Grey Mountains

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The Grey Mountains were a large mountain range along the eastern coastline of Jaiman in the Shadow World history. In the I.C.E. Age they touched on the lore of GemStone III by being the home of the Granto'k clan of dwarves, who constructed the path up what is now called Melgorehn's Reach. These dwaves lived near the kingdom of Rhakhaan, apparently in the southeast of Zor.

Prior to the utter destruction of Zor in the Second Era, which fell victim to the Priests Arnak of the Order of Dansart, their royalty entombed themselves in sarcophagi in the Grey Mountains.

Behind the Scenes

The Grey Mountains do not exist in the modern history of Elanthia. They are part of the old backstory of Melgorehn's Reach and, implicitly, the brothers Bandur and Kestrel Etrevion.