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Melgorehn was a mad warlock who was first known for having a tower that would randomly appear and move great distances by shifting in reality. Early adventurers would often break into his tower, attempting to slay him, by getting past the puzzles to acquire his riches. He later appeared with a mechanical airship shaped like a dragon, and was responsible for creating the steel golems of Glatoph. There was a mountain that was later named after him, which the Dwarves of the Granto'k clan had originally named after Eonak. It was related to a story involving his footstool.

The spells Melgorehn's Aura (913) and Floating Disk (511) were attributed to Melgorehn.


[Dragon, Melgorehn's Bedchamber]
This room is a plushly appointed and incongruously elegant bedchamber.
It seems totally out of place with the grim, functional machine you
have tranversed so far. Velvet drapes hide the metal plates of the
walls, and muffle the clanging vibrations that still reach here. The
curved floor is covered with luxurious skins of wondrous and rare
animals. A high silver throne with a matching silver footstool
occupies the far end of the chamber, opposite the large, plush bed
that dominates the room. You also see an evil warlock and a giant
trunk with a small plaque on it.
Obvious exits: east.

Krisenfest swings a red laen hammer at an evil warlock!
OB: 217 vs DB: 50 = +167
THT 71, d100 roll: 56, modified: 223
...and hits for 47 concussion points of damage!
The warlock staggers back against a finery of his abode with the a look
of utter horror on his face. His old age returning to his body, the
warlock begins to slide down into an awkward sitting position, leaving
a trail of blood behind on the silken tapestry. With his last breath
he speaks, "A curse on you all! My treasures will never be yours!"
With a feeble motion the warlock makes a sign which you take to be the
catalyst of the curse.

A stiff wind charges through the chamber causing you to blink. But it
was enough for the warlock's body to have vanished! 

Behind the Scenes

In 1990 Melgorehn's Tower was the first role-playing quest to ever happen in GemStone III. In DragonRealms there was a gnome inventor of machines named Morum Melgorehn.

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