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Telagan Vangauri
Race Human
Class Bloodletter
Profession Empath
Affiliation(s) Master of the Order of Voln
Disposition Playful and inquisitive
Demeanor Friendly, Approachable
Flaw Attention-seeking to a fault.
Greatest Strength Drawing news, secrets, and chatter from people.
Greatest Weakness Very trusting of new people
Hobbies Archery, travel, food and drink
Likes Baked goods, warm nights, exploration, rescuing
Dislikes Finds betrayal intolerable, those who value money over relationships.
Fears Failing others
Best Friend Several, though Berkana, Eiadh, Flame, and Desorceri are near to him.

Telagan Vanguari, the Bloodletter, is a human empath and follower of the The Huntress. He resides mainly in Solhaven, where can often be found traveling to-and-from the Sanctum of Scales. He has a fondness for baked goods, adventure, and helping others. Atypical of most empaths, he prefers to wear double chain armor and uses a long bow, which he favors over magic when possible. He will do anything he can to help those who ask, considering service a core part of his duty as a healer. He has an uncanny knack for drawing conversation out of people, which typically leads to him learning and exploring other's background and history. When resting, he can often be found at Cafe Dumont or near the North Market.

At his core, Telagan is a very trusting person and will go to lengths to help another in need, even at cost to himself. His primary colors are forest green, ivory, and gold, which identify much of his wardrobe. His favorite items are his bow, locket, and healer's kit. When relaxing, he prefers to enjoy Brigatta's house bourbon, Elanthian Comfort, and a small plate of cheese and fruits.


Telagan grew up in a small dwarven village west of the Spine during his formative years. Naturally adept at healing, his skills quickly grew and he decided to seek out a life of adventure in Wehnimer's Landing, arriving on Phoenatos 24, 5097. He quickly took to life in the, to him, big city and achieved nobility on Lormestra 8, 5098. During this time, he began a courtship with a dwarven warrior, Granita Smithdott, and they quickly became inseparable. On Koaratos 27th, 5098, they were married. His adventuring up to this point had largely consisted of healing in town and the Abandoned Inn located just to the south. With his wife, though, he began to hone his martial prowess and took up an axe and shield, which he began to hunt with - clumsily at first, but quickly becoming more proficient. By the time he reached the title of 'Legend' on Phoenatos 8, 5099, he was hunting mostly full time and healing during the interstitial downtimes. His wife had likewise become more skilled and their hunting ranged from the Shadow Valley near Wehnimer's Landing to the Fhorian Village on Teras. By 5102, he was hunting in the Rift when alone and in the Stronghold with Granita. However, it was in 5105, just after the celebration of their 7th wedding anniversary that he learned his wife was not well. Within the span of a few months, her condition had deteriorated to the point where she was mostly confined to their small home where he stayed to look after her. In 5014 she passed away and Telagan again left all he had known to wander the lands and grieve.

It wasn't until Lormestra 5120 that Telagan was seen again in civilization. Over the intervening 16 years since he had last adventured, he had changed many aspects of himself. Gone were the blacks and silvers that had defined him and his worship of Jastev, whom he now regarded a fallible Arkati. His sword and shield were laid down and in its place he had taken up the bow, which he proved to be quite adept at. His wardrobe had shifted towards one ideally suited for tracking through forests and dense jungle. His disposition, however, had remained - a warm and welcoming personality willing to listen to others to hear their stories and troubles. After a brief stay in Ta'Illistim, Telagan moved to Teras Isle in Fashanos 5120 where he remained a fixture within the community - hunting, healing and rescuing those in need. However, life on the Isle grew boring as time progressed and he yearned for the bustle of the mainland. With a final farewell, he said goodbye to Teras for good in Charlatos 5121 and settled into his new, yet familiar, home: Solhaven.

Since then, he has spent hours cleaning the Sanctum of Scales and clearing the roads around Solhaven of bandits. During this time, he also built a close companionship with [Berkana] and they can often be found exploring the lands together.


As of the 3rd day of Phoenatos in the year 5121:

You see Lord Telagan Vangauri the Bloodletter.

He appears to be a Human.
He is shorter than average and has a lithesome, nimble build. He appears to be in the prime of life. He has mischievous sage green eyes and supple, bronzed skin. He has raggedly cut, honey blonde hair.
He has a pouncing kitten tattoo on his arm, and a golden leaf tattoo on his finger.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a verdigris ivy leaf-shaped locket, a dark emerald wool cloak draped in thick animal pelts, a cinnamon glyph-adorned baldric set with brass studs, a slender faenor quiver etched with a latticework of ivy, some dark grey double chain with gold leafwork inlaid along the trim, an ivory linen tunic buttoned with diminutive silver leaves, a dark leather bow sheath, a twined vine faenor-inlaid lustrous vaalin band, a leaf-embossed dark leather belt, a black healer's field kit, some green linen pants, and some brown leather boots.