Brother Stumbleskink's Emporium

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Brother Stumbleskink's Emporium is the cleric shop in Icemule Trace.

[Brother Stumbleskink's Emporium]
Frosted glass lanterns along the ceiling glow with a pale blue light, reflecting off of various religious symbols hanging from the walls. Brother Stumbleskink bustles about, polishing, dusting and generally fussing over his wares. Despite his busybody attitude, the shop is very peaceful, and you are loathe to speak above a whisper for fear of disturbing the calm. You also see a wooden counter and a large iron-bound barrel.


  1. a candle votive                        13. a studded white iron bulawa
  2. an impure potion                       14. a white iron Hammer of Kai
  3. a shield-shaped white iron Voln ring   15. a broad-tipped white iron harpoon
  4. an iceblossom Oleani charm necklace    16. a white-faced iron footman's hammer
  5. a gem-inlaid gold Lumnis wrist-cuff    17. a thick-bladed white iron khopesh
  6. a bronze-scaled dark Luukos mask       18. a barbed white iron tiger-claw
  7. a diaphanous pale green Ivas veil      19. a white iron-studded cestus
  8. some enruned Fash'lo'nae bracers       20. a white-runed dark iron mace
  9. some ornate white brocade handwraps    21. a white-runed dark iron scythe
  10. some ornate white brocade footwraps   22. a white-runed dark iron adze
  11. a ceremonial crosier                  23. a white-runed dark iron ice axe
  12. a ritual dagger                       24. a white-runed dark iron spike-fist

The handwraps and footwraps are sanctified 0x UCS gear.

  Backroom Catalog
  25. an elaborate gold crown talisman         40. a coral and silver dolphin talisman
  26. a gem-inlaid gold scroll talisman        41. a dark silver crescent moon talisman
  27. a silver-edged black sword talisman      42. a jade and silver sickle talisman
  28. an onyx-flecked gold key talisman        43. a gilt-traced grey iron eye talisman
  29. a carved orase doe talisman              44. a two-headed sapphire snake talisman
  30. a brilliant gold sunburst talisman       45. a ruby-eyed onyx cat talisman
  31. a silver clenched fist talisman          46. a six-pointed dark iron star talisman
  32. a pink sapphire heart talisman           47. a ruby-flecked pale jade wisp talisman
  33. a silvery crystal sphere talisman        48. a white iron impaled heart talisman
  34. a bold white iron anvil talisman         49. a blackened iron scimitar talisman
  35. an iridescent gemstone lute talisman     50. a bronze coiled snake talisman
  36. a gold-winged crystal pegasus talisman   51. a sleek black iron jackal talisman
  37. a sea green copper trident talisman      52. a stylized ruby flame talisman
  38. an intricate onyx rose talisman          53. a bundle of bone-shafted arrows
  39. a pure white iron shield talisman        54. a bundle of slender ivory bolts