Elemental Wave (410)

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Elemental Wave (410)
Mnemonic [ELEMWAVE]
Duration Instantaneous
Attack Magic - Disabling  
Subtype Maneuver 
Target(s) Ungrouped 
Interval One-shot 
State(s) Inflicted Prone, Roundtime (0-20 sec)
Minor Elemental Spells
Elemental Defense I (401) Defensive
Presence (402) Utility
Lock Pick Enhancement (403) Utility
Disarm Enhancement (404) Utility
Elemental Detection (405) Utility
Elemental Defense II (406) Defensive
Unlock (407) Utility
Disarm (408) Utility
Elemental Blast (409) Attack
Elemental Wave (410) Attack
Elemental Blade (411) Offensive
Weapon Deflection (412) Attack
Elemental Saturation (413) Attack
Elemental Defense III (414) Defensive
Elemental Strike (415) Attack
Piercing Gaze (416) Utility
Elemental Dispel (417) Attack
Mana Focus (418) Utility
Mass Elemental Defense (419) Defensive
Magic Item Creation (420) Utility
Elemental Targeting (425) Offensive
Elemental Barrier (430) Defensive
Major Elemental Wave (435) Attack

Elemental Wave creates a forceful wave of energy that emanates from the caster, causing a disruptive physical pulse to travel throughout the immediate area, potentially knocking down all creatures and characters not joined to the caster. In addition to becoming prone, targets which fail to out-maneuver this pulse are "buffeted" by the waves, and can suffer roundtime (RT) up to 20 sec, depending upon the severity of their failure. The combination of these two states effectively "pins" its targets down for a period of time, making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks (especially subsequent maneuver attacks).

The primary success factor of this spell is a level comparison of the caster versus its targets. Minor Elemental ranks are also factored in.

  • Creatures in flight, non-corporeal undead, and certain others may be immune to the effects of this magic.
  • When subjected to the effects of the spell, the elemental wave blocks subsequent waves by others.

Lore Benefits

Elemental Lore, Air

50 ranks of Elemental Lore, Air will turn every cast of Elemental Wave into a spherical wave that can affect flying targets, but will not knock them out of the air.

Elemental Lore, Water

Training in Elemental Lore, Water will cause targets to have a reduced maneuver defense based on a linear formula involving skill bonus. The specifics are unknown, but 90 skill (20 ranks) is enough to overcome the defensive bonus provided by the spell Empathic Focus (1109) and continued skill increases further improve this bonus without diminishing returns.

Magical Items and Scrolls

Elemental Wave (410) has increased effect with Minor Elemental spell ranks.

If cast from a magic item or a scroll, the effective spell rank is determined by the larger of either the user's natively trained Minor Elemental spell ranks, or a phantom spell rank calculated based on Magic Item Use or Arcane Symbols, respectively. This calculated rank is identical for all activation verbs.

Effective Spell Rank (MIU/AS)
0.5 per MIU/AS rank up to caster level
0.33 per MIU/AS rank up to 2x caster level
0.1 per MIU/AS rank above 2x caster level


A hooded figure gestures at you!
A wave of dark ethereal ripples moves outward from a hooded figure.
You are buffeted by the dark ethereal waves, and knocked to the ground.
You are pinned in place, unable to move.
Roundtime: 18 sec.
Immediate 2nd cast
(no additional RT)
A hooded figure gestures at you!
A wave of dark ethereal ripples moves outward from a hooded figure.
You are buffeted by the dark ethereal waves, but are somewhat shielded by the previous waves.

Alchemy Recipe

A dark translucent crystal
  1. Add crystalline solution
  2. Add wavepetal blossom
  3. Boil
  4. Add elemental core
  5. Simmer
  6. Add powdered smoky topaz
  7. Add ayanad crystal
  8. Infuse
  9. Chant Elemental Wave (410)