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This Month's Edition

Editor-in-Chief: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l
Contributions by: Avawren Fiora Nalfein and Nuadjha kis'Anthri

Editor's Thoughts

Hot on the heels - sorry, heel and pegleg - of Maylan and her land pirating ways in the last edition, we thought we would focus this month on a few more intrepid adventurers and learn about their lifestyle and fashion choices. The celebrated, and rather dapper, Nuadhja kis'Anthri took time out of his busy aeronautical career to be put "On the Spot" and answer a few questions for us, which we are truly delighted to share with you. After all, how often does one get the chance to talk to a handsome Airship Captain!

Moving from the clouds to the mists of the Saewehna Jungle, we also managed to track down the delightful Lady Avawren Fiora Nalfein. A botanist of some renown, she shared her insights into some of the challenges faced by fashion-conscious adventurers when exploring off the beaten track. If anyone knows about packing light for the jungle and avoiding insect bites, she does!

Speaking of bugs, have you been bitten by the travel bug at all? There are some great places to visit on our continent and so many opportunities to explore the lesser-travelled paths. The team have put together a few tips and suggestions that you might find useful to get you started: interesting destinations, what to pack for the journey, and what to see when you get there!

Happy trails and don't forget to take a copy of Elanthian Vogue with you to read -- or even to swat at mosquitos with!

Lifestyle: Explore, Exploit and Encounter

An insight into the ways of a wanderer by The Wandering Minstrel

"Traveling is about gaining perspective."

There are a few things as important to me as my travel journal; it's battered and stained with ... probably best not to investigate too closely, and it has borne witness to every adventure, every exploit, and every exciting encounter I've ever had.

It has been lost ... and it has been found. It has been my constant companion and confidante. It has seen every cultural faux pas and cringe-worthy moment that I've stumbled through in different towns. It is the key to my past, my present, and all the possibilities that cross my mind in the throes of boredom.

Because travel has formed me; it has made me me!

When I first arrived in Wehnimer's Landing - fresh from the turnip farm – I would pour over maps and run my finger over the strange names excitedly planning where I would experience my next adventure.

Because I've always been moved by the insanity of wanting to do, see, and gather.

Because I can't stay still.

Because I can't stop dreaming of legendary tales and far-off places while I grind through my daily tasks.

Don’t get me wrong, living in a frontier settlement is wonderful – never a dull moment – but every now and then I feel trapped by the monotony of it all. I feel penned in by the palisades and I hear my journal calling again.

Routine can be good but only for as long as you can stand it and, as they say, change is as good as a rest. So, go and climb that distant mountain, sail that treacherous sea, and prepare to be amazed by the many wonders of Elanthia.

"One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things."

Suggested places to visit:

Resting on the top of the world, Mount Aenatumgana watches over everything as if a king on his throne, calm and powerful. Glacial ice prevails across the mountain leaving only a few small trails for the bravest of adventurers to traverse. Brave they must be as these trails provide the only path to the Drake's Shrine.

A violent and unlikely island to find any sort of civilized life, Teras Isle is home to a settlement of Dwarves, perhaps the only race tough enough to thrive within the harsh environment. The only town is Kharam Dzu, which rests as far south as you can get from the angry volcano on the north side of the island. It has grown into a popular port of trade mostly due its exclusive access to rare rainbow glaes. A wonder to see, travelers can visit via the Glaesen Star, a passenger and cargo ship, which makes regular trips to and from Wehnimer's Landing.

Ta'Illistim, the legendary home of the elves, shines like a beacon throughout the eastern continent of Elanith. Founded in the year -49,107 (0 Modern Era) by Linsandrych Illistim, the city is the seat of power of the House of Illistim and remains one of the foremost centers of scholarship. A place of legend, magic, music and wonder are the lifeblood of the city and adventure lies within and without. Of special note are the grand beauty of the hanging garden dais, the Library Aies, the Museum Alerreth, and, of course, the impressive must-see airship port.

On the Spot

Every now and then we take the opportunity to put someone "on the spot" with 5 random questions to gain a quick peek into their lifestyle choices. This month we are delighted to put Captain of The Falcon, Nuadjha kis'Anthri, "on the spot".

Where were you born? As far as I remember and have been told, in a small Sylvan nomadic camp on the southwestern side of the Dragonspines, late in the summer, to a Sylvan woman who'd fallen for a passing Imperial soldier.

Favourite place you have visited and why? My feet are always restless, and so I wander. I have loved Koar's temple on Aenatumgana, a cave near Pinefar with a fire, the rushing river at the Stone Eye in River's Rest, the airport docks in Solhaven, and the fiery sands of the Southron Wastes. For the past eight years, as long as I have had the deck of my ship under me, I have both felt at home and been able to sate my restless curiosity.

Most unusual food and/or drink you have experienced while travelling? I think that would be either selshi-on-a-stick in the Wastes, which is actually quite good, or mushroom whiskey in Zul -- which is not.

If you had to travel light and could only take 10 items of clothing from your locker with you, what would they be? My deeply hooded cloak, thrice-buckled storm grey surcoat glimmering with intricate veniom bluework, sleeveless dusky blue chainsil undershirt, fine bronze cotton shirt open-laced with leather thongs, brown suede bronze-plated belt set with emerald cabochons, pair of pewter wool pants front-laced with thin leather cording, some loose azure chainsil pants, and supple ivory kidskin boots lined with grey rabbit fur.

There's 8. The other two, of course, I can't do without: My black ora half-mask with an eye of coppery forest jade, which I cannot remove due to its nature, and my silver and ironwood replacement hand, which allows me the use of a hand I lost to dark magic many years ago.

If you were shipwrecked on a desert island and could keep just 3 items, what would they be and why? Well, the last two above, for obvious reasons, but the third would be a good hatchet. With a good hatchet, I can make a fire or a wooden spear or a bow, gut fish, cut vines, and defend myself.

Feel free to elaborate on your method of travel too, we'd love to know more about your airship! Ah, yes, The Falcon. She's a beauty, and the fastest ship that hasn't yet been caught. Anywhere above ground, on land or sea, she can take me. It's mere hours from the Shining City to Icemule aboard her, and who's to say what I bring with me?

I think we can all agree that Nuadjha lives up to his reputation of being bold, brave, and a bit of a fashion icon for fellow adventurers – but then he does travel in style so why not dress accordingly!

Jungle Fever

Surviving the jungle with Lady Avawren Fiora Nalfein

It is often assumed that fashion should be set aside in the face of practicality when traveling, but even in the deepest jungles it is possible to express your personal style while remaining safe and practical.

The most important aspects of attire for exploring the tropical wilds is choice of fabric and length. Though current fashions may dictate flowing skirts, or the absence of sleeves, you will quickly forget how fabulous you look as the flora and fauna of the jungles catch on your lovely skirts or nibble on your exposed skin.

Likewise, heavy brocades or leathers will hold the hot, humid air close to one’s skin and leave you looking as if you have spent too long in the sauna. For the characteristic sudden rain showers you will be thankful for a lightweight oilcloth or waxed cotton jacket.

It's difficult to imagine just utilitarian outerwear as fashionable, but never underestimate the power of smart tailoring and detail. Pin tucks around the waist can provide a feminine silhouette, and personalized details such as embroidered cuffs or stylized buttons will steal attention from even the most eye-catching tropical flowers.

Light but sturdy fabrics such as cambric, cotton or linen are best. If your trip will be extended, or particularly strenuous a sturdier fabric such as tweed may be desired for leg cover. Elaraeyn's Boutique in Wehnimer's Landing can provide some muted dark mahogany tweed pants in a very fashion forward neutral color. If a skirt is preferred, the same boutique offers a waist-pleated skirt of embroidered ivory ramie linen.

Take inspiration from the vibrant feathered denizens of the jungle by pairing your neutrals with a chain-laced smoky emerald linen tunic from Ta'Vaalor, Women's Clothier or add a pop of color with a thigh-length raspberry linen tunic conveniently obtainable from the Island Boutique in Mist Harbor.

Hot Property(-ies)

Hopefully our brief interviews with Nuadjha or Avawren have inspired you to venture out a little more into the wilds of Elanthia. If so, then make sure you are prepared and equipped for the great outdoors.

A visit to Datum Line should be high on your list. Specialising in maps and mapping implements, it will get you off to a great start and, located in the Burghal Gnome Enclave beneath the city of Ta'Vaalor, finding it is an adventure in itself!

Next on your list should be Porich's Cartography shop in Solhaven's South Market. This tiny shop maybe cramped but it's filled with all manner of useful charts, maps, atlases, and instruments for navigation, as well as stacks of dusty reference books. You might actually be lucky to catch its proprietor, Ferich Porich, at work during your visit too.

With preparations made in terms of how to get there, you should now start to give some thought to as to how you will actually survive in the wilds. Most of the equipment you will need can be found in Mist Harbor. A small band of gypsies have set up camp on the corner of Wisteria Lane and Rose Avenue. They never miss an opportunity to sell their various wares to any who happen to pass by. From a range of clothing to bedrolls and cooking gear, mosquito nettings and ointments, their chests yield all manner of useful items at very reasonable prices for the discerning adventurer.

Now go forth and explore! Be sure to share your experiences with us and we will endeavor to publish them in a future edition of Elanthian Vogue.

FashionCon 5119

Reminder to mark those calendars! FashionCon 5119, a 2-day conference to celebrate fashion, comes to Ta'Illistim in early Phoenatos! Expect a weekend filled with lectures, workshops and discussion groups, as well as the opportunity to socialise with fellow delegates at parties and other fun events.

Organisations who are interested in participating and hosting events during the weekend are encouraged to complete a REGISTRATION FORM as soon as possible.

And if the prospect of mingling with fashionably like-minded people isn't enough, there is the added incentive of a delegate pack filled with fashionable goodies!