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Map of Wehnimer's Landing

Wehnimer's Landing is an outpost on the shore of Darkstone Bay. Situated at the far edge of human civilization, it has a proud two hundred year history as a frontier town. The symbol of the city is a striped warcat, representing the trade and textile business that allowed the city to thrive and grow when it attracted the original residents.


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Wehnimer's Landing

Note: the dates here are in the Elanthian calendar.

Founding and Early Years

Commonly referred to as "The Landing," Wehnimer's Landing is a melting pot of the various races of Elanthia. It was founded around 4873 when Rone Wehnimer established the Wayside Inn, which now sits just outside the north gate of the town. Several other important buildings, including Moot Hall, date back to the founding years.

About fifty years after the founding, a krolvin war party attacked the Landing, attempting to take the trading post for their own. The town's defenders were greatly outnumbered, but the town was saved by the halfling Talbot Dabbings, who struck down the krolvin leader at the cost of his own life. The krolvin fell into dissension and were finally repelled when reinforcements arrived from the south.

The Landing continued to prosper afterwards, primarily trading in timber, furs, and local herbs. Many adventurers were drawn to the wild frontier, and among them were the brothers Estrion and Siarl. Followers of Sheru, the god of nightmares, they raised Darkstone Castle from ancient ruins nearby and attempted to summon harbingers of the dark god to conquer the town. Their magic backfired, however, and Estrion was killed and the castle abandoned. A lingering mana storm still remains above the castle, its black vortex constantly sucking mana away from the ground and upward like a great vacuum.

War of Nations

The War of Nations was a series of events spanning 5096 to 5104 which brought Wehnimer's Landing into closer contact with the rest of the continent.

In 5096, Baron Lerep Hochstib of Jantalar established a blockade on the free port of Solhaven to the south in the neighboring barony of Vornavis. This resulted in the redirection of the Glaesen Star, a cargo and passenger vessel that operated between Teras Isle and the continent. Ever since, the ship has made its destination port the Landing. As a reaction to the blockade. Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis, sought to replace the lost sea trade by construction of a caravansary road to Wehnimer's Landing. This road was completed in 5098 and facilitated a large amount of traffic between the Landing and Vornavis.

In 5103, Baron Hochstib sent an army to occupy the Landing and even made demands of the halfling town of Icemule Trace to the far north. Many in the Landing continued to fight for independence. The occupiers were ultimately driven out with the aid of Baron Malwind and Earl Eddric Jovery of North Hendor, and Baron Hochstib was killed in a counterattack. The Landing was declared a Protectorate of the Turamzzyrian Empire to dissuade any other rogue powers from interfering in the town's affairs.

See also: Northern Sentinel's Decree on the Imperial Protection of Wehnimer's Landing (5123)

During this time, the Dwarven Clans of Zul Logoth opened their gates to visitors, allowing travelers to take an overland trail to the Elven Nations in the east and bringing increased trade.

Recent Events

Since 5110, Wehnimer's Landing has been at the center of a power struggle between factions of the Arcane Eyes, a group of mages from the Barony of Mestanir who were outlawed within the Turamzzyrian Empire but found allies on the frontier using manipulation and magical coercion. Prominent members of this group included Grishom Stone, Elithain Cross, and Raznel (born Naimorai Kestrel). Among their plots were turning the Landing's mayor Walkar Wellington into an undead abomination, almost summoning Althedeus (possibly a greater demon) into the world, and inciting Prelate Chaston Griffin of Talador into a holy war against the town. Each of these plots were defeated at great cost.

This period also saw the rise of the Brotherhood of Rooks, a secretive criminal group based in the Landing. In response to Rook shakedowns and attacks on trade routes, local merchants have banded together to form the Darkstone Bay Consortium to protect their interests. The Consortium is headed by Amos, a recent arrival to the town with seemingly many mercantile connections elsewhere.

Geography and Features

The town lies on the mouth of the Locksmehr River as it flows into Darkstone Bay. Most of the town was built on the west side of the river, and the two sides are spanned by a single bridge.

Town Square is the town's main gathering place. A great oak tree stands in Town Square Central, a welcome and familiar sight to every adventurer who has passed through the Landing.

Due to the small size of the town, there is only one great temple, located at Erebor Square on the south part of town. It is served primarily by followers of Lorminstra. A white stone which once held the Griffin Sword stands outside the temple. In the region surrounding the town, there are several shrines and altars to other Arkati and spirits.

The town has two gates, a north gate and a west gate. The west gate which faces the fields adjacent to Dragonsclaw Forest is guarded by a single sentry, nicknamed Sleepy for his attention to duty. Underneath the town is a vast labyrinth of catacombs, which if one avoids the small wildlife which dwelled within it, allows for access to different parts of the town. A water slew accessed in the catacombs deposits individuals outside the town walls. Around 5113, the treacherous town council member Barnom Slim consorted with Luukosians to create a macabre duplicate of the town beneath some abandoned smuggling tunnels, from which he launched an undead invasion. This "Lich's Landing" was eventually sealed off and the lich Barnom was destroyed (or so everyone thought at the time).

In addition to the Wayside Inn, the town is serviced by two other inns. The Raging Thrak Inn, located in the northwest corner of the town square, and Frith's Inn, which is located off of Dragonsclaw Road.


For a full list of shops in and around town, see the Wehnimer's Landing shops.


Annual town festivals have included Wehnimer's Landing Frontier Days in the summer, and the Festival of Frost in the winter.



Main article: Wehnimer's Landing/Politics

Wehnimer's Landing has an elected mayor (NPC) and council (PC).

Mayor: Thadston Andrews
Town Council: Kayse (5122- ), Kiyna (5122- ), Vaemyr (5122- ), Pookia (5122- )
Steward of the Guard: Thrayzar
Steward of the Coffers: Alendrial
Steward of the Guilds: vacant
Regional Envoy: Cordarius
Marshal of the Militia: Stormyrain
Commander of the Militia: Shinann
Captain of the Militia: Darcena
Member of the Militia: Shirkon (Captain emeritus), Ariond, Asben, Bernadette, Giantphang, Goldtree, Lyrna, Maags, Nazarr, Neopuron, Puptilian, Roelaren, Tennalnen

Houses and Meeting Halls

The Landing is home to many of the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia and Meeting Hall Organizations.

The Order of the Silver Gryphon, founded during the War of Nations, is a knightly order tasked with the defense of Wehnimer's Landing.


A monastery of the Order of Voln lies just southeast of the town, outside the Graveyard. Many followers have flocked to join its ranks due to the numerous undead denizens nearby.

Until 5103, the town was home to the nefarious Council of Light which had headquartered itself in a bathhouse north of the town square. Much of the cities early conflicts revolved around those looking to stamp out the Council's influence. The departure of the Council coincided with the murder of the town mayor, whose body was found in the bathhouse minus its head. A subsequent election was held to fill the position, only to reveal itself as a sham at its conclusion. These events were largely pushed forward by the Council's grand assassin, Lacheis Taurvon.

An outpost of the Guardians of Sunfist may be found in the western hills. They are dedicated to fighting the orcs, trolls, and giants in the nearby mountains.

Brotherhood of Rooks

The Brotherhood of Rooks are an unlawful organization based in the Landing, working under a veil of secrecy. They have been active since 5112. They are recognizable by their bird-like masks. The Rooks were at one time known for shakedowns and intimidation of local merchants, but they have also defended the town from external threats. They have a deeply hostile attitude towards the Turamzzyrian Empire to the south.


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Dragonsclaw Mountains - Glatoph & Glacier
Wehntoph - Sentoph - Zeltoph - Thanatoph

This series of mountains serves as a protective barrier, shielding Wehnimer's Landing and its environs from the rest of Elanthia. Only recently have regular trade routes been carved through the dangerous mountain passes to allow outside contact with the various centers of civilization. Of all the mountains, the five named below are the grandest of the range with many stories of their own to be told.
Locksmehr Trail

Only the bravest of adventurers dare to begin the journey necessary to traverse the unforgiving landscape along the Locksmehr Trail. Many that do begin do not see the end of it, but for those that do the rewards are great as the trail provides the only known access between the civilizations of western Elanith and the lesser known Elven Nations to the east.
Area Level Range
Wehnimer's Environs 1-16
Nestled within the cradle of the DragonsClaw Mountains, the surrounding lands of Wehnimer's Landing offer a large variety of flora and fauna. Care must be taken with the creatures of the wild here as they are often clever, awaiting to ambush the unwary traveller.
Catacombs 1-3
Graendlor Pasture 1-3
Ocoma Vale 3-7
Upper Trollfang 2-14
Abandoned Inn 10-12
Kobold Village 1-2
A quaint and simple native village atmosphere is not something you will find in this rubbish-laden dirty excuse for a settlement. Kobolds seem to go out of their way to find ragged filthy things to decorate their habitat. Make no mistake, they will not hesitate to attempt to send you to an early grave to add to their collections.

Points of Interest: Dirt Mines.

Rumors: There's an odd rumor about an old boot somewhere in the village being magical.

Coastal Cliffs 1-11
Stretching along high above Darkstone Bay, the Coastal Cliffs offers perhaps the finest scenic vistas this side of the continent. Unfortunately, the view opposite the bay is sorely lacking due to the abandoned villages, ruins and unkempt grounds. Travel through the area can be dangerous due to a variety of hostile creatures inhabiting the cliffs.

Points of Interest: Wrecked Village, Cemetery, Underground Ruin, Black Sands, Sea Caves.

Rumors: A local hermit was overheard prattling about dark and light shrines nearby but gave no clues to their exact location.

The Graveyard 1-28
A place of calm and reflection upon those lost to us? well, it was before the undead appeared. The Graveyard has been carefully walled and fenced in to keep the presence of undead from spreading to Wehnimer's Landing. As if the undead were not enough, a plague of monstrous goblins, hobgoblins, orcs and other foul creatures can be found lurking within.

Points of Interest: Secluded Valley, Slither Creek.

Rumors: Hidden somewhere beneath the crypt and through countless tunnels there is rumored to be a magical portal to the Realm of Shadow. The Tomes of Elanthia contain some related information about this strange location.

Shadow Valley 33-43
"Everything under the sun has a shadow... everything." Some places exist in parallel with our own. The same in form but different each in their own way. The realm of Shadow is one such place. Yet where our valleys are lush, theirs are dead and lifeless. The lore of Shadow Valley revolves around the legend of some extraordinary wild horses. Though little but tall tales remain, there is an accounting of the legend within the Tomes of Elanthia.

Rumors: A powerful evil being is said to be trapped somewhere within the realm, waiting for its chance to escape.

Melgorehn's Valley 6-8
The soothing power of nature is evident in this beautiful valley just below the Reach. Unfortunately, nearby burrow orcs make the area less than peaceful.

Points of Interest: Melgorehn's Reach.

Rumors: The legends of immense magical power at the top of Melgorehn's Reach are well documented. Making it to the top, however, is the real challenge.

Old Mine Road 2-25
Long abandoned by the original miners, the old mine road serves as the quickest route into the hills over Darkstone Bay. Well travelled by creatures and adventurers alike, it serves as a fine place to find new friends, comrades and even romance.

Points of Interest: Kobold Mine, Wolves Den, Troll Caves, Leya's Shrine, Aillidh Brae, and Luinne Bheinn.

Rumors: Amongst many abandoned mines in the area, word has it that one still offers a bit of ore for the industrious adventurer.

Spider Temple 20-30
Servants of the spider goddess Arachne have erected a large spider-shaped temple deep in the woods not far from the Old Mine Road. Tourism is not encouraged due to the fanatical and hostile acts of the followers who claim the lives of visitors in the name of their goddess.

Rumors: A former prisoner of the temple made claims of finding a secret passage used for escape but when questioned further refused to answer.

Darkstone Castle 23-63
Of infamous beginnings, Darkstone Castle represents the most dangerous area to be found in northwestern Elanith. Built by an evil sorcerer known as Estrion, the castle became a center for dark experiments resulting in the horrifying and deadly monstrosities that now inhabit the stronghold.

Points of Interest: Dark Caverns below the castle dungeons.

Rumors: Though Estrion was killed while attempting to destroy the known world his ghost is rumored to haunt the castle to this day. His partner Siarl escaped this fate.

Castle Anwyn 18-28
Perched on an island just off the shore of Lough Ne'Halin, Castle Anwyn breaks through the mists with an eerie silence. The castle has many battlements, enough to have been a major stronghold in even the greatest wars. Time, however, seems to have been its greatest enemy as the only inhabitants of now abandoned castle are the undead.
Smokey Caverns 16-20
High up in the northwestern Lysierian Hills lies this series of caverns. A nefarious pit of blackness compared to its more beautiful surroundings, the caverns are home to a strange variety of cats and rats. These creatures claws rake sparks of flame. It is uncertain whether it was the smokey caverns that changed the creatures, or the creatures that brought smoke to the caverns.

Rumors: Legend states that these caverns represent the quintessential blemish upon nature's beauty caused by the Lords of Liabo's tolerance of the Lords of Lornon.

Abandoned Mine 17-25
Abandoned only by the civilized races, this mine crawls with the presence of Krolvin. The mining village once thrived along the shores of Lake Marliese. Krolvin incursions into the area, however, made continued prosperity impossible.

Points of Interest: Lake Marliese, Shrine of Imaera.

Rumors: Much can be learned about the history of the region by investigating the shrine on the island in Lake Marliese.

The Monastery 25-28
This infamous series of chambers lies hidden deep underground. The only known entrance lies at the shores of an underground lake which can be found somewhere within the Lysierian Hills. Of those that know of its existence, none have ever claimed that the place was anything other than a hive of evil. Only the resourceful adventurer can gain entry and those that do face grave danger.

Points of Interest: The Broken Lands.

Rumors: Hidden within a misty chamber somewhere in the monastery lies a spinning rune portal. Those that master the runes are teleported to another realm known only as the Broken Lands.

The Broken Lands 30-50
Dark, dangerous and evil. Little more than these words are needed to describe nature of this realm. Unfortunate adventurers who find themselves in this realm will most often awaken within a Sheruvian Monastery. Despite the obvious dangers inside, it's often safer than the jagged, difficult to traverse terrain outside.

Rumors: Many say this realm exists upon the surface of Lornon, the dark moon.

Shores of Lough Ne'Halin 4-17
The winding shore wavers from northwest to southeast along the misty fog-covered lake. Bordered mostly by pine trees and lake reeds, the shores provide a calm mysterious view for travellers upon the Old Noralgar road that mirrors its path.

Rumors: Deep within the lough lies an unspeakable terror. When questioning locals about it, they refused to say anything at all. Curious.

Abandoned Village (non-hostile)
This village is nothing more than a few shacks and buildings. Once inhabited by functionaries of the nearby Castle Anwyn, the village lies in ruin and decay.

Rumors: A fairly well known merchant, Dervich Felenar, used to frequent the village claiming they had the best leather workings on the continent. Though few people in the region ever bought a thing from the fellow, they were always happy to sell their old worn out wares. When met with bemusement, Dervich was heard to say, "Everything has a worth but only a few like myself can be trusted to bring it out."

Danjirland 8-38
Few places in the realms have earned such a grand reputation for such insignificant events as the valley that separates Glatoph from its companion mountains to the south. Danjirland, as dubbed by an unknown sign-maker long ago, is the closest example of true chaos to the more civilized lands around Wehnimer's Landing. Abandoned by settlers and overrun by dangerous creatures, this land should be visited only with the utmost caution.

Points of Interest: Elven Village, Potter's Field, Upper Trollfang.

Rumors: The mysterious tower of Melgorehn once appeared in this region to baffle adventurers. However, it has long been absent and no one knows where it will appear next.

Wehntoph Twin Canyons: 1-5
Northern Slopes: 15-20
Labyrinth: 70-78
Wehntoph Mountain, third largest of the Dragonsclaw range, offers danger in many forms. From the gnome mine in its western base, to the twin canyons infested with gremlins, to the northern slopes where all sorts of dangerous weather-magic monsters roam, to the darker dangers of the minotaur labyrinth, Wehntoph leaves nary an unturned stone for the casual explorer under which to hide.

Points of Interest: Gnome Mine, Twin Canyons, Northern Slopes, Krag Slopes, Ocoma Vale.

Rumors: The curse of the minotaur is whispered only rarely and never spoken aloud. There are those that say the mere mention of it will bring down the curse upon you and your family.

Glatoph Volcano: 6-16
The Keep: 20
Glacier: 29-38
Glatoph Mountain, the largest and coldest of the Dragonclaw range is almost entirely covered in snow and ice. A glacier has crept down from the north covering part of the lower east side. Despite its icy demeanor, Glatoph is still volcanically active. Evidence of this can be found in deep crevices and caves in the west side. Most notably, just a thousand feet below the summit lies the entrance to some sort of keep made of steel. The immense steel door that once protected the keep, appears to have been kicked open. Only legend and rumors are left to explain what lies inside.

Points of Interest: A dangerous trail through the glacier leads towards the environs of Icemule Trace.

Rumors: The legends of Melgorehn are many and in this place no exception. Mountaineers speak of the powerful wizard having hired locals to assist in the creation of a lab within the mountain. Whispers of strange experiments with metal and monsters were common. Yet one day, the lab was found sealed by a great steel door. No one has yet seen the wizard in this area since.

Thanatoph Stone Valley: 16-18
Stronghold: 58-67
Bowels: 79-89
Thanatoph Mountain, second largest of the Dragonsclaw range, sports two major snow-covered peaks. Though mostly dominated by stone, Thanatoph is not cursed with the bitter cold of nearby Glatoph and thus offers a more pleasant atmosphere for climbers. The natural hot springs along the southeast side show the versatility of nature's grand scheme.

Points of Interest: Stone Valley and Illoke Stronghold.

Rumors: Followers of an immortal stone giant known as Illoke frequent the region. Though many think Illoke now dead, the 'immortal' part of its legend keeps people wary.

Zeltoph 10-25
Zeltoph Mountain, the smallest of the DragonsClaw range, is still a challenge for average adventurer. It is best known as the home of the gnolls of Cavernhold, which still inhabit the underground city within the mountain. Zeltoph also plays host to the only navigable trail to the Solhaven/Vornavis areas.

Points of Interest: Cavernhold, Northern Caravansary.

Rumors: Many an unwise adventurer have fallen in attempts to breach Cavernhold due to well hidden gnoll archers which protect their stronghold without mercy.

Sentoph 13-17
Temple of Love: 18
Sentoph Peak: 33-39
Sentoph Mountain, fourth largest of the Dragonsclaw range, is harsh and craggy. Offering little in the way of trees or greenery, the terrain makes travel though this region less than joyful. Sentoph plays host to several dangerous varieties of creatures. Of landmarks, the now ruined Temple of Love lies along its southwest side. No longer the safehaven of old, the remnants of the Merciful Sisters of Perpetual Adoration echo their ill fate.

Points of Interest: Temple of Love, Obsidian Tower.

Rumors: Even the trees in this region have become dark with evil. The wise adventurer will take care under which trees he or she rests their hat.

Vipershroud 22-24
When the topic of deep jungles was brought up, the locals would conjure up visions of danger far to the south; that is, they did until they discovered Vipershroud. This nearly impenetrable forest rests along the western shore of the Locksmehr River not far from the small Elven settlement in Danjirland. Great care must be taken here as the wild life is savage and will just as soon attack travellers as they will each other.

Public Gathering Places

Room Name Node Type Room ID Lich Room # Shattered
Frith's Inn, Front Desk Node 5050 1264 1264
Frith's Inn, Main Saloon Super node 5052 1263 1263
Garden Niche Super node 7354 318 318
Hearth Room, Stone Baths Node 336003 19936
Hearthstone, Foyer Node 397003 13500
Hearthstone, Front Porch Super node 397002 477 477
Helga's, Pub Room Super node 4102 8859 8859
Landing Tower East Super node 3040 3807 3807
Raging Thrak, Trophy Room Super node 1118 1259 9400
Small Park Super node 7355 288 288
Town Square Central Super node 7120 228 228
Voln Courtyard Super node 312033 3600 3600
Wayside Inn, Garret Super node 3005 14627 20727 (In Nexus)
East Jetty Node 7110 4074
Zephyr Hall, Common Room (Premium Hall) Super node 4002113 20734 19744
Companion Park Node 218160 19332
Shattered Nexus Super node 7199 NA 20239
Rusty Cutlass, Grub Hall Super node 336651 30276 N/A


Behind the Scenes

Kelfour's Landing and Early History

The world of GemStone was originally different than the world that exists today. Under the management of Iron Crown Enterprises, the game had different names for gods, materials, and places. After Simutronics gained full control of the game, names had to be changed to avoid copyright issues. As a result, the town that was originally named Kelfour's Landing was renamed Wehnimer's Landing. For years after, there were some aspects of the old Kelfour's Landing era still recognizable in various parts of the town.

For the majority of the game's existence, the Landing was the starting point for all new players. Even with the later release of new towns and regions in Elanthia, the Landing remains one of the core starting points. Due to its historical role, the Landing remains the most populated of towns in game and is the economic center in terms of buying and selling in game, despite its in character size.

Prior to the expansion of GemStone to include Ta'Vaalor, the vast majority of new players started here, and the Cul-de-Sac entrance to the Catacombs (and thus the giant rat hunting area) was a very popular resting point, used almost exclusively by young adventurers. (It is now usually deserted, and is no longer a node.)

Street Names

Unlike nearly any other town in GemStone, Wehnimer's Landing has streets named after the characters of some of its earliest players. One such example is Taarna Road, which was named for the founder of House Brigatta.

  • Airioch Lane - Airioch Ramthanodox
  • Atropa Street - Belladonna Atropa
  • Beolost Road - Beolost Lamontt
  • Cheridin Avenue - Natasha Cheridin
  • Dagmar Lane - Dagmar Istarii
  • Erebor Square - Erebor Bordeaux
  • Ilstar Lane - Ilstar Darkedge
  • Lanthar Road - Dec Lanthar
  • Lyon Way - FXG Lyon
  • Mikhail Street - Mikhail Minnehan
  • Parsnips Street - Louvella Parsnips
  • Penna Street - Penna Dulaney
  • Riverwind Street - Riverwind Entreri
  • Sagan's Alley - Sagan Necropolis
  • Sindar Lane - Sindar d'Clairique
  • Stormarm Street - Benar Stormarm
  • Taarna Street - Taarna Wayfinder
  • Talon Street - Talon Elessidil
  • Valeria Street - Valeria Deering
  • Vesitsa Place - Vesitsa Talchild
  • Winter Street - Winter Moorsland
  • Wisraith Lane - Wisraith Winterwind

Mayor's Office

This is what the mayor's office looked like about the time that a new mayor was chosen in 5110:

The mayor's office is spartan, with straightbacked chairs, over one of which is draped a striped voalcat vest, and a stolid desk.  A cabinet contains a menacing assortment of iron and steel weapons, a few hunting trophies, and parchment maps of the Landing and outlying districts.  You also see a varnished modwir door.

As of 5119, the Mayor's Office looks like this:

From a dais, the maoral desk and an ivory and velvet curule seat loom over two carved wooden chairs.  Tapestry rugs cover the hardwood floor, their patterns complementing the arched windows flanking the desk.  A stag's head stares at a panoramic fresco mounted opposite it.  In a corner near the bar, a scarred witchwood perch rises to the high ceiling, while several feet away, a black iron stove rests against the west wall and is topped with a silver kettle.  You also see a varnished modwir door, a maoral bookcase and a small maoral sideboard with some stuff on it.

Caution to those seeking this seat! Mayors have been killed or gone missing more often than they've completed their time in office. 

Citizen Verbs

Citizen verbs can be accessed in VERB SETTINGS.
Style First Third
Nudge You push forward purposefully, letting nothing and no one stand in your way! Player storms about, wildly swinging her elbows around.
Ponder You place your hands on your hips and casually survey your surroundings. Player places her hands on her hips and casually surveys her surroundings.


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