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Gender Female
Status Alive
Relationship(s) Ploto (Sister)
Alias/Title NA
Affiliation(s) the Lady Niima


You see Nereid Galaytea.
She appears to be a humanoid of vaguely human descent.
She is shorter than average and has a fragile and petite frame.  She appears to be young.  She has sunburst-striated aquamarine eyes and faintly blue-tinged, seafoam white skin.  She has ash blonde hair erratically braided with curls of kelp, seaglass beads, and tiny lady slipper shells.  She has a slightly angular face that culminates in a pointed chin.  Patterns resembling seafoam brighten her hands, wrists, feet, and ankles to a uniform white.
She is in wan and frail shape.
She is wearing a stylized coral branch choker interspersed with miniature opaline anemones, some layered elesine robes in gradient ultramarine-on-azure tones, a twisted cowrie shell and sea silk bracelet, and a pair of elfin cowrie shell footflowers.


Pulled in from the rolling tide, a spindly sea urchin tumbles across the sand.  Galaytea moves to its side and scoops it up into her hands.  She murmurs softly to it with encouraging words and then slips into the water to her knees before releasing it back into the waves.  Moving back to the shore, she gazes after it for long moments.

Slipping up from within the waves, a dragon-headed indigo eel attempts to reach the feet of Galaytea.  Crouching, her robes dipping into the cool waters, she quietly tuts and says, "Oh, little one, he has deceived you, too.  And for your part in our sister's death, we do not forgive you."  She lightly touches its head and steps back as a sea green light seers through its slightly slimy body.  Wiggling and contorting, it eventually falls still and is carried out to sea by the lapping waters.

Passing near to the Galaytea, a villager eyes her with a look of abject wonder and awe.  She moves with the swiftness of a river rushing to the sea and moves to her side.  She touches her arm gingerly, saying, "You must leave Caligos Isle.  Her father is coming and you will be lost if you do not go", she says with a hint of urgency in her singsong voice.  Wild-eyed, the villager stares at her until she removes her hand, which leaves a trail of seawater on her skin, and rushes away.  Sighing, she gazes out to sea.

Rising on the wind, the sound of a conch shell being blown fills the air, and Galaytea suddenly lifts her gaze to the direction of the sound.  Canting her head, she nods with each change of tempo and then lifts her voice in response.  The tune she cries out is ethereal and eerie, entirely alien and beautiful at the same time, and you feel drawn to it as if a deep longing fills you.  As soon as she stops, it is like a type of enchantment has been lifted from you, causing you to blink at your proximity to her.  Smiling, she gazes at the villagers that have seemingly come to her call and says, "You must flee Caligos Isle; Her father is coming for the eel and she can only protect you if you are at sea."

"Go," Galaytea whispers.  "Get to the sea, my sisters and our friends will usher you to safety.  My Grand Father, the Wrath of Storms, has promised to reunite this land with the ocean on the Eve.  You must hurry."  She gestures to the sea, causing a trail of water to drip across the sands.

Taking mincing steps, her left hand lifting her robes away from her bare feet, Galaytea dips a toe into the lapping water and smiles.

Moonlight glitters on the gently lapping water, producing a giggle of pure, child-like joy from Galaytea.


Caligos Shifting her eyes towards you, Galaytea says, "This place is only sorrow and sadness." She pauses briefly, but when she continues, her voice is filled with both of those emotions. "Our sister met her fate here, but I can still feel her trapped by that beast."
Death Swaying like a bit of kelp caught in a tide, you begin to wonder if Galaytea has heard you, for her silence is as deep and vast as the ocean. But eventually, you notice that her lips are moving and can faintly hear her say, "Death should be a moment of peace, not a tortured existence trapped in nowhere." She turns suddenly and touches you. "Won't you save them all from that?"
Nereid Canting her head to the side in a way that reminds you of a harbor seal suddenly inspecting you, Galaytea says, "It is the title that my sisters and I were given at creation by our mother."
Species Cupping her hands, Galaytea says, "If you bring me a bauble from the sea, then I can bless it in Mother's name. Then you can free them from his grip."
Transform "Have you one of those chelioboros that belong to the eel?" she asks with a cant of her head. "If you do, then you can GIVE it to me and I can put Niima's influence into it for you. Just know that if you do this, it is a permanent change. I don't know why you wouldn't want to but..." She trails off and turns her gaze back to the sea.
Villagers Maintaining your eye contact for longer than is customary, Galaytea says, "They have been forgiven of their sins, but must save themselves by fleeing. Won't you help them? Bring a sea bauble to Omiko the Chosen of Storms. She will guide them to the sea."
Warning Holding her hands out before her, Galaytea tilts her head back and issues a piercing, wailing sound. "The Father of Storms and Wrath is coming, you must flee Caligos if you hope to live. He is coming for the eel and if he has to take you, then he will. Flee! My mother's servants are waiting to aid you, to guide you, but you must make it to the open water."

Introduction of the Nereid

In 5121, storms scattered across Elanith as the forces of Charl and Ghezresh battled. Unfortunately, the transportation ritual that a group of Niima's Nereids was casting went awry and one of their sisters was split into several segments and scattered across the lands.

For days, adventurers found these fragments in the form of a Nereid. Each with a deformity or malady that made them less than their complete selves.

Adventurers brought them together on Caligos as each proclaimed their need to be there, and once they were created with their counterpart they reformed into the single Nereid that had been split in twain.

That Nereid was Galaytea.

In Prime, she issued a warning that Charl was coming and joined forces with Omiko to help guide villagers off the island. She also had a part in the quest, A Tale of Ownership.

In Platinum, she was murdered as a liar by Captain Junderthal.