Juramis Du'Lasfeur

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Juramis originally hails from Brisker's Cove where he inherited his father's precious metal business. Juramis first came to Wehnimer's Landing as a traveling merchant and eventually made connections with Grishom Stone, who he believed was an outstanding citizen and entrepreneur who was promoting the growth of the town. After Mayor Walkar was framed for murder and run out of town in 5111, Juramis was appointed to the Town Council by Barnom Slim, who had become the interim mayor during the time. Juramis later went against Barnom and Grishom when he learned of their evil intentions and it almost cost him his life. Juramis then resigned from the council but remained a staunch new ally of the town. It wasn't until months later that his warehouses and ships were attacked and burned in Brisker's Cove, leaving him with a huge loss of fortune and only one ship left to his name. Since then he has been on the move more frequently, fearing for his life while still trying to investigate that forces behind his misfortune. Just recently Juramis revealed to some town citizens during Frontier Days that he now has suspicions that Lord Eldurn Winter, a prominent merchant in Brisker's Cove played a role in destroying his business and home.

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