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Turamzzyrian Empire ca. 5100

The Turamzzyrian Empire is a human empire which controls much of the land to the west of the Dragonspine Mountains. The capital city is Tamzyrr in the Duchy of Selanthia and its present ruler is Emperor Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles.

The empire extends as far north as Talador and as far south as the Aldoran capital of Elstreth and the Estorian city of Idolone. Vornavis and Solhaven are the two largest cities in the northwest region of the Empire. The new Barony of Darkstone is located north of Vornavis, consisting of the land between it and Wehnimer's Landing. The small trading town of Wehnimer's Landing is a Protectorate of the Empire.


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By the end of the fourth millenium of the Modern Era, the Kannalan Empire had collapsed, and western Elanith dissolved into small independent provinces and city-states. Several successor states arose in the years that followed: the Kingdom of Torre around Fairport and Maelstrom Bay, the Kingdom of Hendor around Lolle and Waterford in the north, and the Turamzzyrian Empire around the southern port city of Tamzyrr.

The Turamzyrrian state began as a trading alliance between the cities of Tamzyrr, Elstreth, and Kai Toka. Selantha Anodheles, Overlord of Tamzyrr, united the three cities from 4273 to 4278 and was coronated as the first Empress of the Turamzzyrian Empire. Under Selantha's rule, the Empire began a more than 800 year long period of expansion. Selantha reigned until her death in 4302, having brought the former Kannalan regions of Bourth, Honneland, and Toullaire under imperial control. However, neither Selantha nor her immediate successors were able to defeat the Kingdom of Hendor. The rule of the House of Anodheles ended in 4309, when the young Emperor Veridel was deposed by regent Chaston Kestrel.

Kestrel Dynasty

Emperor Chaston Kestrel signed a treaty of peace with Hendoran King Thurbon II in 4312.

Under Chaston Kestrel's rule, the empire underwent a great racial change in which many non-humans, particularly those of elven heritage, were motivated to emmigrate out of the empire after the declaration of Chaston's Edict. The Empire began an expansion eastwards towards the Dragonspine Mountains under Chaston's rule to the region presently known as the Barony of Highmount and established the Imperial outpost of Kragsfell. It was also under Chaston's rule that the Imperial Navy was expanded and improved to become the dominant naval force in the Great Western Sea.

In 4327, Mount Ysspethos, a volcano close to Tamzyrr, erupted and Chaston and his immediate heirs were wiped out. His successor was Immuros Kestrel. Rather than focus on the expansion of the Empire, Immuros dedicated much of his reign to infrastructure development and supported road building and irrigation projects through out the empire. Tamzyrr was rebuilt and in addition, Immuros began construction on Immuron, a city built on the ruins of Gor'nustre. As a side result to Immuros' focus on matters within the empire at the expense of expansion, the Imperial Army at the time shrank in size. Perhaps the most important event of Immuros' rule was the establishment of the Hall of Mages, as a magical academy for the empire. The Hall of Mages has since become the leading producer of magical users in the Empire in the present day.

Immuros died in 4375 and was succeeded by Celeste Kestrel. Her rule was challenged by her brothers and the Empire descended into a brief civil war. Celeste emerged victorious only to drown when the imperial barge sank in 4402. This was the last time a Kestrel ruled the empire.

By deft maneuvering, the Burzost family successfully claimed the Sun Throne. The rule of the Burzosts was one of little accomplishment other than the annex of the County of Torre in 4417 under Jasdurel Burzost. Under the same ruler, the Barony of Highmount was overrun by giantmen of the T'Kirem Bear Clan. However, by the death of the last of the Burzost, the giantmen had successfully been driven back into the Dragonspine and the Empire's control over Highmount permanently ensured.

Chandrennin Dynasty

Upon the death of Jasdurel's heirs, which numbered in three successive short reigns, Levian Chandrennin assumed control of the throne to the Empire in 4402. The first of the Chandrennin to do so, the family from this point ruled the Empire for more than two hundred years. History flowed without great interruption in the Empire up until 4565, when in the reign of Verranna Chandrennin Toullaire was annihilated in a magical explosion that was believed to be the result of reckless experimentation by the Arcanum, a rival magical school to the Hall of Mages. As a result, Verranna ruled that the Hall of Mages to have a virtual monopoly on magical teachings in the Empire. Also placed in effect was mandatory registration of all magic users in the Empire. From this point on, the Kestrel family consolidated their control over magic in the empire.

A decade later, Emperor Krellove Chandrennin initiated the First Elven War against the House of Nalfein in 4605. The Empire was victorious and its armies, led by General Vaycero, Lord of Idolone, took control of previously neutral territory on the Turamzzyrian-Nalfein frontier. The war ended with the death of Krellove in 4610 and the construction of a fort at Barrett's Gorge two years earlier.

Krellove was succeeded by Toscus the Fat. Toscus immediately buried any plans to re-start the war and ruled until 4622, when he was assassinated for secretly plotting with the Nalfein.

Rysus Dynasty

The neighboring human Kingdom of Hendor fell to orcs in the Witch Winter of 4628 to 4632. Over the next two decades, Turamzzyrian armies gradually retook the former Hendorian lands, including Lolle, Waterford, Nydds, and Mensyl Pass.

Resettlement of Hendor led to a shift in power away from the House of Chandrennin, with other imperial houses and former Hendorian nobility clamoring for more freedoms. In 4686, Emperor Baeronnar II abdicated and Perrinor Rysus was crowned as the new emperor. Under Perrinor, the Rysus Codex was established as the new legal foundation of the empire, with power distributed to the aristocracy in a feudal system.

Anodheles Restoration

The death of Emperor Feadros Rysus in 4715 led to a three-year war of succession. Several claimants were assassinated during the course of the war, and in the end most of the nobility threw their support to Lyssandra Anodheles. Her initially shaky rule was strengthened with the formal support of the Church of Koar, and the next few decades saw great increases in the church's power and political influence.

In 4679, at the behest of the Prelate Fzendoor of Immuron, Emperor Rallick marched against the House of Nalfein to the east in the Second Elven War. They were forced to retreat and sign a peace treaty following the death of Rallick in battle.

In 4800, Emperor Ommindar moved to curb the Church of Koar's influence, ensuring that the church's Patriarch would henceforth be personally appointed by the emperor.

In 4841, Empress Selantha II invaded the dark elven House of Faendryl in the Third Elven War. Despite initial successes, the Turamzzyrian army was routed by a horde of summoned demons at the battle known as The Breaking. Imperial remnants under Duke Nyrmont of Kezmon held the demons' advance for a time but were ultimately forced to retreat back to Barrett's Gorge, and the war ended without a formal treaty. With demonic fiends still loose at the border, the Demonwall was constructed and fortified over the next several decades.

The Horned Cabal, a group of five liches, appeared as a major threat in the south in 4953. With imperial forces unable to destroy the undead menace, the formerly minor Order of Voln saw increasing membership in the following decades. The Cabal was finally defeated in 5074 during a great battle between imperial and undead armies when a small band of Voln monks was able to slip past the main forces and slay one of the five members of the Cabal. The remaining four members fled into the wastes.

In 5092, amid a swelling of Turamzzyrian pride, Empress Mynal'lyanna revived Chaston's Edict, reestablishing many of the old restrictions on non-humans, and cast the sights of the Empire on outside lands once more.

Current State of the Empire

The empire is currently in a relatively calm state. There is no current area of major conflict and the constant skirmishes in the Sea of Fire, the DragonSpine, and the Demonwall are by no means a prelude to war. The southern cities remain ever vigilant, prepared for the next major conflict with the Horned Cabal.

With the failure of Baron Lerep Hochstib's conquests and his subsequent death, coupled with the assassination of Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles in 5103, the newly anointed Emperor Aurmont Anodheles, first cousin to the late Empress, has appointed Earl Eddric Jovery of North Hendor as the new Northern Sentinel.

Furthermore, the Emperor has invested Hochstib's surviving sister, Lady Delphinuria, as the new Baroness of Jantalar effectively bringing the Barony's ambitious expansionism to an end. The former Barony of Mestanir was released from Jantalar's control, restored to sovereignty, and is now governed by the newly appointed Baron Seurdyn Moraughton Chydenar.

With the current Emperor showing no interest in conquest or expansion, the Turamzzyrian Empire seems to have settled, for now.

Under Aurmont, the Empire has been more conciliatory towards non-humans. In 5119, the Valley of Gold treaty declared cooperation between the Empire and the elven House of Illistim, and Chaston's Edict was formally rescinded in 5122. In early 5123, however, the assassination of Kasendra Malwind and the presumed death of Sayilla Javilerre Illistim, high-ranking envoys between the two nations, again caused heavy tensions to rise.

Symbols of the Empire

From at least 4718 M.E. to 5106, the symbol of the Turamzzyrian Empire was a golden sunburst, which was the symbol of the house of the Anodheles, who controlled the imperial throne in that time period. It is unknown if the golden sunburst was a legacy of Selantha's initial reign or if it was brought back when the Anodheles regained the throne.



After a wave of elven-led attacks on human cities in the early days of the Empire, Emperor Chaston decreed a series of laws restricting the rights of non-humans, which came to known as Chaston's Edict. The Edict was in effect from 4310 to 5122 Modern Era, and was rescinded by Emperor Aurmont.

Under Chaston's Edict, non-humans were forbidden from owning land or businesses. The edict was more strictly enforced in the southern provinces, being nearer to both Tamzyrr and the elven-controlled lands to the east in Ta'Nalfein and south in Ta'Faendryl. Many elves who once lived in the empire have fled into Wyrdeep Forest. The policy extended as well to dwarves, gnomes, and the occasional orc, half-orc, or half-krolvin, collectively known as ordlyn. Half-elves, or hathlyn, were permitted more freedoms, and a few northern barons were known to have elven heritage.

Within the empire, all elves are known as sylvan, but the reasons for this have been long forgotten, at least by the human population. There has never been any known formal contact between the empire and the sylvankind.

Wehnimer's Landing

See also: Protectorate, and Northern Sentinel's Decree on the Imperial Protection of Wehnimer's Landing

The vibrant trading port of Wehnimer's Landing by Darkstone Bay on the northern frontier of the Empire was founded by Rone Wehnimer in 4873 Modern Era, approximate two hundred years before present day. Imperial attitudes towards the Landing have varied over the years depending on the leaders of the time. Overall, the Landing has been a part of the human sphere of influence in western Elanith and a key location for human interests, even if its status is that of a Protectorate instead of a Barony. About fifty years after its founding, the Landing was on the verge of being seized by the krolvin until the defenders were relieved by an Imperial army. More recently, the Landing has been attacked by some rogue elements of the Empire including Baron Hochstib of Jantalar and Prelate Chaston Griffin of the Church of Koar, while being defended by others including Baron Malwind of Vornavis and Earl Jovery of North Hendor. The Landing has also been used as a base by some adventurers to launch attacks on Imperial holdings, including the sacking of Winter Manor in Brisker's Cove and the assassination of Earl Kestrel of Chastonia.

Formally, the Landing is considered a Protectorate of the Turamzzyrian Empire, and the Hendorans maintain a small outpost outside of town.

In late 5122, a wave of settlers from the south, including those displaced by the destruction of Talador, began to arrive in Darkstone Bay. Preparations were made for the creation of a new Barony of Darkstone which would encompass some of the lands near the Landing, but not including the town itself.

Noble Lands

Listed in approximate order of influence:

Location Ruling House Current Ruler Cities Location Historical Leaders
Duchy of Selanthia Anodheles Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles Tamzyrr West Selantha Anodheles, many emperors
Duchy of Aldora Chandrennin Gerjonn Chandrennin Elstreth South Bannon Chandrennin, many emperors
Duchy of Kezmon None Kai Toka West Nyrmont
Earldom of Chastonia Kestrel The Swale South Chaston Kestrel, many emperors and royal magisters
Earldom of Honneland Feurstein Immuron East Sentinel Happersett
Earldom of Estoria Hurrst Earl Preskot Hurrst Idolone South Sentinel Urgland Hurrst
Earldom of South Hendor Weirlund Waterford, Nydds North Kings of Hendor, Sentinel Weirlund
Earldom of North Hendor Jovery Eddric Jovery Lolle North Kings of Hendor
County of Allace Calquinor Ubl South Sentinel Kyr Calquinor, Sentinel Marcus Calquinor
County of Trauntor Greythane Merlonus Greythane Brantur, Barrett's Gorge East Sentinel Greythane
County of Seareach Tramini Yedon Tramini Brisker's Cove, Phannus North
County of Torre Claybourne Clarence Claybourne Fairport, River's Rest West Vicalle Mestyr, Glavedd
Barony of Jantalar Hochstib Delphinuria Hochstib Jantalar Lerep Hochstib
Barony of Talador None Uninhabitable: Bleaklands Talador North Ciaran Donnebrugh
Barony of Mestanir Chydenar Seurdyn Chydenar Mestanir North Mestanir
Barony of Bourth Caulfield Breshon Caulfield Krestle, Gallardshold East Gallard Wilke, Spensor Caulfield
Barony of Vornavis Malwind Dunrith Malwind Vornavis-Solhaven North
Barony of Highmount Hammarskal Maelligh, Kragsfell East Urleth
Barony of Oire Villaune New Myssar West
Barony of Riverwood Helt Helt North
Barony of Dragach McGarry Firmin McGarry Connedale, Krinklehorn East


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