Hunt for History II

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Hunt for History II: Quest of the Loremasters - 2003

Academy Keep, Great Hall

Towering walls of fitted stone line this spacious hall, arcing inward near the top to form the vaulted ceiling above. Rich tapestries and hangings of deep purple and brilliant gold decorate the walls, softening the echoes of footsteps. All of the tables and chairs have been pushed back, clearing the floor for dancing, and a festive sideboard is laden with food and drink meant for a celebration. You also notice a small parchment scroll.

You pick up a small parchment scroll.

You carefully unroll a small parchment scroll.

It reads: The Turamzzyrian Academy of Elanthian History has long stood as the cornerstone of archeological history and preservation in the western lands. An assemblage of some of the finest historians, their commitment to the continued research of artifacts has provided many museums with enormous collections.

Under the patronage of Lord and Lady Tallary, the Academy acquired a large number of items to which they can find neither distinct record nor apparent relationship. After many tedious hours of research, some of the historians have been able to deduce the origins of some of their items, but not their specific historical relevance. Unfortunately, many of the archeological locations the artifacts reference are so dangerous that not a single Academy member is willing to venture forth for more information. It is the hope of the Lord and Lady Tallary that brave adventurers will come to their aid to determine the historical significance of their collection.

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