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This Month's Edition

Editor-in-Chief: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

Fall brings spectacular displays of foliage amid celebrations of nature's bounty. For many, the autumn equinox in Imaerasta heralds the start of a glorious season, filled with apple harvests, pumpkin spice, and wood smoke. For others, it is a melancholy reminder of those who have passed beyond the Ebon Gate marked by the Eve of the Reunion at the end of the month.

This latest edition of Elanthian Vogue is dedicated to fall fashion and the long-awaited return of the annual Ebon Gate Festival on Caligos Isle. For the budget-conscious, we look at how you can throw together a fashionable outfit from the array of clothing available off-the-shelf in regular town shops across Elanthia. The more adventurous among you, however, may be interested in expanding your exotic wardrobe with the anguillid-influenced collections offered on the Isle for a limited time. Be sure to do your shopping early in readiness for the many merchants cited to arrive on the Isle soon.

We also reveal the Jastatos portrait from the 5119 Vogue Gallery - the 10th in the 12-month long presentation – and, as we wind down towards the year-end, we are making preparations for the 5120 Gallery. I hope you will be as excited as we are about this year's selection of celebrated personalities.

As always, don't forget to send us your comments on any of the articles in this month's publication or suggestions for future editions!


Fall Color

"Sun with his artistic touch, streaks skies of blue with rosy blush, trimming oak and maple too, crimson reds with yellow hue."

Every season has its special beauty and autumn is no exception. Watching the trees turn from a uniform green to all varieties of gold, yellow and red is a spectacular experience. One can almost be blinded by the fiery brilliance. With all this beauty there is a certain sadness in knowing that the changing colors foreshadow the Eve of the Reunion and the arrival of winter.

Two months ago, those who have a tendency to observe trends may have noticed the plethora of plum and gold available from the more fashionable outlets of Bloodriven Village. These two colors feature heavily this season along with other juicy offerings like marigold, honey, tangerine, berry red, and fig purple. How can anyone fail to be excited by such an array of succulent options.

"Birch and hemlock, purple and gold, apples, pumpkins bright and bold, burns by day and cools by night, cloaking trees in fiery might."

Fall fashion is always more fun than summer thanks to the endless styling opportunities via the simple art of layering. So, what are the color trends to tap into this autumn? We encourage you to try the following if you want to give your wardrobe an on-trend twist without having to brave an entirely new aesthetic...but more of that later!

Full On Red - Neck-to-toe red is undoubtedly the biggest color take-away from this season. Whether you opt in with a gown or coat, or simply a tunic or shirt, there's no holding back with this one. Just make sure your accessories are relatively neutral to avoid overkill.

Basic Brown ... yellow and gold - The old adage about brown being a boring option is no more as it's officially the chicest color of the new season.

"Wispy winds and tumbling leaves, cypress scents within the breeze, starry eves and harvest moon, sets the stage for crickets' tune."

Whether it's a single piece with touches of yellow and gold or your own concocted take via layering, you can't go far wrong. It's a good idea to stick to just one or two shades - as opposed to a mix of tones - to avoid things looking like a muddy mess.

Back to Black - Fans of the pared-back black look should rejoice this season, as there's little considered more on trend than a head-to-toe midnight look. Aim for liquid-like sheens of silk and satin or even glossy leather to add layers of texture.

Powerful Purple - Purple is often overlooked as a power-color, but the latest trend in court made a convincing case for its merits. Rarely seen as a standalone, purple tends to be seen in layers of tonal outfits or complimentary gown and heels.

"As spiders spin their tapestry, and crickets sing in symphony, their final song of destiny, it's clear for all the world to see, Autumn's vibrant majesty!"

Strong Blues - Undoubtedly set to dominate this season are strong shades of blue injected with statement silver pieces. Pair it with a stripped back color palette - think whites, greys or blacks - to avoid it veering towards tastelessness.

Clashing Sunset – Pink and orange are big news this season. These shades, reminiscent of the very best sunsets, look just as great in segmentalized sections - via block color separates - as they do woven throughout via clashing pattern work. Keep it cute and avoid messy aesthetic punctuation marks by ensuring any accessories are in on the clashing action too.

Off the Shelf: Sugar and Spice

...and all things slithery.

The Style Team at Elanthian Vogue have been busy putting together a collection of outfits for those with limited resources. As in previous editions, all the items selected were purchased from established outlets and feature the fall trend of sugar and spice with touches of indigo as a nod towards the anguillid aesthetic of Caligos Isle.

SUGAR She is wearing an ivory-tailed blushed copper fox pendant, a gold leather corset draped with graduated chains at each hip over an off-the-shoulder cream silk blouse, a short dark leather skirt, and some tall brass-buckled brown suede boots. Add a smudge from a slim burgundy cream-filled vial for glossy burgundy full lips. Alternatively, switch out the skirt with a pair of brass-fastened crimson wool breeches and add a dab from a speckled black glass bottle for a faint scent of peppercorns and sweet herbs. He is wearing a silk-lined caramel velvet cape, an open-necked chamomile silk tunic, a honey amber wasp-carved band, a wide leather belt, some tailored caramel silk pants, and some side-laced amber leather sandals. Add a dab from a slender sky blue bottle for a faint scent of sandalwood and currents of vanilla. She is wearing a tailored combed wool tunic colored in shades of indigo and lapis blue, some slim-cut black linen pants, and some silk-laced indigo suede boots. Add a sweep of a gilt-handed indigo kohl stick for beautifully indigo-outlined eyes or a dab from a slender midnight blue bottle for a faint scent of clove and anise, muted by notes of cinnamon and vanilla.
SPICE He is wearing a dark coffee-hued suede cape, a flowing white sailcloth tunic with oval-shaped ironwood toggles, a pair of undyed doeskin pants with leather ties, and a pair of wide-cuffed chestnut leather boots. Add a dab from a thin clear glass bottle for a faint scent of bay leaves and spiced rum. Alternatively, a smudge from a brushed silver case painted with pale sard hues will lend a pale sard blush to the prettiest cheeks for a more feminine look. He is wearing a russet silk and linen ataniki simply cut with a left-bound front opening, a fitted white linen shirt with unbuttoned sleeves, some slim-cut black linen pants, and some rush-soled walnut leather yatane. Add a dab from a short and squat amber bottle for a faint scent of sandalwood and amber, with underlying notes of clove. Alternatively, switch out the shirt for a pleated white silk blouse and throw on a fireleaf bangle ringed with embossed orange and red leaves. Fireleaf red lips are the final touch from a glaesine crock sheened in fireleaf red hue. She is wearing an earring of knotted bronze and copper, a mahogany dupioni silk corset over a pleated white silk blouse, some wrist-buckled mahogany leather gloves, some side-laced dark caramel brocade leggings, and a pair of dark suede boots. A dab from a faceted crimson bottle adds a faint scent of cinnamon, accented with a touch of nutmeg, cloves, and orange zest.

All of these items can be found in the following boutiques:

Elaraeyn's Boutique, Dari's Clothiers and a specialised cart in Wehnimer's Landing
Flashfeet's Fine Fashions in Icemule Trace
Caelyna's Boutique and Belt Booth in Solhaven
Marienna's Market in Kharam Dzu
A Twist of Roses in Ta'Illistim and Piaere's Boutique in Cysaegir
Sylvarraend Clothiers and the Ta'Vaalor Women's Clothier in Ta'Vaalor
Island Boutique and the Crystal Lotus in Mist Harbor

Head Over Eels

Eels were once a staple dish for the early Frontier dwellers, being a readily available source of food from the Locksmehr River. Now those looking to be on-trend this season will be scrabbling to wear them in various forms, especially after last month's Elanthian Vogue featuring exotic fashion.

There is nothing fishy about eel skin, it is delicate with a subtle reflective quality and takes colors beautifully and naturally. The designers and traders of Caligos Isle have catered for those who are keen to follow this latest trend with the ingeniously chic way they have used the skin of the slithery inhabitants. This year's festival features a sleek collection of silky blacks and shimmering indigos inspired by the Isle's indigenous creatures and its silvery mists. Whatever your personal feelings about eels – delicious to eat or squeamish to observe – they lend themselves to some very extravagant fashion pieces.

For the conservative fashion followers among you who wish to give a nod towards the exotic without fully "embracing the eel", try adding a single piece to a conventional autumn wardrobe. Head over to So Eely in the Morning for your one-stop anguillid accessory needs: from gloves and belts to statement boots, they have you covered. Samples include some onyx talon-tipped rippled black eel skin gloves, a wide belt of medallion-impressed eel skin, a pair of turquoise-splashed alabaster eel skin thigh-boots, and some vibrant orchid eel skin ankle-boots lined with silk. Check out their full range for yourself!

As well as scouring the town boutiques for staple items, the Style Team have compiled a selection of their favorite festival items that should see you through to the New Year. When putting together an outfit, remember the eight seasonal color trends and, for a finishing touch, consider taking inspiration from the animal kingdom in some way or another.

A change of hairstyle is always a good place to start when trying out a new look. If you're not brave enough to cut your precious locks, why not opt for a wig. Aboard the Damsel of the Deep is an airy cabin shop called Wigged Out with expertly crafted wigs on display.

When worn, an auburn wig will give you an elbow length style of brilliant dark auburn hair swept with vibrant hints of copper and gold. Similarly, a bronze wig will transform your appearance with mid length, tousled rich bronze hair tied back with an austere oak band. Alternatively, should you wish to consider an edgier style, try an almond-hued wig for a shorter style of cropped almond-hued hair randomly strewn with pallid gold streaks. Just remember to pick up some wig powder to soothe any discomfort or itching.

Looking for a classic gown or two, then head over to the boutique next door for this year's collection of Made to Measure metallics. A ginger camlet bliaut patterned with rose gold maple leaves or a backless russet damask gown trellised with bronze plaiting is the perfect addition to any elegant fall wardrobe. Treat yourself to some matching accessories while you're at it. Popular among those in higher social circles, especially the Nalfein Elves, a wrist-worn Vanne fan is a must for any formal event and one made from delicate lacebark and copper or finely pleated crimson faille would be ideal. Add a touch of bold color to your nails for that perfect finishing touch. Pick from an opalescent indigo glass bottle, a smoky plum glass bottle, or a gold-suffused glass bottle ... or all three.

Fashion-forward men needn't miss out either. On the Eastern Slope of the Isle is an ebonwood building called Wrap Yourself housing the latest collection from the designer Yansio. Known for his exceptional tailoring, this year is no different. Slip an umber damask vest embellished with onyx beading over a pristine long-sleeved cream linen shirt. Add some crisply pleated raven black trousers and a pair of laced black leather shoes with narrow toes and you're good to go.

Whilst in the vicinity, it is worth stopping by the nearby tent housing the Of the Faith Collection. An ankle-length lamb's wool robe dyed in autumn hues would make the perfect addition to any autumn-winter wardrobe.

Looking for something similar to ward off a chill? Secreted in a stone enclosure on the Talus Slope are a selection of cleverly tailored garments in a range of fall colors. A conservatively cut indigo linen greatcloak or a generously cut sable-lined crimson cloak make the ideal Climate wear.

Every outfit needs accessories and this year's festival offers an abundance of options. Long standing readers of Elanthian Vogue will recognise the name Veola and her masterful creations once again grace the showroom of A Head Above Water. We suggest picking up a flat charcoal tweed cap trimmed in dark leather or a burnished copper-netted caul trailing thin braided chains to adorn your stylish locks for any occasion. Should you be fortunate enough to have a merchant offer to adapt your Veola, you may wish to refer to one of our earlier EXTRAs for hints and tips on how to achieve the look you're after.

Some of the statement jewelry pieces that caught our eye include an enameled cheetah-shaped earring from Savor Your Magic, a slim copper-looped bracelet of polished sugar maple tiles from Flotsam Frills, a laje and bronze lion figure from What Suits Zoo, and a jewel-sheened bronze talon ring from By Hook or By Crook.

This year sees the return of Fancy Coats and the premiere of PeakyWear, two collections that should be an integral part of any trend-setter's wardrobe. Stop by Whimsical Wares and Rakish Raven in the Northern Passage for a versatile weathered dark buckskin jacket that goes with practically everything and a mustard satin shirt with long suede-banded sleeves or a striped silk vest dyed a muted belladonna purple; both guaranteed to turn heads.

No outfit is complete without a belt. Fashionably Belted has you covered with a wide range of animal skin options. I challenge you not to buy one of each! And we just couldn’t resist the new range of make up available in the Parlour of Draped in Death. A metallic sweep of copper and bronze blended across the eyelids in a seamless gradient just screams Fall 5120.

Vogue Gallery

Last but not least, we end this edition with the Jastatos Vogue Gallery 5119 winner. Put "on the spot" in the Ivastaen edition last year, it gives us great pleasure to feature Nuadjha kis'Anthri in the Elanthian Vogue Gallery.

Jastatos Captain of the Falcon Nuadjha kis'Anthri Bold strokes of blue and white paint form gradients of pulsing luminescence as they sweep diagonally across the page. In marked contrast to the ethereal backdrop, the central focus of the image is a sharply drawn brass and gold-rimmed pedestal on which sits a solid silver orb. Looming over this orb is a tall half-sylvan with fox-like features framed in tousled russet hair, the precise application of amber and red at its tips lending the subject an energetic aura. With a tilt of his pointed chin, his expression is one of intense concentration as he studies the apparatus before him. Portrait as featured in the 5119 Vogue Gallery