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As part of the Elanthian Fashion Week scene, the The Looking Glass are pleased to announce FashionFest, a 2-day conference to celebrate performance and costume. Expect a weekend filled with workshops and discussion groups, as well as the opportunity to socialise with fellow lovers of song and stage at other fun events.

FashionFest will be held in Wehnimer's Landing as a prelude to the 25th Bardfest celebrations.

Programme of Events

Organisations who are interested in participating and hosting events, please complete a REGISTRATION FORM.

Feastday, 11th day of Koaratos to Restday, 12th day of Koaratos (Saturday, July 11th to Sunday, July 12th)

All times Eastern

Date Time Event Host/s Venue Description
Feastday (Saturday), 11th 10am Breakfast Reception The Looking Glass, Elanthian Elegance Lily Manor Event Hall, Wehnimer's Landing (lich #25182) It's "Curtain Up!" on this year's 2-day fashion event. Everyone is invited to an informal reception to celebrate the performing arts and, in particular, costume.
11am The Art of Costuming Elanthian Elegance Landing Hall, Auditorium (lich #385) A lecture and discussion for budding artistes and impresarios on the important role that costumes play in the theatre and how the shapes, colors, and textures that a costume designer chooses can make an immediate and powerful visual statement to the audience.
Noon Costuming for Performance House of Paupers Landing Hall, Auditorium (lich #385) When performing (such as at Bardfest), what you wear is as important to the performance as the song or story itself. Join Paupers' Chatelaine Traiva, a Bardfest winner and judge, for a session on what to consider while preparing your costume. Bardfest 5120 competitors are highly encouraged to attend!
2pm The Makings of a Costume The Looking Glass, Ilyan Syndicate Ebonstone Manor, Enchanted Garden (portal locations) An informal gathering to look at innovative ways of creating costume pieces for the Wardrobe Department using artisan skills and other crafts e.g. knitting, weaving, forging, jewelry-making, and cobbling by a special guest and master cordwainer, Akenna.
4pm Creating a Portfolio The Looking Glass Ebonstone Manor, Enchanted Garden (portal locations) The Publicity Department needs your help to create a portfolio showcasing costumes for theatrical and musical performances. Learn how to make a scrapbook (everything will be supplied).
6pm Cocktails and Coattails The Looking Glass, Elanthian Elegance Lily Manor Event Hall, Wehnimer's Landing (Lich #25182) Lovers of theatre and fashion are invited to gather for cocktails, music, and conversation in the Event Hall.
8:30pm Luminous Anniversary Gala Hand of the Arkati The Falcon, Wehnimer's Landing Dock Join the Hand of Arkati for a moonlit evening atop the deck of The Falcon. Dance under the stars as you enjoy food, drink, and good company. Come as you are, or embrace our theme of Summer Flora!
Restday (Sunday), 12th 10am Drawing Fabrics 101 Caeruil Atelier Elaraeyn's Boutique, Atelier (Lich #24595) A lecture and tutorial on the basics of drawing fabrics, from Caeruil Atelier. Participants are encouraged to follow along (supplies will be provided).
11am Behind the Mask Elanthian Elegance Landing Hall, Auditorium (Lich #385) A discussion for lovers of masquerade and disguise on the history of masks and their various uses, with demonstrations where appropriate.
Noon Bardic Busking Elanthian Elegance Small Park, Wehnimer's Landing (Lich #288) Grab your tip cup or hat and join others in performing music, dance, street theatre or art in the Small Park. Open to everyone, not just bards!
2pm Style Scramble The Looking Glass Landing Hall, Garden (Lich #8684) The Wardrobe Department needs your help! Can you quickly create a costume on a budget or track down stylish items in a hurry? Players will be given the chance to select a theme or task and given a set time in which to complete their challenge. There’s only one catch: all the items MUST be purchased from the local stores or traders in town.
4pm Militia Costuming Landing Defense Irregulars LDI Barracks in Wehnimer's Landing, located through a gate on West Ring Road, three West of TSC, in the Irregulars Barracks, Courtyard. (Lich ID 22462) Join Terabor of the Landing Defense Irregulars as he discusses a common militia fighter outfit, designed by the LDI's own Baronessa, that can be pieced together from local shops throughout the realms for costuming on a budget. A few tips will be given for how to use blood to your best advantage when designing a military costume for the stage. A few models, including Lord Strelkor and others, will be present to show off a few types of militia-styled outfits. Enjoy a bit of fun and refreshments.
6pm FashionFest Showcase House Sylvanfair, Elanthian Elegance, The Looking Glass Ebonstone Manor, Ballroom (portal locations) Time for the dress rehearsal! A formal fashion show and contest for best-themed outfits and announcement of the coveted "Chalat Award" winner for 5120. No sign-up needed. Come dressed ready and be prepared to put your best foot forward on the runway! Marks will be awarded for interpretation of the chosen dramatic element (Character, Spectacle, Mood, or Masquerade) as well as flair of presentation.


This year's theme is "Theatre!"

Clothes make a statement
Costume tells a story

Dramatic Elements:

  • Character
  • Spectacle
  • Mood
  • Masquerade

Chalat Award: Xanthium Dyvim

Honorary mentions for Akenna Laeraun and Lazaryth

Awarded in honor of Chalat Greyvael Illistim, Former First Couturier of the Argentate


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