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Rhakhaan is a kingdom on the continent of Jaiman in the Shadow World history. It is located in the central region just south of the Zor wastes, and reaches down to just north of the Isle of Ormian. In the I.C.E. Age of GemStone III it would have been slightly southeast of the Kelfour's Landing region of Quellbourne, beyond the kingdom of Saralis across a very large lake. Its capital city Haalkitaine was constructed in the Second Era by the Granto'k clan of dwarves, who resided in the Grey Mountains on the eastern rim of the continent, which extended up the border of Zor along the coastline.

The Granto'k were the dwarves who built the path up Melgorehn's Reach. Most dwarves in the archaic history were from the southern hemisphere, which made the Granto'k clan unusual.

Behind the Scenes

Rhakhaan, Haalkitaine, and the Granto'k clan do not exist in the modern history of Elanthia. They are only mentioned in "A Popular History of Melgorehn's Reach", an I.C.E. Age document that was written around early 1991, when the mountain was named Iorak's Reach by the dwarves. The backstory has the mountain made by a wizard named Loul, implicitly with Lord of Essaence artifacts.