Araime Sun Clan

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"a shining golden armband"
You see a shining golden armband with an image lightly etched into the metal. The scene depicts a giantman whose arms are reaching up toward the sun at mid-morning. The words, "Araime Sun Clan" are engraved directly below.


The Araime clan is one mostly of elemental worship. They do not particularly have one class more than another...they all simply come together to revere the elements and celestial bodies. Many prefer sun worship, and hold sunrise rituals to this effect. Others in the clan, though, often follow the elements of fire, water, or earth. A few even call to the moons and stars for guidance and support. The members of this clan realize it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, and are therefore extremely tolerant.

Brief History/Notes

Covering the entire continent, the Araime Sun Clan likes to live wherever the sun warms the ground below them. Their favorite places, however, seem to be Solhaven and River's Rest. They banded under the guidance and wisdom of Araime, who was discontent living under the stipulations of the Bear Clan. Taking those who would accept change with grace and love all living things, they parted peacefully and began to wander the plains. The name Araime was taken from the first chieftain's surname, Fahnamor Araime, as an honor to him and his line for taking the first steps in a new direction.


Giantmen - edit
Famous Giantmen: