Carellus Ranheles

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Carellus Ranheles
Storyline Ride of the Red Dreamer
Sanctum of Scales Release
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive

Carellus Ranheles is an elderly hedgewizard who wanders in the Imperial northwest. Although he does not reside in or owe allegiance to any particular barony, he seems to be involved most frequently in Vornavis, Solhaven, and Mestanir.


You see Carellus Ranheles the Sage.
He appears to be a Human from Mestanir.
He is taller than average.  He appears to be in his golden years.  He has red-rimmed sea green eyes and ivory skin.  He has a wealth of long, snowy hair framing his face in gleaming coils.  He has a lined face, a crooked nose and a short tapered beard.
He is in good shape.
He is holding an ornate haon staff adorned with little silver stars in his right hand.
He is wearing a simple crimson mantle, a pair of polished spectacles, a frayed dusky violet robe, and a pair of worn leather sandals.


A member of the prominent Ranheles family, Carellus's capabilities with magic are considerable but inconsistent. As a young man, he failed his test to become a student of the Hall of Mages due to insufficient magical strength. Once he had been trained enough to prevent him from self-harm, he was sent home. The young wizard decided that he could not face his family's disappointment, and left to become a wandering hedgewizard.

He proved to be a late bloomer in terms of magical power, but never returned to the Hall once his abilities came to maturity.

Carellus's first prominent appearance in Solhaven was during the Ride of the Red Dreamer, where his interests in other valences intersected with the plight of the Ronanite Dreamwalkers. He proved to be a valuable ally to the people of Solhaven against the Duskborn, monstrous creatures born of nightmare.

He returned, years later, when the archlich Tseleth came to Solhaven to enlist help in fighting the corruption of the Ur at the Sanctum of Scales.

The hedgewizard reappeared in Niiman of 5117 when the Turamzzyrian ship Thistledown disappeared on its way to Solhaven.