Elanthian Vogue: Phoenatos 5120 (Duskruin Supplement)

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Editor: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

Tucked away in seclusion near the Locksmehr River is Bloodriven Village. Notorious for the bandits, outlaws, and ruffians that congregate there to carry out their nefarious activities, the Village is also the location of the infamous Duskruin Arena, a place of blood sports among the brave. In addition, rumor has it that couriers smuggle in goods such as coin, scrip and dueling slips with the intention of delivering them to known fences around Elanthia but they are often ransacked. Anyone visiting the village should be on their guard!

But if dark and dangerous is your mien, then the latest offerings at the notorious venue might be of interest to you. Our daring reporter has once again ventured through its black gate to bring you some of the latest fashion "must-haves" that might appeal to rogues, locksmiths, smugglers and pickpockets or, quite simply, to those planning on undertaking any type of covert activity. Just because you prefer to live in the shadows, doesn't mean you can't look good doing it.

It's a Stealth Thing

As we did earlier in the year, we are also combining the 5119 Vogue Gallery portrait reveal for Phoenatos with this Supplement and it seems only fitting that we feature a Nalfein Rogue.

Known for being adept at most things, a Nalfein's main mastery is in the art of stealth, in both politics and the field. Many consider them to be ruthless because they let practically nothing stand between themselves and what they want. Many take up the trade of merchanting and travel the world for both information and goods.

As for rogues, they strike from the shadows and are the masters of stealth combat. With speed and agility, a rogue maneuvers and dodges their way through the battlefield or arena. This makes them most adept with lighter weapons and armor, though they are proficient with a wide variety of equipment. Outside of combat, they are more than capable of training any skill that may suit their needs. Their unparalleled abilities at bypassing traps, opening locked doors or treasure chests, and spying out secret passages, make them valued members of any society and they probably feel at home in Bloodriven Village.

The Lady Corlyne Lancre Nalfein featured in an early edition of Elanthian Vogue last year where she shared her thoughts on living a glamorous lifestyle. We are pleased to include her again, this time captured in a more ... leisurely setting.

Phoenatos Corlyne Lancre Filling the page is an immodest scene of exotic dancing silhouettes captured in grey charcoal against the pale background. The lithe forms are shadowed with blue tones as they cavort with one another while touches of gold hint at bourbon and silvery strokes suggest wisps of cigar smoke. At the forefront of the image is a black inked portrayal of a curvaceous elf with long, tousled ashen blonde hair, her arm seductively draped over the back of her chaise longue as she observes the bacchanalia around her with amusement. Portrait as featured in the 5119 Vogue Gallery

Going Rogue


Looking for some fabulous new footwear then visit a glyph-etched limestone shop at the entrance of Ta'Illistim's Mzaarine Bazaar to see the Late Summer Collection 5120 as presented by Akenna Laeraun.
Personal commissions also available.

Starting in Lyswe Court, Covert Couriers offers a selection of smuggling sacks and poisons. Whilst it's difficult to see much of the merchandise in the meagre light that trickles through the black-painted windows, a few items are worthy of attention. If you don't wish to draw attention to yourself, avoid the more colorful offerings and opt for a simple toolkit of charred black ash wood or a plush hellebore-patterned bag formed from aubergine nubuck for just 125 scrip.

Before heading out of Lyswe Court, stop by Dark and Dangerous to check out the display of armor on the far wall - especially as there is no guarantee it will be there next time. A dark leather aketon can be purchased for only 2500 scrip and offers somewhat padded protection (5x) against critical blows for the torso, arms, legs, neck, and head.

Bailey Park to the south, is the location of a narrow building housing Xanai's infamous Whisper cloaks. The Cover Up boasts a range of stylish outerwear for the very low cost of 75 scrip. Choose from a flat-collared charcoal tweed overcoat with suede pockets, a muted green nubuck longcoat patched in umber suede, a long onyx leather coat mantled in thick raven feathers, or an asymmetric dark fustian shroud caught by knotted leather. Alternatively, for 1100 scrip, it is possible to acquire a brushed grey wolf fur cloak layered with dark bear pelts with considerably more flair. Nothing shiny or gaudy here, all practical tailoring in muted shades.

Following the stone wall eastwards, past the bank and several abandoned or ruined buildings, the road turns to the northwest. In the shade of towering conifers, is a red maoral salon with a surprisingly pretty interior. Best Tressed stocks a few pretty flowers and some very interesting wigs. An expertly crafted wig made of very short, side-tousled cocoa brown hair closely shaved at the nape with a sunburst pattern is available for only 50 scrip. Edgy!

The shops along Faida Lane are in constant shadow from the Dragonspine to the east so it's probably best not to loiter. It's worth a visit to this shady part of the village though if only to stop by the Bloodriven Bowery. Don't be put off by the grime-caked windows or clutter within as this tiny shop is a veritable trove of fashionable wares; from old favorites like a leather-draped dark wool coat or a ring-bound mahogany thigh-quiver for just 25 scrip each to a pair of patched suede pants dyed various shades of grey, a black leather shirt with a high splayed collar, and some knee-high bistre nubuck boots for only 5 scrip each.

As recommended in many of the earlier supplements, a visit to Bloodriven Village isn't complete without a stop at Bare Aggression for those with more combative tendencies. The rough-hewn knotty pine hall is where you can pick up some reinforced mocha suede boots burned with ancient sigils and some fingerless mocha suede gloves with spiked knuckle guards; both suitable for unarmed combat with integral enchantment (6x) and plasma and unbalance flares respectively. Whilst not for those with limited scrip, they are well worth the investment of 12500 scrip each. Alternatively, grab a pair of ink black fingerless gloves with slate grey studs (4x) for only 250 bloodscrip.

A new addition to Bloodriven Village is an establishment called Curved Cuts. Tucked away down Mark Alley, the small shop is wedged between two buildings. If the smell of raw sewage doesn't put you off, pop in and check out the inventory of rather lethal-looking chakram for just 5000 scrip each.

The cheerful, crackling fire in the nearby stately two-story house in Pell Square is a good place to conduct business or simply hide out. A door in the entryway leads into the formal living area with a selection of tobacco and some versatile cigar cutters that magically transform into knuckle-dusters, all of which flare with fire! Perfect for those awkward situations where you suddenly find yourself in need of a weapon. While there, head upstairs and pick up a few more accessories of crime. Secreted in the basket on the table is a slender black-frosted gold tine. For just 101 scrip, it is possible to have your hair drawn back into a ponytail dripping with spiral curls and bedecked with a slender black-frosted gold tine. It also comes in handy for picking the occasional lock.

Back outside and further along Faida Lane - where it narrows - is the entrance to Blot Alley. The stucco-faced dark stone building to one side is commonly known as Mar and Scar. The passageways inside lead to two cramped spaces; one has a chest containing a random pile of shoddy and ornate jewelry, the other has a case with selection of razors. Stop by if you're looking for some piercings or scars to complete that "don't mess with me" look.

Between the two buildings, is an alleyway shop with a roof of overlapping canopies that are nailed into a series of boarded up windows on either side. This is the home of the Shield Cape collection. For the low cost of 1000 scrip, for example, it is possible to purchase a heavyweight hunter green cape which is a passive defense item that has a chance to block an incoming blow. You never know when someone might want to take a swing at you! The cape comes with an integral bear claw brooch and knotwork vultite bangle. These fastenings can be changed out for a more personal touch at 500 scrip each.

Blot Alley leads into Copper Road to the west. Past the boarded-up tavern and a new indigo tent filled with racks of odd-looking pylons in various colors, it opens up onto Gloam Pike where the aptly named Under the Counter can be found. A few practical garments can be found inside the tidy establishment such as an open-neck laced charcoal linen shirt with rolled sleeves, a stiff mulberry underbust corset with steel boning, a pair of charcoal trousers banded with slate grey suede, and some ink black leather pants fettered with narrow straps - all for just 20 scrip each. For just 10 scrip, there are some slate grey supple leather bracers laced elbow to hand and a laced cloud grey linen blouse with batwing sleeves. To finish the outfit, why not pick up a thin black trailing cape of buttery soft suede for 45 scrip and some spike-heeled slouched leather ankle boots for 18 scrip. Felonious fashion on a budget!

A quick stop at the nearby Messy Alchemist on Gloam Pike is also recommended for those looking to disguise themselves. You can’t miss it as it's painted in bright glowing red colors! The elixirs sold within cleverly create a temporary illusion that would fool many but be careful, there's no guarantee that you won't be recognized. If basic concealment is your goal, you could also consider visiting the Veiled Purpose. The strips of fabric on sale there for 250 scrip are meant to conceal everything but your height, eyes, and skin.

Gamac's Goods is renowned for selling a range of useful items and this month is no exception. Gamac is offering a round coin purse of metallic pebbled leather that will magically hold 10,000 silvers weightlessly and a pair of drab pebbled leather boots (6x) to help you grapple your foes in unarmed combat for just 10000 scrip. If this is too rich for your blood, perhaps a bristly fake beard for just 25 scrip is more appealing. Right next door is So Shifty where you will find a few interesting pieces of pocketed jewelry that have the ability to morph for 250 scrip. Perfect for concealing something small on your person. If you are looking for something that could help you hide and stalk your prey, then you might wish to pick up a faenor hook-knife swept with silver along the blade (5x) from Drawing the Line on Wergild Way for a bargain price of only 4000 scrip.


Visit the Vogue Studio in Ta'Illistim's Mzaarine Bazaar for all your fashion needs.
New stock added regularly.

This brings us back to Lyswe Court and the tall black iron gate that exits the village. But before leaving, there is one other establishment that we recommend visiting. Regular readers of Elanthian Vogue may recall that the recent FashionFest edition featured masks and the Sable Quietus is the original home of the Plague Mask. The mask is designed to protect you from poison or disease and conceal your features. They work well in conjunction with the Plague Cowls and newly introduced coats.

Remember, as always, that all the above-mentioned items are only available for a limited time, so grab them while you can and there is no guarantee that they will be there the next time Bloodriven Village opens its gate.


If you would like to promote your business or services in a future edition of Elanthian Vogue, please reach out to us.