.
Embers of red-orange flame spark across her body, crackling as they race upwards into the air.
She is wearing a long shadow black leather jacket with a carved obsidian wild rose clasp, a gossamer hoarfrost lace gown, a corbeau ivy-motif filigreed vaalin wedding band, a thin black leather thighband, a pair of hoarfrost lace stockings gartered with thin silvery ribbons, and a pair of niveous white suede boots with sharp crystal heels.
A fur-filled clowder of cats surround Berkana, the demanding felines meowing in various tones as they brush against her legs, occasionally attempting to nip at her feet.


At the 5120 Greystorm Manor Spring Enlightenment Ball, Berkana recited an impromptu sestina called "Vernal Light" — a sestina is a complex, thirty-nine-line poem featuring the intricate repetition of end-words in six stanzas and ending in an envoi.

Vernal Light

Gone the snow of wintry days when rises the sun,
And bleak paleness becomes a rosy imbue in the sky,
Stark somber grey is now dressed in buds of pale green.
As lacy white petals herald the sturdy boughs of apple trees.
Soft scent on the zephyr teases as it wafts by with a caress,
Tousled tendrils of silken locks rising in a gentle dance.

Together, moth and butterfly flit in a swirling dance,
Glassine wings of dragonflies reflect the brilliant sun,
Bright yellow blossoms of dandelion offer soft caress,
And tickle the nose when sniffed and raised to the sky,
Sheltering, as clouds close in, amid the orchard trees,
Low rumbles and a clash of light against angry green.

Spring rains give birth to grass and leaves a lush green,
Sparkling droplets shiver upon laden leaves as they dance,
Darkened bark nearly black on the damp fruit-baring trees,
Slowly drying as they are warmed by the reappearing sun.
Clouds part to reveal perfect blue in a clearing sky,
Golden light touching flesh, to warm it like a lover’s caress.

Oh, wrap me, surround me in this gently sweet caress,
Tumble with me in spring grass, fragrant and green,
Lift my imaginary wings and let me fly this deep blue sky,
Light as a feather, on gentle wind do I play and dance.
Laughter echoes as it surrounds, buoyed by the sun,
Carefree, swaying with the breeze as we dance among trees.

Shadows grow longer, patterns cast by the trunks of trees,
Coolness of the afternoon swirls a shivered caress,
Lower dips the reddening orb of the setting sun.
Pale and bright, the birth of Spring turns dark green,
And all that turned and twirled disperse, end their dance,
Streaked with carmine, no longer the once unfettered sky.

Slumber casts its pall over the land, the sleeping sky,
Slender trunks like thin dark ghosts, these lined trees,
Ghostly moonlight shivers through leaves in a flirting dance,
Casting lighted patterns all around in illusory caress.
Hours pass, and then, black fades to become again green,
With the reappearance of the vernal light and morning sun.

Another day and dance, another brilliant golden sun.
Gather me sweet sky, that I might soar above the trees,
That I indulge in your stroking caress, amid the pale green.